Launch Cinema Ticket Booking App For your Startup Business

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Launch Cinema Ticket Booking App For your Startup Business

Nowadays, technology has taken over lives. From the shopping to bill payment everything we have done online.

Entertainment plays an important part in our daily lives. When people have some time in their fast and busy lives, they want some entertainment. People have preferred and love to watch movies in a theater.

But, people hate to stand in line to buy a cinema ticket. Hence the online movie ticket booking apps make the easy life of people.

Why increase the Popularity For Cinema Ticket Booking App?

Booking a ticket for movies is save the people from the hassle of physically going to a location where the ticket has booked.

Today, in this fast and busy lifestyle of people have no time to book their tickets in advance. But with the movie ticket booking apps, people can easily book a movie ticket when they want.

In the cinema ticket app, people can search for movies, book shows, and make payments online within the app. Usually, people can book tickets either via phone, app, or website and tracking in real-time through the app or website.

Online movie ticket booking app is much popularity; the “Book My Show” attained 30 million+ downloads and attains 3 billion+ page views each month, with 10 million+ ticket bookings each month.

Quite amazing traffic isn’t it. From that many businesses are planning to enter into the ticket booking apps to scale up their business revenue.

So, let’s know about how to develop your movie ticket booking apps, basic features and development cost.

Basic Features Include in Cinema ticket booking Apps

For the User App:

Log in/Sign up
A user can log in or sign up through social sites like Facebook, Google, or through Email.

Select Location
Before the user moves to the home, the screen app asks to select the location in which they want the ticket booking.

Real-Time Booking
A real-time booking feature allows a user to book a ticket at a convenient time and receive instant confirmation of the booking.

Download ticket in pdf
This feature is to allows the user to download the ticket in pdf format. So, they can later use it.

Show Details
Once the user selects the movie, then they view the details of a movie such as a name, ratings, language, Star cast Name & image, Date & time, and more

Flexible payment option
An app offers a flexible payment option such as cash, card, and wallet. So, the user can easily make payment within the app.

Give Rate
A user gives a review to the show by selecting the show/movies after completed the show. The rate can be given by stars or by comment.

For Admin:

With the super dashboard, Admin can view all the total booking, manage shows, manage users, manage cinema listing and total earning details.

Manage User
Admin can view the new user requests and approve the user. Also, admin has the option to add, remove or edit user information.

Manage Shows
Admin can manage show information such as ongoing & upcoming shows, date & time, location, language and formate(2D/3D).

Earning Report
Admin has checked the earning reports of system total commission earning. Admin views the details of the total show booking, theater commission, payment type, and user details.

How much does it cost to develop a Movie Ticket Booking App?

The development cost of a movie ticket booking app is dependent on various factors such as technology, development platform, features and most important thing in which location you want to develop your application.

If you want to add some advanced features in your app then the development maybe increase. Also, if you want both Android and iOS application then the cost may raise.

The cost with the basic features is around $10,000 to $15,000 in India. But in other countries, the cost may be extended.

Final Words:

If you are interested to develop your movie ticket booking app and scale up your business; then white label fox will help you. We are a leading web and app development company. We are specialized to develop a ticket booking application for your business. For more information feel free to contact us!

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