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Launch your own on-demand grocery delivery business with a readymade Blinkit clone script, allowing your customers to get groceries at their doorsteps with real-time tracking features.

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Blinkit Clone App Development

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As the online grocery delivery market booming at exponential growth, driven by evolving customer preferences and the convenience of online ordering, entrepreneurs are highly inclined towards platforms like Blinkit clone app solution. The success of Blinkit’s business model underscores the infinite potential for business owners to create a strong online presence and tap into the growing demand for smooth grocery delivery services.

At White Label Fox, we understand the changing needs of modern businesses in the grocery delivery space. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive Blinkit clone app script, built to streamline online grocery orders and enhance customer experiences. From robust backend panels to manage items and order processing to appealing apps and modules for each stakeholder, we provide all the features necessary to operate your grocery business efficiently.

Whether you are a small grocery store looking to enter the online market or an established business seeking to expand your services, we offer a flexible and scalable Blinkit clone app suitable to your business needs. Opt for our white label Blinkit clone solution as it takes your business online and allows you to capitalize on the immense opportunities in the thriving grocery delivery market.


Filter Option

Allow customers to filter grocery products using location, availability, costing and ratings to make the search experience smooth.

Browse Stores

Customers are allowed to browse a wide selection of grocery stores and vendors available on the platform, from local stores to premium shops.

Push Notifications

Stay informed with real-time notifications about grocery orders, delivery updates and exclusive deals from stores or admin.

Real-time Tracking

Enable customers to monitor the status of their grocery orders from the moment they are dispatched to their doorstep.

Manage Profile

Customers have full control over their profiles, allowing them to update profile information, manage addresses and review order history.

Ratings and Reviews

Let customers provide valuable feedback and contribute to the community by leaving reviews and ratings for providers or stores.

Create Profile

Let users easily create the profile, providing necessary information such as name, address, and more.

Change / Add Adress

Let customers add or change multiple addresses within the app to make the checkout experience fast.

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blinkit Driver app


Allow drivers to stay informed with on-time notifications about new delivery requests, order updates and other important announcements.

Submit Documents

Let drivers upload important documents such as licenses, vehicle registration and other docs within the app for a smooth verification process.

Order Update

Keep delivery providers informed about the status of their orders with alerts. From order acceptance to delivery confirmation.


Facilitate smart route planning and navigation with Google Map functionality, minimize delivery times and enhance customer satisfaction.

Check Earnings

Empower drivers to track their earnings and view detailed summaries of completed orders with payout to get insight into their earning potential.

Set Availablity

Offer flexibility by allowing delivery providers to set their availability preferences within the app to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Delivery Proof

Enable delivery providers to collect digital proof of delivery in the form of a picture of the product or signature from the customer.

Edit Details

Allow delivery providers to edit or update their personal details within the app with ease to stay relevant.


Manage Menu

Effortlessly update and customize the store’s menu, allowing stores to add, remove or edit menu items to keep your offerings up to date.

Manage Pricing

Allow storers to manage prices for their products and services to attract customers and boost sales while maintaining profitability.

Store Settings

From setting delivery zones to hours of operations to managing payment options, empowering stores to customize everything.

Order History

Let stores review past orders, analyze sales trends and much more for growth and optimisation to foster business success.

Manage Orders

Allow stores to view, accept and process online grocery orders seamlessly, ensuring on-time fulfilment to deliver unified service to their customers.

Offers and Deals

From attractive festive deals to promotions, our store app helps store owners launch marketing campaigns and boost customer engagement and loyalty.


Let stores generate a comprehensive reports for their sales, income, expenses and profits daily, monthly or weekly.

Order Status

Through the Blinkit clone app, the store can monitor the status of the product delivery right from the pickup to the delivery location.

blinkit Store app

Blinkit Clone Access Distinct Admin Features

blinkit admin panel

Store Management

The admin gets the complete details about the store, from its operating hours to menu to reviews and other important details.

Manage Categories

Admins can strongly optimize and categorize products within the platform. They can add, edit or delete categories to keep the product catalogue organized.

User Management

Admins have full control over user accounts and permissions, allowing them to manage user roles, permissions, and access levels.

Manage Payments

Enable admins to view and process payments, track transactions and manage payment gateways to ensure seamless transactions.


Access a comprehensive dashboard that offers real-time insights and analytics into key elements such as sales performance, order volumes and customer engagement.

Inventory Management

Take control of inventory management with tools to track stock levels, manage product quantities, and receive notifications for low inventory alerts.

