How Uber on-demand Business Model Can Work & Generate Revenue?

uber successful modelHow Can Uber on-demand Business Model Work & Generate Revenue?

We all know that uber offer number one taxi booking and ride-sharing services worldwide. Uber is the first company which started the ride-sharing services.

Uber has raises a billion dollars from the business that spread into the globe. It has expanded the business geographically in terms of services.

“If you have a deep understanding of the uber on-demand business model, it plays a pivotal role in modelling your on-demand startup business idea.”

What is Uber?

Uber is a location-based app that makes hiring a uber on-demand private driver quickly.

It is convenient, safe, and inexpensive taxi booking services. It will make hire a private driver to pick up you and take you to the destination with the tap of a button using a smartphone.

Uber Basic- Fact, Founders & Funding

Before going into the uber business model or how uber makes money? Let us gain some knowledge about some fact and funding of the uber on-demand company.

You Know that uber is only one who provides a black luxury vehicle.

Also Known: UberCab

Founder Name: Garrett Camp, Oscar Salazar, Travis Kalanick

Founding Year: March 2009

Headquarter: San Francisco, California

Total Funding:$24B(CrunchBase)

Current valuation:$120B

Main Investors: SoftBank Vision Fund, Tencent Holdings, Toyota Motor Corporation, and others.

Services Offer: Ridesharing, food delivery, bicycle-sharing, ride service halling

Hub Tags: Unicorn

Uber Success TimelineHow Does Uber Work?

Passengers generate the demand for drivers, supply the, and uber act as the marketplace to make this all happen smoothly on the mobile platform.

Uber Benefits For Rider:

  • On-demand cab bookings
  • Real-time tracking
  • Accurate ETAs
  • Cashless rides
  • Lower wait time for a trip
  • Multiple ride options
  • Multiple services in one app

Uber Benefits for Drivers:

  • Flexibility to drive on their terms
  • Better income
  • Lesser idle time to get new rides
  • Training sessions
  • Getting vehicle loans
  • Better trip allocation

Uber Business Model Canvas:

uber successful modelHow can Uber make money?

From the uber-successful timeline, we all curious about how uber can make money. All entrepreneurs think that, of course, it from the trip commission, but uber revenue model is to complex and it just not a trip commission.

1) Trip Commissions

Uber provides the driver on its platform called partners to supply the ride request to accept, fulfil, and make income. While making a booking, the user can pay ride amount within the app. Uber transfer the payment amount to the partners’ amount after taking some commission for doing a job as a broker.

2)Premium Rides

Uber offers multiple ride option; it provides luxury sedans and SUVs as a premium ride. The profit generates from premium rides are much higher and help uber to make more money.

3)Cancellation Fee

If the passenger cancels a trip after a specific period they will be charged a cancellation fee.

4)Leasing to Drivers

Uber runs a vehicle leasing program in many countries to help the new drivers. Drivers have to pay a security deposit for the vehicle and payments are automatically deducted every week from the driver’s earning.

5)Brand Partnerships/Advertising

Uber is a top-rated app with millions of active users. This makes it a good option for the uber to build brands to do promotions. Recently, uber make a substantial revenue source by becoming a channel for sponsored content.

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Wrapping Up:

Uber is making a success in many ways from that there are hundreds of on-demand uber for X startup has been launched, and it is increasing day by day.

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