How to Make Bus Ticket Booking App?

bus bookingHow to Make a Bus Ticket Booking App?

From the past few years, way to travel from point A to point B in change due to innovation in technology.

The apps for ride-sharing or ride-hailing like uber have made the thing easier for the user to travel at an affordable cost.

Uber started ride-hailing services based on the concept that simplified transportation and providing useful features with multiple options for travel in the city.

In transportation, taxi services play an important role in the global market. According to Statista, the revenue in the ride-hailing segment amounts to US$183,677m in 2019.


Bus Ticket Booking App

The bus ticket booking app offers an online platform, which connects the passengers to the bus operators. The app allows a user to search, compare and book bus tickets to travel from one place to another.

Online bus ticket booking app allows passengers/user to book bus ticket in advance to travel one city to another.

Using the bus ticket booking app, users can not be standing in the long queues and easily book tickets anywhere or anytime.

Also, the app allows a user to book a bus ticket by choosing a seat, check the seat availability, and schedule the availability by themselves.

If you have an owner of the travel agency or a travel agent, then you should have invested in the bus ticket booking app. We will help you to create your bus ticket booking service app like uber.

The Features of Bus Ticket booking App

For User app

  • Registration/login
  • Easy Search
  • Varieties of filters
  • View Bus Details
  • View bus price
  • Fare calculation
  • Online payment options
  • View order history
  • Use Promo Code
  • Notification Via SMS
  • Print & Download ticket
  • Manage Wallet
  • Manage profile
  • Give feedback

Travel Agency/owner

  • Login
  • Manage profile
  • Manage bus booking
  • Live Tracking
  • Sales summary
  • Notification & alert
  • Manage Ticket Booking
  • View review & rating
  • Manage the bus route

How much does it Cost to Develop a Bus Booking System?

As it comes to development the main thing is how much does it cost to develop a bus booking app.

The development cost depends on various factors such as features, platforms, and most important thing is that the country where the app is being developed.

If you add basic features in your app the cost many around $15,000 to $20,000 in India. But if you add extra features and develop both Android and the iOS app then the cost many worries.

Why it is important to choose the right bus ticket booking app development company?

If you are interested to develop your bus ticket booking app, that you should choose the best development company. The app development company makes a huge difference in your app development.

The development company experience a bus ticket booking app, then it will deliver the best in class apps. White Label Fox will experience in developing. We will help you to develop your bus booking app as per your customized requirements.

We will develop both Android, iOS and super web admin panel for your bus booking system. If you have any queries regarding our services then contact us for more information.

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