Top 8 On-demand Grocery Delivery App in 2020


Top 8 On-demand Grocery Delivery App in 2020

With grocery delivery, people don’t need to go out to purchase grocery shopping. During the Covid-19 situation, online grocery shopping is the best option for those who don’t need to go out for the purchase of food and food supplies.

Much on-demand application offers no contact delivery in this Covid-19 situation. Here we enlist the best grocery shopping apps.

Here are the top 8 best grocery delivery apps across the globe



Shipt offers the grocery product from the major grocery chains such as Publix, Kroger, Fry’s, and H-E-B, and ensuring that your order of fresh produce is fresh.

People can use this application during the store opening time and it’s available 24/7 to deliver the best services for the people.



Instacart is the best grocery shopping apps. It offers their services in the United States major cities including Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, and New York.

While Instacart tries to offer their groceries at the same price as shopping in-store, these prices can vary slightly.

Also, Instacart adds a 5% service fee to non-alcohol items for non-Express customers.


Peapod offers the online grocery shopping from the local stores and it also offers the services in from their inventory. Peapod is available in several major cities across the U.S.

The delivery fee varies depending on the size of the order. For orders of $30, which is the minimum required for delivery, Peapod charges $10.


FreshDirect is a offers the freshness grocery for the people. Fresh Direct includes explanatory information for many of its products, so people know exactly how their food arrived on their doorstep.

It offers their services in many cities in the Northeast including cities in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, and Washington, D.C.



Get the food delivery or dine out at any restaurant whenever you want. Postmates do not only deliver the food but also offer the grocery shop.

There are several supermarts listed under in Postmates online grocery store, like Walgreens, to get your grocery delivered at your doorstep.

Grocery Pal

Grocery Pal app is one of the best online grocery delivery app which helps you to get more discount while shopping the grocery online.

It helps you to find sales promotions at different stores every week. These stores include Food Lion, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and other local stores.

You can manage your grocery shopping by schedule system. Also, you can add or modify the list as per your convenience.

Walmart Grocery

Walmart Grocery is an award-winning app. Walmart Grocery is saved your time and money and offers free shipping on online grocery shopping without any membership fee.

It will help you to order, track and transfer prescription as well as refill the shopping list.



Kroger is a grocery shopping app is available for both Android and iPhone apps. It is the best grocery app which is convenient and helps you to save on your shopping.

You can use digital coupons to your shopper’s card, the app is automatically refilling the prescription, and suggest the smart and fuel points.

How much Cost to Develop online Grocery Delivery App?

The cost to develop online grocery delivery app depends on various factors such as features, development technology and most important thing in which location you want to develop your grocery application.

At White Label Fox, we offer the best grocery app solution for your grocery shop business or startup business. Our grocery app is ready to use with the white label.

Our grocery clone script is available in both Android and iOS application. For more information, you can check live grocery app demo.


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