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How to Get a Cab in Malaysia: Top 10 Ride-hailing Apps You Need

You may not want to get stuck while roaming around the airport and Malaysia’s top-notch destinations, right? So you gotta know the best taxi booking app in Malaysia that people are obsessed with in 2024. We will discuss the top ten ride-hailing apps here. Online taxi booking apps are popular globally. 

With the market all set to surpass $165.60 billion by 2028, Malaysia is known for its tech-friendly taxi booking apps. Being a top tourist attraction, Malaysia successfully fulfills people’s mobility needs by offering them the best taxi booking apps. To avoid canceled rides and notifications showing “no drivers available,” get started with the multiple options Malaysia offers regarding ride-hailing apps. 

The city now offers not just a couple of apps but more than ten taxi booking apps that cater to different budgets and customer needs. From various types of cabs to rates to advanced features, Malaysia’s ride-hailing apps have set them apart with their service offerings.

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Top 10 E Hailing Malaysia Apps: Which One Is Right for You?

Indeed, Uber has given birth to the on-demand economy. Many entrepreneurs are leveraging Uber clone to accelerate their local businesses. But if you are a novice, there are many other taxi booking apps from which to get inspired.

As one of the top custom taxi booking application providers across Asia and other countries, we have helped numerous startups launch ride-booking apps in their respective regions. So, from our experience, we know some of the best taxi booking apps available in Malaysia.

Some of the taxi booking apps mentioned have gained huge global popularity. So, without any ado, let’s look at the top taxi apps we can count on when it comes to moving from one place to another.


best ride Grab

Grab is one of the popular e-hailing and taxi booking apps in Southeast Asia. Launched in 2012, GrabTaxi offers online ride booking, food delivery, and other related services, making the company popular across South Asia. A direct competitor to Uber, Grab, and MyTeksi, Grab is popular across Malaysia, Malacca, and Kota Kinabalu. 

With the objectives of speed, safety, and top-notch service in mind, Grab is leading the ride-hailing market. It also employs 2.9 million drivers and allows passengers to book rides on demand with real-time tracking features. 


best ride inDriver

inDriver can, therefore, be said to uniquely fit into the taxi booking app niche because of the ability of passengers to bid over the fare with the driver. This application feature is beneficial as it creates an environment free of surprise charges and is entirely transparent. inDriver is becoming popular e-hailing app in Malaysia.

Passengers put in a bid for the cost they want to pay for a certain trip, and drivers close by can either agree or make another bid. This business model has become common for its advantage and flexibility in service cost and in meeting the demand of cost-effective travelers or locations with volatile demands. Moreover, inDriver also offers features such as driver’s ratings, real-time tracking, multiple payment options, and much more that improve comfort and customer satisfaction. 


best ride Maxim

Maxim is the next name on our list, as it consists of an extensive range of drivers across multiple areas. With a smooth user experience, Maxim offers a hassle-free riding experience, focusing on safety features. Riders can smoothly book a ride through the application by checking driver’s information, ratings, and much more. 

Maxim has also implemented cashless features that allow passengers to make payments without any glitches. At a cost-effective price with a top-notch quality commitment to its customers, Maxim remains the best option for daily commuters who need a reliable taxi service for their transportation needs. 

AirAsia Move 

best ride AirAsia Move

No, here we are not talking about the Airline. Still, AirAsia’s moves benefit the airline’s large regional connectivity and client base by offering one-stop travel-centric services such as booking a cab online and e-hailing. Moreover, in the AirAsia ecosystem, the app allows users to book a taxi along with flights and other travel solutions within the app. 

This integration is more effective because passengers can transition smoothly between flying and driving. AirAsia Move also targets price-conscious customers for daily use and those who need regular transportation to and from airports. Since it offers its services at competitive prices and adopts user-friendly interfaces, AirAsia Move improves overall trip accessibility in the area in which it operates. 


best ride RYDE

RYDE is a multi-mode Singaporean transport application that provides taxi booking & e-hailing services and partners with drivers for car-pooling and other private rental services. This approach offers users a range of transportation options for undertaking tasks differently in line with their wants. 

