Step by Step Guild to Build Doctor Appointment Booking App

Build Doctor Appointment Booking App

Step by Step Guild to Build Doctor Appointment Booking App

Many of us have a different memory with the hospitals. For doctors, nurses, and other staff, it’s just their workplace. But, for the patients, it’s not a comforting place.

We remember the time when patients wait in a long queue for their treatments. We are sure that most of us still remember the small medicine of the hospital when they wait.

Also, in this Coronavirus Pandemic, a hospital for the regular checkup patients is difficult.

But, thank the doctor booking app; we can put end to all the discomfort inside.

Doctors of the 21st century are leveraging the benefits of IT developments in healthcare to provide services to a large number of people in a quick time without any hassle.

The healthcare providers are now adopting alternative methods to the traditional doctor office appointments for both doctors and patients.

So, if you are looking to develop a doctor booking and appointment app know more about the revenue model, features, and development cost.

Various types of Revenue Models for Doctor Appointment Booking Application

Before building your doctor appointment booking application you need to know where and how you will get revenue.

There is various type of revenue model available for a doctor appointment booking app.

Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Commission-based model

This is the simplest revenue model in which the doctor gives some of his fees as a commission to the app owner.

The online appointment booking app provides the doctor with a lot of earning and patients. And in return, the doctor agrees to pay the part of his fees as a commission to the app owner to use the app.

Paid listing

This revenue model is for all the doctors who don’t enjoy the same success as other doctors.

They can pay some money as a fee to get listing in the application. Also, they like a featured doctor who is receiving calls and inquiries from the patients.


Apart from the above two options of receiving commission and charging fees to use application.

Also, advertisement helps to revenue from application; you can advertise from interested healthcare companies and brands.

Must-Have Features for your Doctor Appointment Booking App

To ensure that your doctor booking app is best you must need to include these features.

Doctor Profile: Patients should be able to browse doctor profiles to choose the doctor based on their medical needs.

Book and manage appointments: Patients should be able to schedule an appointment with a doctor using a calendar with a few clicks. Also, patients can cancel and reschedule appointments.

Search for a doctor: Patients have the option to search for healthcare providers by specialty, ratings, experience, and location.

Reminders: To notifying patients a few times so they don’t forget an upcoming appointment.

Payment Option: Allow, for multiple payment options to pay for healthcare services like cash, credit, and in-app wallet.

Medication Tracker: Patients can have reminders to take medications and refill prescriptions from time to time.

Document sharing: The patients can share their prescriptions and medical record with doctors.

Few tips to follow for a successful Doctor Appointment Booking Application

Developing a doctor appointment booking app is not the only thing. You need to follow some tips so your doctor’s app has become successful.

Establishing a Good Network of Doctors
Your main focus should be to build a good network of experienced and trusted doctors in areas. This makes it easy for all patients to choose the best expert for medication.

Give Benefits to Doctors
You must ensure that you provide doctors with multiple benefits on registering on the application. So, your network is easily developing.

Offer Discounts to Users
You can provide various discounts, promo codes, and other loyalty offers to attract and retain new and old users respectively in an application.

Select Best Technology Platform

Select the best technology platform for your doctor booking app. You can use multiple technologies to run an application in the best way.

How much does it cost to develop a Doctor Appointment Booking App?

The cost to develop a doctor appointment booking app is dependent on several factors such as; features, platform, number of hours, technology stack, and location.

Also, if you use a doctor appointment booking clone script the development cost changes. So, the cost of a doctor booking app is dependent based on your needs.


The medical app for the doctor appointment booking app is not now a new concept like “Uber”. Its increasing popularity to attracting many people; including doctors, patients, medical institutions, and entrepreneurs.

Now, you know more about developing a doctor booking application for both patients and doctor sides. This blog will help you to guide about doctor appointments application.

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