Talent Wins Games,

But Teamwork and Intelligence

Win Championships

Who We Are And What We Do

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Our leadership has the vision to bring out a talented individual who loves the fast, peace and civilization work environment. We can make a difference by linking the right people at right time in the most engaging way for the best outcomes. We work to deliver the best services with our experienced team in all the ideal situation. We believe that opportunities are provided by the growth of the company as well as the individuals. Our team expert manually focuses in to deliver the best services with the company’s principals. Also, our team member is caught up with the new technology to fulfil all the requirements.

Our Team

We believe in a team because our team have quality, trust, commitments and passion to deliver the best services. Our team has respect and care for each and every employee to manage friendly environments. Our team has not only for the work purpose but we believe that we have a family. We can share our problems with each other and they can understand the situation. We have communicated to our team to reach our goal.


Our Culture

We believe in encouraging our employee to excel in whatever they do in best with the possible manner with joy. Our culture will get your space to fulfil your dreams to overpower excellence.

White Label Fox 3rd Year Celebration

After lockdown, this is our 1st celebration, and White Label Fox celebrates their 3rd year. In these three years, White Label Fox has many ups and downs, but we are here. All the employees decorate all the offices. Also, we arrange dinner with safety with government rules.

31st Celebration

The 31st celebration was the best event for the White Label Fox employees. The whole office was decorated by the employees. White Label Fox all employees go out for lunch, which is arranged by the company. After that, we all go to a famous place to enjoy our self.

Diwali Celebration

At the festival of Diwali, White Label FOx all the employees celebrate and enjoy. The celebration started with Rangoli and indoor sports competitions. Also, employees goes out for a meal and outdoor activities.

White Label Fox 2rd Year Celebration

The 2nd year of White Label Fox company is a memorable day for all the employees. All the employees decorate the whole office and their respected places. In this year, we have transfer to new place so it’s big day for all the employee in the new place. Also, we play games and enjoy each and every moment. The company arrange the dinner in a famous club “The Emerald” and enjoy.

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