Launch Your On-demand Delivery App with Ease

Revamp your conventional delivery business with our on-demand delivery software, developed to help you deliver food, groceries, medicines, meat, flowers, and much more right to your customer’s preferred location.

Your Trusted Partner in On-demand Delivery Success

Empowering entrepreneurs to bloom in the booming
delivery market with scalable and robust all-in-one delivery app

The need for lots of products to be delivered right to the doorsteps of consumers and businesses has never been greater, and our on-demand delivery software is designed to assist you in reaching these opportunities. We focus on helping you design, develop, and grow your on-demand delivery service, including food, groceries, medicines, and other items. Our on-demand delivery app is designed to help you meet customers’ increasing requirements and outcompete competitors.

At White Label Fox, we design and develop the most sophisticated Android and iOS apps, making your on-demand delivery business relevant to every client. Our apps are easy to navigate, packed with the features and functionalities your users need, and easy to develop for your brand. Thanks to our integrated system, you can offer your customers a perfect delivery experience that will undoubtedly engage them in the future.

Regardless of the delivery type—groceries, meat, medicine, water, and more—we have designed our on-demand delivery system for your business growth. Enriched with new advancements and high flexibility, it allows you to master the control of your business processes and introduce yourself to new, broader audiences. Choose us as your strategic partner to enter a prosperous on-demand delivery business that meets the needs of consumers in the modern world.

Comprehensive On-demand Delivery Platform for All Your Needs

From daily essentials to unique products, leverage our on-demand delivery app development
services and meet the diverse needs of your modern customers with efficiency

Delivery anything - Food delivery icon

Food Delivery

Delivery Anything - Grocery Delivery icon

Grocery Delivery

Delivery anything - Medicine delivery icon

Medicine Delivery

Delivery anything - Meat delivery icon

Meat Delivery

Delivery anything - water delivery icon

Water Delivery

Delivery anything - flower delivery icon

Flower Delivery

Delivery anything - Stationary delivery icon

Stationary Delivery

Delivery anything - Alcohol delivery icon

Alcohol Delivery

Delivery anything - fuel delivery icon

Fuel Delivery

Delivery anything - pizza delivery

Pizza Delivery

Delivery anything - Marijuana delivery

Marijuana Delivery

Delivery anything - Courier delivery

Courier Delivery

Get an On-demand Delivery System with
Versatile Modules & Unmatched Support

From order management to real-time tracking, our white label delivery
app comes with customizable modules to ensure your business runs seamlessly.

Customer Android
And iOS App

Delivery Provider Android And iOS App

Store Owner Panel

Delivery Provider Web Panel

1 Year Free Support

Store Owner Android
And iOS App

Admin Panel

Static Landing Page

100% Source Code

NDA Signed

Delivery anything - what we offer image

Feature-rich On-demand Delivery Platform
to Supercharge Your Business

Our on-demand delivery system comes with innovative and modern features
designed to streamline your delivery operations and boost customer experience


Let customers quickly access your account with a secure and easy login process. They can also log in using existing social media accounts.

Master Search

From fresh produce to prepared and speciality food, the master search feature ensures that customers can easily find what they are searching for.

Add Toppings

Let customers choose from a wide range of toppings and extra options to make your order more personal.

Multiple Payment Options

For your convenience, we offer a wide range of payment options, such as credit cards and digital wallets, ensuring swift and safe payments with every order.


Allow customers to leave reviews and ratings based on their entire delivery experience, which will help future customers make informed decisions.

Order History

With more features like easily viewing past orders, customers can quickly reorder the items they already love ordering.

Chat with Driver

Allow customers to communicate with drivers to resolve doubts related to addresses or any other delivery-related instructions.

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor your delivery from when it was dispatched to when it was delivered in real-time modes.

Push Notifications

Stay connected with the most current information about your order status through push notifications on discounts, sales, and other special offers.

Manage Orders

Stores can improve order flow management with easy-to-use features and ensure on-time delivery to satisfy your customers.

Store Details

Make it easy to Update your store information. Include information about your store, availability, phone number, working days, and delivery areas.

