How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Zomato in 2024?

cost to develop app like zomato in 2024

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Zomato in 2024?

Who wants to stand in long restaurant queues? No one. Yes, people want instant gratification of everything these days and food delivery apps are one of the ways that allow people to feel that gratification in no time. 

Heading towards the constant digital world, people’s preferences and advancement in technological solutions compel businesses across the world to make changes in their existing business model and restaurant is one of the sectors that has been facing major transformation since the launch of online food delivery apps. 

UberEats, Doordash, Zomato, Talabat, Doordash, etc. are popular food delivery apps and all are making headlines in their respective regions. Today, the demand for online food delivery apps is growing as the market size is projected to reach $200 billion before 2025 ends. In fact, according to one of the studies, it was found that more than 41% of customers use two or more food delivery services at least every month. 

The food delivery market is growing globally but if we talk about the Indian food delivery market, Zomato has captured a big market share. In fact, it has acquired the well-known food delivery app, UberEats recently. Therefore, more and more entrepreneurs want to test their fortune in the delivery sector by having an app like Zomato. 

But it is not as easy as it seems. Yes, from feature integration to connecting different restaurants to hiring delivery providers, there is much more to do. So how much does it cost to have an app similar to Zomato? Let’s break down all the aspects of this blog without any ado. 

What is Zomato? 

Zomato is an online food delivery app that allows customers to order food online from nearby restaurants and get it delivered to their doorsteps with real-time tracking features. 

  • In 2008, Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah founded Zomato. the process of looking for, finding, and supplying restaurants. 
  • Zomato is presently present in over 24 countries
  • Foodiebay was the original name of the company, which changed to Zomato in 2010. Zomato expanded to additional nations, including Brazil, Indonesia, Qatar, Turkey, and Sri Lanka.
  • According to Zomato, the business became profitable in each of the 24 countries where it does business. 
  • In February 2017, Zomato introduced its zero-commission model at a partner restaurant. 

How Does Zomato Like App Work? 

It is extremely easy to place an order on Zomato. Actually, Zomato’s business model consists of three main stakeholders – customers, restaurant partners and delivery providers. Zomato’s platform keeps connected all of these stakeholders in order to make the entire food delivery process smooth and easy. So, let’s see how the Zomato app works: 

  1. It gives the user a list of every restaurant in the area and gives them a variety of options to choose from. 
  2. Zomato is an amazing platform that restaurants can use to increase their market presence and reach a large audience.
  3. The offer and discount are clearly visible to customers.
  4. Zomato offers customers the option to pay using a variety of payment ways after the purchase is placed.
  5. The restaurant is notified when a food order request is sent straight to the Zomato delivery provider. 
  6. The restaurant then verifies the order and packages the food in accordance with the preferences of the patrons.
  7. Zomato then completes the final step and delivers the dinner.
  8. Zomato also gives users the chance to showcase and advertise their food to a large user base. Zomato receives payment from the restaurant for featured listings.
  9. Zomato is a dependable business partner for restaurants, assisting the small-scale food industry in growing their clientele by leveraging internet branding to reach a wider audience.
  10. Zomato offers a large selection of food goods to its customers and has partnerships with practically all urban restaurants.
  11. Zomato has developed a ranking system that arranges restaurants in order according to user evaluations and ratings. 
  12. Zomato technology improves the user experience by offering details such as restaurant distance, meal cost, delivery fees, and expected wait time for delivery services.

In a nutshell, customers need to browse restaurants, add their favorite dish to their cart, make payments, and wait for the delivery provider to reach the location entered in the app. Customers and restaurants track the delivery provider’s activity in real time. 

Features to Develop an On-demand Food Delivery App Like Zomato

You must be aware that on-demand food delivery apps interface with a restaurant’s admin panel, customers, and both while creating one. Every panel has unique characteristics and capabilities. Now let’s explore the particular elements that each panel has to have.

Zomato Like Customer App Features

For your food delivery service to provide a positive user experience, you must create a user app first.  When designing your user panel, keep the following features in mind: –

App registration:  Permit customers to register for an app using their phone number or email address, among other alternatives.

User profiles: Provide the tools necessary for users to add contact information and delivery locations.

Easy search: Make sure your app contains a search bar where users may look up different menu items or restaurants. They let consumers use different criteria to make their searches simpler and quicker.

Order history: Include this function so that users may view their order history and, if needed, modify or cancel previous orders.