Based on these aspects, RYDE focuses on key functions involving interaction between its users and the driver ratings, which ensures a high level of trust between the drivers and passengers. Moreover, the application offers an easy navigation button for choosing destinations and booking a ride. The map displays real-time information about the driver’s location and the estimated arrival time. 

In addition, the company has expanded its services and is eager to offer more personalized mobility-as-a-service solutions while focusing on user safety and satisfaction. 


best ride EzCab

EzCab is a popular e-hailing Malaysian app that provides a basic service through which passengers can hire cars with professional drivers. It has an appealing interface, a top-notch booking experience, and affordable charges compared to other ride-booking apps. 

These are some of the features available in the app: GPS, estimated fare, and multiple options for payment, Given that different clients have various preferences and requirements. EzCab focuses on driver education and rental service to provide passengers with a safe and pleasant atmosphere. As the number of users increases and the service expands to cover more areas in the city, EzCab continually strives to improve the efficiency of taxi booking services on urban transport.


best ride MyCar

MyCar is a local ride hailing malaysia company that allows passengers to book a cab online. With many options, passengers can choose from economy, MVP compact, and premium. MyCar is the largest-growing e-hailing platform, boasting over 66,000 registered drivers and over 1.2 million customers. 

Moreover, MyCar dominates more than 20% of the market share in Malaysia’s e-hailing market, with more than 15,000 ride requests booked across Klang Valley daily. 

Unlike other business models, MyCar has a fixed commission policy for drivers. Earlier, MyCar started its services with 2,000 drivers and about 40 per day, and it has since grown beyond imagination. 

Riding Pink 

best ride Riding pink

As the name suggests, this is the first women-only transportation platform. Despite not being new to Malaysia, Riding Pink has been around for a while. With more than 50,000 downloads on Google Play, it is Malaysia’s most-used ride-hailing app. Moreover, the platform supports women drivers and allows them to earn flexibly with an alternative source of income. 

They also provide women passengers access to a safe and secure transport choice across Klang Valley and other busy locations in Malaysia. Many registered drivers on Riding Pink are working moms and single mothers, making it one of the best ride-hailing apps in Malaysia. 


best ride Kumpool

Kumpool is set to revolutionize how people move from one place to another with the help of shared transport. Whether going to work, taking a flight, or just roaming around the city, KUMPOOL will provide you with the optimum e hailing in Malaysia—fast and cost-effectively.

This application allows matching users with similar routes and time preferences for shared wheels, which ultimately lowers the cost and negative impact on the environment compared to other forms of transportation. 

This means that apart from transportation, embracing the concept of shared mobility, KUMPOOL is more than just a transportation service since it aligns itself with the community’s well-being by allowing people to share the roads with fewer cars, thereby minimizing the chances of congestion on the streets. Get registered with KUMPOOL now, and let us show you an improved way of traveling together.


best ride GOJO

GOJO is exceptional because it aims to provide safe and efficient rides that suit the client’s needs. Whether you want to travel in style in a luxury car, are an environmentally conscious traveler, or require a vehicle fitted with a wheelchair, GOJO has many car types to suit all your requirements. 

GOJO pays close attention to its passengers’ comfort and convenience by guaranteeing a smooth and satisfactory ride from when they board to when they descend. E-hailing in GOJO is easy and fast because the platform relies on an efficient app and offers various ride-booking options. 

It can be used to choose the car type, monitor the trip in real-time, and notify friends or relatives about the upcoming arrival. GOJO’s reliability cannot be questioned; pickups are on time, and drivers are always professional and trained to ensure top-notch service.

In addition to cost factors, sustainability is key to GOJO’s fleet, which includes electric and hybrid vehicles.

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These ride-hailing apps are convenient and great for booking a cab online. Finding an appropriate cab was almost impossible, but ride-hailing apps are the closest thing you can do to fulfill your transportation requirements. These apps allow you to book a taxi from anywhere and quickly arrive at your preferred location in Malaysia.

Some of the apps also offer discounts and promo codes for regular ride-bookers. There are apps for every city in Malaysia, so you can always choose the one that works best for you from the list above.

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