Order History

Track all previous orders through detailed history review and analyze the previous transactions to gain a better idea about the customer’s preferences.

Set Offers

Let stores set up discounts and deals to increase sales and customer interaction. They can also edit the offers whenever necessary.

Manage Products

Stores can easily update the number of products in their store and modify or delete them for any reason.


Get important customer feedback within the comfort of your app. Feel free to use the information provided here to enhance your store’s services.

Store Analytics

Use reports to understand store’s statistics & get valuable information about its operations. Monitor sales performance, order quantity, and more.

Track Earnings

Let store oversee and track earnings as it gives them a live, comprehensive look at their revenue stream and stay up to date with financial progress.

Monitor Activity

Our activity log will help you keep track of all processes, from order processing to customer interaction.


Eliminate inefficiencies in the onboarding process and ensure new drivers get on the road as soon as possible.

Route Optimization

Assist drivers in making more deliveries for your business more efficiently by better organizing the routes.

Map Navigation

Let drivers access step-by-step instructions within the Google Maps system to avoid delays and misplaced deliveries.

In-App Chat

Provide or integrate a chat feature where drivers and customers can communicate to resolve real-time delivery-related doubts.

Manage Profile

Providing them easy access to the information they want about themselves, their vehicles, or any preferences.

Order History

Allow the drivers to see their delivery records and monitor their performance to promote transparency in business operations.

Generate Income Report

This will enable drivers to generate more apparent earnings statements in terms of day, week, or month for income planning purposes.

Manage Documents

Allow drivers to upload and manage all necessary documents to get started. Follow the required legal requirements and properly store essential documents to avoid complications.

Update Availability

Allow the drivers to change their status depending on their working schedule. Allow them to switch between available and unavailable to receive delivery orders whenever they want.

Have a Look at the Eye-appealing UI of the On-demand Delivery Platform

Powerful Admin Panel for On-demand Delivery Business Success

Our admin panel helps you access all necessary administrative tools.
It simplifies the complexity of managing and aligning business
operations to achieve your goals effectively.

Delivery anything - admin panel

Dashboard Overview

Regarding delivery operations, an easy-to-use dashboard lets you see the entire process at a glance. It also allows you to monitor performance and main metrics.

Notifications and Alerts

Besides a unique user interface, it provides customizable notifications and alerts about important events and updates to keep all the stakeholders connected with the business.

Order Tracking

Monitor order status from order placement to delivery with top-notch tracking features. Supervise the status of orders and resolve any problems.

Analytics and Reporting

Get rich, detailed analysis and reports on your business to identify how your delivery business performs and make decisions based on big data.

Content Management

Update the information on your products, special offers, and the store to create interest and variety for your audience.

Revenue Management

Monitor sources of income, handle cash resources, and generate financial reports for steady growth and development.

User Management

Intuitively organize users, including customers, drivers, or store owners, without effort. Establish efficient communication processes and provide security for all the parties involved.

Feedback Management

Conduct surveys with customers and drivers and get feedback from store chain owners. Employ the insights to change the level of service delivery and thus increase customer satisfaction.

Performance Monitoring

Track delivery network metrics in real time to get an idea of its performance. Eliminate constraints, find the shortest paths to travel, and operate smoothly in every situation.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Conventional Delivery Business?

Embrace the opportunities to be innovative and efficient in delivering services, leading to organizational excellence. Whether you are a small or big business, our on-demand platform can help you optimize your work, provide excellent buyer service, and increase your revenue.

Delivery anything - big cta vector

How Does On-Demand Delivery App Work?

Opt for our feature-rich on-demand delivery system andallow
customers to get products at their doorsteps in just a few steps.

1. Login

Let customers sign up and log in using their existing social media accounts to access a full range of delivery services.

2. Master Search

Explore a wide range of delivery products, from food to groceries to flowers, and find exactly what your customers want with a master search.

3. Add to Cart

Choose the products and add them to your cart with a single click, as our on-demand delivery system simplifies the ordering experience for both your customers and stores.

