How to develop your own Airbnb vacation rentals app?

Airbnb vacation rental appHow to develop your own Airbnb vacation rentals app?

With the innovation in technology, all the things being online. People can easily book a taxi, order food online, secure shopping from home and much more.

But how if you go for an extended vacation and you feel like a home? Don’t to worry; there are so many online platform which offers vacation rental services.

With the vacation rental app, you can easily find a place with all hospitality services for a stay on vacation.

What is Airbnb Vacation Rental App?

Airbnb is an online marketplace and accommodation service brokerage company based in San Francisco, California.

Airbnb, one of the most successful vacation rental platform, it exceptionally well in familiarizing this form of business.

It is an online rental business platform that stands for the Air, bed, and breakfast.

It provides first-class hospitality services to the user to offer the best vacation rental services.

From the Airbnb vacation rental services, the user can find the best services at considerably lower prices compared to high acceleration hotels.

Features To Develop Airbnb Vacation Rental App:

For Travelers:

Login/Signup: User can create an account to filling details like name, number, address, etc. they can log in or sign up using email or social media site.

Manage Account: A user can edit, manage or update their profile information like name, email, number, age, address, date of birth and also they can change the password.

Search Filter: To find the desired accommodation, the app provides search filter option. From this, they can be filtering their travel like dates, room type, price range, etc.

Notification: After the booking is confirmed, the user can get a piece of information via SMS or email to confirmation of the booking.

Payment Option: User can select the payment method. They can view every transaction history, and they can switch the desired currency too.

Booking: The user makes booking can be checked. It can be a prior booking or an upcoming one.

Help: User can view the FAQ section and ask for help in the case of any confusion about the booking.

Review & Rating: A user can give the review and rating to the hosts for their experience of the services.

Sharing: User can invite the friend through the social media account to download the app.

For Host:

Login/Signup: Same as the traveler, a host can also provide their necessary details to access the app they can also give the vacant properties details.

Manage Profile: Edit, manage and update personal profile details like name, email, address, change the account password, and so on.

Manage Listing: The host can manage listing, the property details like the facilities available and the pricing. They can also add new picture whenever it required.

Booking History: All the previous bookings and the payments received can be view in these features. And the revenue can be generated.

Airbnb vacation rental Revenue model:

Now, there are different peer-to-peer accommodation networks available, but still, Airbnb stands as the first choice for a vacation rental platform.

So, we will discuss the Airbnb vacation rental business revenue model to help who want to start there vacation rental app.

Airbnb success timelineHow does Airbnb Vacation rental app generate profit?

Primarily, travelers are the primary source to generate profit. Airbnb charges 6-12% of the total booking.

Airbnb primary purpose is more the size of booking, lesser the cost, and higher the saving for a traveler.

The main reason for Airbnb success is they offer for hosts. Only 3% the booking fee is collected from the host after the customer checks out.

Also, they generate profit from corporate travels. Corporate travel agents play a middleman role between Airbnb and the traveler. Those agencies make a maximum profit and so Airbnb.

The Airbnb model necessitated travelers to booking before 3-4 month, so the money received by Airbnb and the host gets paid only after the traveler’s check-in. So, it will generate maximum profit for Airbnb from the investment.

Wrapping Up:

There is so many vacation rental app available in the market, but no one can compete with Airbnb. So, from the success of Airbnb vacation rental app, many companies can develop an Airbnb clone script.

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