How to Build On-Demand BabySitting App?

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How to Build an On-demand babysitting App?

Today, the toughest task is parenting we all know that, especially for the working parent who has not enough time. They have to struggle between their professional and personal lives.

All the parents want to spend time with their kids to give the best livelihood but sometimes social and professional responsibility it’s harder to do it.

This problem is solved by the on-demand babysitting app. Using the uber for babysitting app, parents can easily find the baby sitter to take good care of their kids. Babysitting app, allow the parent to find the trusted baby sitter or nannies available at the range of their home.

How Does the app like On-Demand Uber for Babysitting Work?

The parents can log in to the app by offering the basic details. They have view the list of a service provider to book a babysitting service. After selecting the service provider they can book the service provider and select the payment type.

Baby sitters get a service request and manage requests by accepting or reject options. After accepting the service request they go to a customer and do a service.

After complete the services, both parents and baby sitters gave feedback to each other based on their experiences.

Features Include in Uber For Babysitting App:

For User App
Social Login
Parents can log in or sign up through their social accounts like Facebook, Google or via Email.

View Babysitter List
After logged, parents can view the list of a baby sitter with details like name, address, rating, and contact details to book the sitter request.

Payment Option
The app offers flexible payment options such as cash, credit or in-app wallet to pay for the services request.

Schedule services
Parents have an option to book babysitting service now or schedule later for future use.

Review & Rating
After complete the services, parents can give reviews and ratings to the baby sitter based on their provided services.

Services History
Parents can view their booking services request with all details such as booking id, date & time and provider details.

For the Baby Sitter App

Manage Babysitting Request
A baby sitter can manage baby care requests with a single tap by access or reject option.

Add service package
A baby sitter or nannies can add services and package with details like name, description, and pricing for services which they want to offers.

Live Chat
If the baby sitter has any query regarding the services they can live chat with the parents within the app.

Earning History
A baby sitter can view their earning history with details of completed, cancel, pending and running services.

Review & Rating
Also, a service provider can give reviews and ratings to the users based on their experiences.

How Much Cost to Build Babysitting App?

Generally, the cost to build an on-demand babysitting app depends on features that include in your app. Also, the which technology platform used to build on-demand baby care apps. It depends on which company chooses to develop a baby care app.

At White Label Fox, we have ready to use an on-demand babysitting app for your startup business. If you have set your mind to build a babysitting app, we will help to make your dream come true! We offer both Android and iOS as per your customized requirements. For more information, you can directly contact us at any time.

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