4. Make Payment

Enable customers to make payments using multiple payment options to complete their ordering process swiftly and securely.

5. Real-time Order Tracking

Let customers monitor their order status in real-time, from preparation to doorstep, and stay informed every step of the way.

6. Doorstep Delivery

Allow customers to get products quickly at their doorsteps and leave reviews and ratings for better service and experience.

Unlock Delivery Success: What Sets
Our On-demand Delivery Software Apart

Find out how our delivery platform stands out from the restand why businesses
should consider using it to be successful in the delivery business.

Scalable Platform

Scalable Platform

Expand your delivery business without boundaries on our fully customizable platform and reach the global market to meet all these challenges.



Ensure that the delivery platform you choose aligns with your specific business operations. With customizable features and branding options, turn your platform into what you imagine.

delivery anything 100 Source Code

100% Source Code

Own your delivery platform and fully utilize 100% of the application’s source code. Experience the freedom of flexibility and the ability to adapt to your business’s needs as effectively as possible.



Keep your data and transactions safe with our robust protection. From encryption to authentication, we ensure the safety and security of your private information.

User-Centric Platform

User-Centric Platform

Straightforward and user-friendly interfaces and a consistent customer experience allow all stakeholders to access the platform efficiently.

On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

To make delivery operations efficient, manage routes, oversee order status in real-time, and support drivers for on-time and accurate deliveries.

Demystifying On-Demand Delivery Process
for a Smooth Ordering Process

This customer flow identifies how straightforward
it is to acquire what you require the moment it is needed.

  • Customers can download the app by visiting the webpage, signing up, or logging in. They can also log in using their existing social media accounts.
  • Discover a wide range of our products, starting from everyday foods and ending with exquisite cuisine, without needing to go out.
  • Browse your selection and choose your products to place in your order cart.
  • Provide delivery preferences regarding the delivery time and any additional information if needed.
  • Payment can be made securely and conveniently using various methods to complete your purchase.
  • Track your order status in real time to determine when your order will be delivered.
  • Enjoy your order as it reaches your doorstep, and leave feedback based on the entire experience.
Demystifying On-Demand Delivery Process for a Smooth Ordering Process

Feeling the urge to jump on the on-demand delivery bandwagon? Opt for our on-demand delivery software as your path to success. Let us help you provide better customer service, increase efficiency, and take your business to the next level.

Delivery anything - small cta image

How Does On-Demand Delivery App Benefit Customers?

Discover the abundant advantages associated with
the utility and effectiveness of on-demand delivery apps

Delivery anything - how does fox delivery anything app benefit your customer

Convenience is a significant strength inherent in the business model of on-demand delivery platforms, as customers can order almost everything they need with a few clicks using their smartphones or personal computers. Groceries, meals, and sometimes even medications do not require people to go to the store and buy them; they just have to wait for them to be delivered to their doorstep.

Also, on-demand delivery platforms give customers an option and flexibility they may not have when it comes to the delivery of their products. There are opportunities for setting delivery times, having several types of payments, and ordering what they want so consumers can choose the most comfortable way to shop for them. It increases customer satisfaction and company loyalty as companies respond to market and customers’ demands.

Apart from simplicity and versatility, safety and security are significant values of on-demand delivery services. Real-time tracking, secure payment options, and no-physical-contact delivery ensure the customer’s order will be delivered safely to their doorstep. This factor also makes the overall customer experience more positive, increasing their trust in the platform and the businesses it connects them to.

Building Your On-Demand Delivery Platform:
Turning an Idea into a Business

Enter the on-demand delivery business from scratch and experience how
we transform your idea into a functional and profitable interface
1. Requirement Gathering

Firstly, we ensure that we spend a considerable amount of time with you so that we can discover more about your goals and needs. During the consultation and assessment phase, we define the application’s phenomenological characteristics, users, and requirements the platform will meet.

2. Design

Second, our team of designers works on your ideas to create beautiful and adoption-friendly application interface designs. We aim to optimize interaction with a focus on the client’s satisfaction and increased loyalty. Designs are refined based on your experience and suggestions to reflect your vision closely.