Commission Management

Admin has the authority to set, manage and track commission payments for the delivery providers and stores individually. They can later update the same.


The Admin has the power to add sub-admins as required for smooth and easy business operations. However, he can restrict certain parts of the modules for privacy reasons.


blinkit customer website

Browse Products

Explore a vast array of products from various categories, easily navigable through our intuitive interface.

Leave Reviews

Share your thoughts and experiences with fellow shoppers by leaving valuable reviews that contribute to improving our products and services.

Add to Cart

Build your shopping cart with a simple click, allowing you to collect desired products for purchase and conveniently manage your selections.


Experience secure and hassle-free transactions with multiple payment options available. From credit cards to digital wallets.


Product Management

Effortlessly add, edit, and organize products in your store, ensuring accurate and up-to-date listings to attract and engage customers.

Discount and Promotions

Drive sales and customer loyalty with targeted discounts, promotions, and special offers, customizable to suit your marketing objectives.

Order Management

Streamline your order processing workflow with easy-to-use tools for order tracking, fulfilment, and customer communication.

Sales Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your store’s performance with detailed analytics and reports, helping you make data-driven decisions.

blinkit store panel

Launch Your Blinklit Like App to Foster Grocery Delivery Business’ Growth

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If you are looking for other similar on-demand delivery solutions like liquor, flower, grocery, etc.
We customize the food app to other delivery app solutions for your business startup

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Leveraging cutting-edge technology akin to Android and iOS, our Blinkt clone integrates specialized panels and modules, enabling seamless business operations. With scalability at its core, our solution empowers businesses to adapt and expand effortlessly, ensuring sustained growth in dynamic market landscapes.


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What Makes Our Blinkit Clone Solution Unique From Others ?


It is our pleasure to hold probably the best customer support in the market, supporting our clients whenever they need it and, if necessary, giving guidance.

The user-friendly and feature-rich admin and user dashboards are our Blinkit clone’s most prominent features as they are specifically designed to drive efficiency and broaden user experiences.

Enjoy the sight of a visually charming and easy-to-use interface, which is sure to captivate users and bring you more customers.

From scalable designs and robust security features to high-performance infrastructure and smooth integrations, our app like Blinkit is developed for scalability and future-proofing.

When it comes down to branding, product range features and functionality, our Blinkit clone app enables the flexibility of tailoring and setting works the way you want it to align your business strategy.

We keep innovating and improving our Blinkit clone app, keeping up with all the changes to remain up to the challenge of our clients and the endless needs of their customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the answers related to the Blinkit Clone App here, allowing grocery store owners to enter the market with ease

A Blinkit clone is a customizable solution that replicates the core features and functionalities of the Blinkit grocery delivery platform. It allows entrepreneurs to launch their on-demand grocery delivery app similar to Blinkit, tailored to their specific business needs.

A Blinkit clone typically includes features such as user and admin panels, order management, real-time tracking, payment integration, inventory management, promotions and discounts, ratings and reviews, and customer support functionalities.

The development timeline for a Blinkit clone can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Typically, it may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to develop and launch a fully functional Blinkit clone.

Yes, the Blinkit clone is highly customizable to meet the unique requirements and preferences of each business. From branding and design to features and functionalities, developers can tailor the clone according to specific business needs.

Yes, additional features and functionalities can be integrated into the Blinkit clone to enhance its capabilities and meet specific business objectives. Custom integrations such as loyalty programs, analytics tools, or marketing automation can be implemented as per requirements.

The technology stack for developing a Blinkit clone typically includes programming languages such as JavaScript (Node.js), Swift, or Kotlin for mobile app development, along with frameworks like Flutter. Additionally, backend development may involve technologies like MongoDB, MySQL, or Firebase for database management, and AWS or Google Cloud for hosting.

Yes, most development companies offer ongoing support and maintenance services for the Blinkit clone post-launch. This includes bug fixes, updates, enhancements, and technical assistance to ensure the smooth functioning of the app and address any issues that may arise.

Yes, the Blinkit clone can be launched globally, allowing businesses to cater to customers in multiple regions and countries. However, localization efforts may be required to adapt the app to different languages, currencies, and cultural preferences.

There are several monetization strategies for a Blinkit clone, including commission fees on orders, subscription plans for premium features, sponsored listings and advertisements, delivery fees, and partnerships with grocery stores for revenue sharing.

While technical expertise is beneficial for managing and customizing the Blinkit clone, it is not mandatory. We offer user-friendly admin panels and intuitive interfaces that allow non-technical users to manage the app effectively with minimal training. Additionally, technical support is available to assist with any issues or customization needs.

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