Reviews and ratings: This lets customers rate the restaurant and driver and offer insightful comments based on their personal experiences.

Payment integration: Give users access to different payment methods. Users can pay using online payment methods like PayPal, Google Pay, and more thanks to features that support multiple payment integration.

As a business owner, here you can add or remove features as per your business requirements. But make sure your app includes all the features customers expect from you to have. It makes your brand image good while fulfilling the expectations of your customers. 

Zomato Like Delivery Provider Feature

The delivery man makes sure that the dish is delivered as quickly as possible after being requested. Delivery personnel can follow all customer orders by logging in. Additionally, it has the following additional features:

Verify Purchase Orders: The delivery provider can then view the status of every order and determine the timeframe for each delivery. All orders are listed, both completed and pending. This facilitates planning.

Orders: The delivery man must be able to use this feature to accept orders that are able to be completed. Orders placed after business hours or those that are unable to be completed owing to emergencies may also be refused by the delivery person.

Delivery History: After that, the delivery provider can monitor every order that has been fulfilled in a specific amount of time. This could occur once a week or once a month.

Geolocation: Every delivery guy app needs to have a geolocation feature so that users can follow their delivery position.

Call to Customers: The delivery person can use this option to get in touch with customers and request any additional delivery instructions that may be required. These details could be an address or any other kind of information.

Zomato Like Restaurant Partner App Features

Login: A restaurant login page.

Menu Management: Here’s where eateries keep track of what’s in and out of stock for each item on their menu.

Push Notification: Delivered, pending, and upcoming orders fall under this category.

Verifying Rating and Review: You can respond to and review customer reviews on this page.

Track deliveries: You’ll need to incorporate functionalities that let eateries keep tabs on orders and oversee deliveries. Either an order management system or an integration with a third-party delivery provider can be used to accomplish this.

Accept Payments: Restaurants can accept payments thanks to multi-payment interfaces. Either integrating with a third-party payment processor or using a payment gateway can do this.

Zomato Like Admin Panel Features

If you’re considering creating an app similar to Zomato for food delivery, there are a few essential features you should have in the admin interface.

Powerful dashboard: Handle delivery providers, customers, menu, payments, commission, and much more with the help of a robust dashboard and make data-driven business decisions. 

Manage menu details: The administrator should be able to add and remove restaurants and menu items. Allow the administrator to control delivery times and drivers. The administrator must forward the orders to other restaurants right away if the restaurant declines them.

Track Payments: In order for clients to pay for their orders, the administrator must set up a payment gateway.

Track Performance: Include a function in the app that allows the administrator to examine restaurant performance and adjust their ranking on the platform accordingly.

As stated earlier, Zomato like app consists of certain modules and panels. Above are the essential features to include in the app but if you want to enter the market, make sure you integrate unique features that help you stay ahead in the competitive race. If you are facing budgeting issues and have limited resources, opt for an MVP solution first, it would help you collect customer feedback and make your overall product better. 

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Zomato? 

Food delivery apps like Zomato are a win-win situation for entrepreneurs, restaurant owners and delivery providers. Launching an app like Zomato is a potential option for all the players involved in it. The cost to develop the food delivery app majorly depends on many factors like the development company you work with, the complexity of the project and the features you want to include. 

The overall cost is determine by the number of hours the developers work. 

  1. Customer app – development time 700-900 hours 
  2. Delivery provider app – development time 700-900 hours
  3. Store or restaurant app – development time 700-900 hours
  4. Admin panel: 400-500 hours 

With the aid of the following technology stack, building a food delivery app like Zomato affects the overall development cost. 

  • Cloud services – Azure, AWS
  • Registration- Google and Facebook Sign in
  • Payment – Stripe and PayPal
  • Maps & Location – Map Box, Google Map
  • Analytics- Google and Apple Analytics 

In a nutshell, the development cost to build an app like Zomato mostly depends on the features you want to include and the resources that it would need to get your app developed from its planning stage to the launch phase. 

White Label Fox, the leading on-demand app development company offers an app like Zomato at a competitive price with an exclusive set of features. Know the accurate cost of developing a Zomato like app from our team and enter the lucrative business set up. 

Conclusive Thoughts 

We can answer your questions if you’re thinking about breaking into the most lucrative sector available right now and are curious about the price of creating a food delivery app like Zomato. This post covers all the groundwork you should do before starting to develop an app, including what features and costs to consider upfront. Our team of developers is always available to hear any ideas you may have if you are unsure how to make this on your own while you are here.

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