3. Development

Employing advanced technological solutions and industry standards, we create a stable and customized platform to fulfil all your needs. In any development process, we ensure the client is involved in every stage to ensure transparency based on the communication channels set.

4. Test and Launch

Last, we will create your on-demand delivery platform that is ready to launch. Some factors are tested before implementation to determine if they are in perfect working order as expected. Following the tips above, you can introduce your platform and get online orders.

Launch Your On-Demand Delivery App in Days and Imagine Quick Start

You can launch the on-demand delivery app in the shortest time possible using our on-demand delivery software. Using pre-built solutions, defined modules, and customization options, we optimize the development process, ensuring you enter the market fast and without hesitation.

Whether you are a start-up company that has recently joined the market or a well-established concern planning to diversify your business, our white-label, on-demand delivery platform is created to fast-track your business ventures. By partnering with us, you can launch your app quickly, tap into the market, and take your business to the next level.

Harnessing The Latest In Technology To Fuel
Your On-Demand Delivery Business

Learn how we help you harness breakthrough technological solutions to create solid, progressive, on-demand delivery solutions.
We integrate emerging technologies, pattern recognition, and tracking, thus using today’s technology to improve
overall productivity and create perfect user experiences.


Google Maps

Google Maps





















Android Studio

android studio


html 5


css 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses like restaurants, stores, retailers, cafes, couriers, etc. use online platforms such as websites, and apps to sell their products online. On the other hand, customers can get info, check reviews place an order for a particular item and get them to delivered their doorsteps. This is how the on-demand delivery platform works.

White Label Fox is a well-known on-demand app development company, with more than five years of experience in the particular domain and has helped many clients across the globe to implement online delivery platforms to streamline their operations.

There are three stakeholders in the delivery platform and it would be better if business owners integrate all the essential features to keep all of them connected while delivering a top-notch experience to users.

The process of creating an online delivery app is a simple yet time-consuming one. Here are certain steps to be followed when you are about to develop the online delivery app from scratch:

  1. Validate your idea first
  2. Learn in-depth about the target audience
  3. Choose the right delivery app model for your business
  4. Finalize the tech stack
  5. Work on the features and functionality
  6. Think about the UI/UX design factors
  7. Consult the experienced team to develop a delivery app
  8. Evaluate the cost of developing a platform

Well, no one can assume the perfect time because the timeline is highly dependent on multiple factors such as the level of complexity, features, and tack stack involved.

Yes, the platform supports multiple payment gateways, making it extremely comfortable for your customers to check out swiftly.

Yes sure. Whether you want to embrace an UberEats clone or want to build an app from scratch, you can accomplish your goals with delivery anything platform. Our platform empowers you to develop powerful and feature-rich apps for Android and iOS. Launch your online delivery business within days and simplify tasks.

At White Label Fox, our team of professionals have developed many delivery solutions for courier, food, grocery and many more. Just send us an inquiry and we will share demo links with you.

Yes, we provide one-year free technical support to our customers.

We are known as a top on-demand app development company because we serve clients what they ask for. From consultation to planning to design development and launching, we use the latest technology tools and leave no stone untouched when it comes to empowering your venture.

Why Prefer Us for On-demand Anything Delivery App?

Build a high revenue-generating on-demand delivery business with our solution

Our on-demand anything delivery app offers hassle-free and ready-to-launch solutions, enabling you to hit the market quickly.

Built with scalability in mind, our on-demand anything delivery app can effortlessly adjust growing demands and expand business operations.

Our on-demand delivery anything solution comes with a range of features, allowing entrepreneurs to manage online orders seamlessly.

Crafted using the latest modern technology stack, our solution ensures top-notch performance, providing a seamless user experience for customers and delivery partners.

Our solution comes with extensive customization options, allowing you to personalize the app according to your brand identity, preferences, and unique business requirements, ensuring a distinct and tailored user experience.

With our complete white label solution, you have full ownership and control over your on-demand anything delivery app, enabling you to brand it as your own and establish a strong presence in the market.

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