We deliver the all-set Cabify clone app with the consideration of different features to launch, and that keeps you ahead in the market. We have exclusively crafted the White Label Solution for you!
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In today’s fast-paced life, every service should be instantly and directly carried out at your doorstep. In the taxi-hailing business, the Cabify clone taxi app is just another example of it. All it takes is just a single click for commutation.

The Cabify clone app is the on-demand taxi booking app to expand your business. White Label Fox is at the leading edge of excellence to carve your product, bringing all the taxi drivers on the platform and redefining your taxi business with all necessary and additional features.

We produce a fully-customized Cabify Clone App Script, which includes the Driver app, Passenger app web panels of super admin, dispatcher admin, and billing admin. We also provide the newest and unique features, such as multi-language and currency support. It would be better if you could launch an app in your region.

Our custom Cabify Clone Script is completely white-labelled, so you can have the name of your app as you wish, along with logo, language and currency. If you have such business thoughts, get in touch with us and let’s get the show on the road.

Features of Our Cabify Clone App

User Registration
User Registration

A customer can sign up and create their profile by providing essential details like their name and contact information, or logging in using the credentials.

Ride Booking
Ride Booking

Customers can book rides by current location and desired destination within the app. They can also select the type of vehicle they prefer, like a sedan, SUV, or luxury car.

Multiple Payment Options
Multiple Payment Options

Customers can choose from various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or cash, depending on the available options in the app.

Ride Cancellation
Ride Cancellation

Customers have the option to cancel a ride if their plans change. However, cancellation fees may apply based on the app’s policies and timing.

Ride History
Ride History

Customers can access their ride history, including details like pickup and drop-off locations, fare details, and driver information.


Customers receive real-time notifications about driver assignments, ride status updates, payment confirmations, and other important information.

Manage Ride Requests
Manage Ride Requests

Drivers receive ride requests through the app; likewise, they can also reject requests based on their availability or other factors.

Cabify Clone Driver Availability
Driver Availability

Drivers can set their availability status as online/offline to indicate their readiness to accept ride requests.

Document Verification
Document Verification

The app verifies driver documents like, driving license, vehicle registration, insurance,etc. to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Trip History
Trip History

Drivers can access their trip history, including details like pick-up and drop-off locations, distances traveled, and earnings, allowing them to review their past rides.

In-app Chat
In-app Chat

The app may include an in-app communication feature that allows drivers to contact passengers.

Rating and Feedback
Rating and Feedback

After completing a ride, drivers can rate passengers and provide feedback, helping to maintain a quality service.

Cabify Clone Dashboard
Dashboard Statics

An intuitive dashboard that provides an overview of key metrics and analytics related to the app’s usage, like the number of registered drivers and passengers, completed trips, revenue, etc.

Fare Management
Fare Management

The ability to set and manage fare structures, including base fares, distance-based pricing, time-based pricing, surge pricing during peak hours or high demand, and any additional charges.

Cabify Clone Mass Notifications
Mass Notifications

Real-time notifications for important events and actions within the app, such as new driver registrations, critical system updates, or anything that require attention.

Ride Allocation and Dispatch
Ride Allocation and Dispatch

The capability to allocate and dispatch ride requests to available and suitable drivers based on factors such as location, driver rating, and availability.

System Configuration
System Configuration

Admin can configure various aspects of the app, like setting up service areas, defining vehicle categories, commission & tax setting, and etc.

Ratings and Feedback Management
Ratings and Feedback Management

This allows to review and moderate ratings and feedback provided by customers and drivers, ensuring the quality of service and addressing any issues or concerns.

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Have a Look at Cabify Clone App’s Workflow

Take a closer look at how the Cabify clone app works and keep all the stakeholders connected


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Let’s Plan A Cabify Clone App And Pertinent Features Together!
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Tech-stack We Use to Develop Exceptional Solutions


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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the links and quickly get to the answers you need

There are multiple ways to make money from Cabify like app development.  In-app advertisement to offering a subscription model to earn commission on each ride-booking to surge pricing to transaction fees, there are many ways. 


With the experience of more than five years, here’s how White Label Fox helps you to develop a Cabify clone app by the below steps


  • Research and analysis 
  • Help you choose the right business model for your ride-booking business
  • Help you work on revenue streams
  • Choosing the right app features and functionality 
  • Projecting your development costs for Cabify clone app 
  • Choosing the best tech stack, creating a solid map and defining the MVP scope 

These are the basic steps followed by White Label Fox to help you launch the ride-booking business with ease. 

Yes, obviously. Our Cabify clone app is scalable comes with numerous modern features and supports multiple languages and currencies that help you expand your operations without any geolocation barrier. 

The cost of developing an app like Cabify can vary and is majorly based on certain features such as technology stack, location of the development team, features and functionality, etc. If you want to get a detailed quote, please send us an email at [email protected] 

Some of the top features of a user app are:


  • Creating a profile
  • Browse vehicles
  • Place ride booking requests
  • Check reviews and ratings
  • Check prices
  • Push notifications
  • In-app messages 
  • Customer support 


Well, these are the user app’s features, our Cabify like app consists all the modern features for all the stakeholders involved such as dispatcher, driver and admin. Like the user, other modules also come with modern features and keep all of them connected. 

Yes. The development team at White Label Fox understands the importance of this kind of feature, so you don’t need to worry about that, our Cabify like app supports this feature and allows business owners to manage the same within the app.

An app like Cabify helps conventional transportation business owners establish a huge customer base and even streamline their online operations while spending fewer resources and money. 

After researching the market and customer preferences, contact us, send us your requirements at [email protected] and we will come up with the best solution that help you upscale your business while spending less upfront cost. 

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