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Do you want to earn a name in the competitive food delivery business with robust solutions? Get started with our scalable and fully-featured UberEats clone app solution and stand tall in the growing food delivery industry. Launch your own on-demand food delivery business with the readymade UberEats clone solution and automate the entire business quickly.

You can quickly enter the food delivery market by leveraging our ready-launch app like Uber Eats. From startups to restaurants to cafes to food businesses, our app, like Uber Eats solution, serves the best and allows business owners to manage everything in one place.

How UberEats Clone App Works? Check out the Simple Steps to Follow

From browsing the menu to placing an order and tracking the same, an app like Uber Eats follows a simple workflow and makes it extremely easy for users to get the order delivered to their doorsteps.

1. Login or sign in through social media accounts in applications or website.

2. Now, they can see the extensive range of restaurants nearby, along with menus, pricing, and other related details.

 3. Let customers now add products to the cart from their favourite restaurant.

 4. Here, customers are left with two options: either they can pay online from the options given or choose cash on delivery.

5. Later, the restaurant will receive the order request, accept it, and start preparing as per the customer’s instructions.

6. Once the order is ready, the restaurant assigns it to the delivery provider.

7. The delivery provider collects the order and follows the address mentioned in the order.

8. Now customers can collect the order, and rate delivery providers and restaurants as per their food and delivery experience.

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UberEats Clone App Features

Check our UberEats Clone Script App Features
For User, Driver, & Store
UberEats Clone App Script Driver
UberEats Clone App Script Filter Store
Filter Store

Users can easily find their favorite food, with the help of the advanced filter store option.


A store can offer food with various topping options to their customers to offer the best product.


The wallet helps the user to pay for their order within a few seconds and it makes the payment process simple.

Promo Code

Customers can use promo code offer by admin, store to get a discount on food orders.

Track Order
Track Order

User has the option to track orders in real-time, and it informs them about their order status.

driver app
accept reject
Accept/Reject Request

A driver can manage new order requests by accepting or reject options based on their availability.

earning report
Earning Report

A driver/delivery person view earning report with all complete, cancel, pending, and running delivery requests.

manage document
Manage Document

A driver/delivery person adds/modified the required documents like driving license, ID proof, and vehicle insurance.

map navigation
Map Navigation

A driver/delivery person can use Google map navigation within the app to find the location of users.

manage profile
Manage Profile

A driver/delivery person manage their profile information like name, address, delivery radius, profile picture, etc.

UberEats Clone App Script Store
manage order
Manage Order

A store vendor manages a new order request by accepting or reject options based on their availability.

store setting
Store Setting

A store vendor manages store details like address, timing, offers, delivery radius, minimum order amount, etc.


A store vendor view review and rating with all user details which provided it and order details.

manage product
ON/OFF Product

A store vendor has an option to ON/OFF the product based on their availability.

Order History

A store vendor view order history with all complete, cancel, pending and running order details.

UberEats Clone App Script Admin Features

Check our UberEats Clone Script
admin panel stunning features
UberEats web admin panel
Look For Driver
Driver Manage

Admin has the option to add/block driver request. They can view driver all details like name, email, contact, etc.

UberEats Clone App Script Mass Notification
Mass Notification

To broadcast the massage, admin can send a mass notification to all users, drivers, and stores.

Manage Restaurant

Admin can add a restaurant with details like name, timing, minimum order amount, ETA, Promo codes, etc.

Menu Manage

Admin can collect the cuisine list from the partner restaurant and showcase it into the application.


Admin can manage system commission, tax, driver/store commission, and payment option for the user to pay for the order.

Review & Rating

Admin can view all driver and store reviews and ratings with details like order id, date & time, and user details.

Manage Document

Admin can add/modified required documents information such as driving license, store registration, ID proof, etc.

Benefits of Our UberEats Clone Script Solution

Check our UberEats Clone Script Advanced
features included in Script
add favorite
Favorite Restaurant

The user can mark a restaurant as a favorite. Users can place orders directly from the favorite restaurant.

Advanced Search

User has an advance search option to filter the restaurant by their restaurant name, ratings, offers available, delivery time, cuisine, etc.

payment option
Payment Integration

Users can integrate their debit or credit card details and it will automatically be deducted from the user’s account.

live chat
In-app Communication

Live chat allows the user/driver/store to communicate with each other within the app.

email notification
Email Notification

Get a proper formate email notification while register, order book, cancel an order, the driver arrived and more.

Google Navigation

A delivery person gets an order request and find a store and user location within the app.

Roll Out Your Food Delivery Service And Hit the Bells In the On-Demand Industry!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Take your food delivery business online and get answers to some common questions here

If you want to develop and food delivery app like UberEats, you must follow certain steps and consider the following factors: 

  1. Conduct market research
  2. Acquiring all legal requirements
  3. Seek permission from government entities
  4. Consult an experienced on-demand app development company 
  5. Launch the right solution for to Play Store and App Store
  6. Feedback from customers 

If you want to develop a customized UberEats like app, it needs 3-4 months but if you want to go with a readymade white label UberEats clone solution, it takes a couple of weeks. 

White Label Fox is a leading UberEats clone app development company and having experience in emerging technology and various domains, we always strive to develop solutions that enhance the brand image of our clients. 

As we develop an app similar to UberEats as per the client’s requirements, we pay attention to adding/removing features as per your needs. You can discuss with us and share the list of required features, we will add them to your solution without any hassle. 

The competition is fierce and to stand out in this saturated market, your UberEats like app should have something unique. Here, we are going to enlist some of the features that can set you apart from the crowd. A few of them are:

  • Personalized delivery experience 
  • Detailed description
  • Multiple secure and swift payment options
  • Advanced search options
  • Schedule food delivery option

Sure. we can explain project details in simple language. It would be a pleasure moment for us to streamline your business activities and make you comfortable with all the facets of your core business tasks. 

Yes. The online food delivery market is skyrocketing, especially after the pandemic. So this is high time to go digital and opt for the solution that helps you digitize your operations and fulfill the rising needs of customers. 

Yes, our UberEats clone is completely scalable, if you want to expand your delivery network across any state, you can do it easily in any way. 

Before designing an UberEats clone app, it is important to research the legal requirements in your area. Various aspects such as payment processing, delivery, and customer support need to be considered as these elements play an important role in the success of your app. 

Our seasoned and experienced team of developers uses modern technology while developing an UberEats clone app to serve the best to our valuable clients. We always help them to add new features to a solution that helps them deliver optimum user experience.

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