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Launch your online delivery business and digitize your operations by using the on-demand delivery anything app, which comes with enticing features and ensures your business a decisive edge in the market
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Delivery Anything – Master Delivery Solution

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This app is the single solution for the customer to on-demand delivery anything might the want. Whether it might be food item delivery or deliver courier at any time this app just need to handle everything that might deliver. At White Label Fox, we offer the best on-demand delivery anything app for your startup business. We offer customer app, driver/delivery person app, store app, admin panel and store panel as per your customized requirements. Our on-demand delivery anything clone script is ready to use. We offer a complete white-label solution for your startup business.


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Food Delivery
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Courier Delivery
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Grocery Delivery
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Medicine Delivery
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Flower Delivery
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Liquor Delivery

Features of Our Fox-Delivery Anything App

Social Login

Users login or sign up into the app through a social account such as Facebook, Google or via Email.

Add to Cart

A user can add an item to add to the cart. After he/she can add/remove items based on their requirement.

Order History

A user can view all completed, cancel, running and pending order details with categories wise.

Track location

Once the order accepts, a user has the option to track the order location within the app.

Payment Option

To pay for the order amount, the user has a flexible payment option like cash, credit or in-app wallet.


A user gets a notification for their order confirmation, order status update, offer details, discount, etc.

Schedule Orders

The customer can schedule the orders for the specific time period as per their convenience or availability.


The customer has an option to add items into favourites to order them quickly in future or for the quick access.

Review & Rating Service

The customer can add the ratings or reviews for the delivery service based on the experience.

Manage Document

Delivery person upload required documents. They have the option to add/modify the document information.

Map Navigation

To find the shortest rough of the user location, the driver can use map navigation within the app.

Easy Call

If a delivery person any query regarding the order, they can call to user/store within the app.

Manage Profile

Driver/delivery person manage their profile information like name, address, profile picture, etc.

Earning History

A driver can view earning reports with details of complete, cancel, running and pending order requests.

Manage Bank Details

Driver/delivery person add/modified bank account details to withdraw the earning.

Route Optimization

The drivers can use the in-app map navigation to find the shortest way to reach the delivery location by saving time for the driver and customer.

Update Status

Set availability status from offline to online for accepting deliveries. Option to toggle between active and rest periods, whenever they wish.

Manage Orders

Drivers can accept or decline incoming delivery requests. View details of assigned orders, including items, delivery location, and special instructions.

Manage Order

A store owner can manage a new order request with a single tap by accepting/reject the option.

Manage Store Details

A store owner manages their store details such as tax, extra delivery charges, delivery radius, minimum order amount, etc.

Order History

A store owner can see order history with complete, cancel, pending and running order details.

Set Offer

A store owner adds/removes offer details with offer name, order amount/percentage, expired date & time, etc.

Manage Product

A store owner can on and off the product display as per the availability of the products.


A store owner can see review and rating given to the store with details of order id, date & time, and user details.

Store Analytics

The store owner can track sales, order volume, and customer engagement. Monitor popular products and trends.

Track Earnings

The stores can view earnings from sales and deliveries, and track pending and processed payments.

Customize Offers

Store owners can easily add or remove offer details, names, order amount or percentage discounts, expire date and time, and more.

Have a Look at Our Delivery Anything App Solution

Delivery Anything App – Super Admin Web Features

Check our super admin web panel features
of on-demand delivery anything app
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Delivery Anything App Dashboard

Dashboard represents the total site statics, revenue details in the graphical form. Also, the admin can view new service requests.

Manage Driver Store
Manage Profile

Admin can approve or reject a new driver/store profile. Also, admin views their order history, review, and feedback.

Mass Notification
Mass Notification

To inform users, driver and store about important things, such as a discount, festival greetings, admin can send a mass notification.

Manage Document
Manage Document

Admin can set and manage required document details. And admin can view driver/store uploaded document.

Manage Promo Code
Manage Promo Code

Admin can add or remove promo code details such as promo code name, amount/percentage type, expired date and etc.

Earning History
Earning Report

Admin can view each earning report of driver/store and system total commission earning with all details.

Manage Payment Option
Manage Payment Option

An admin can manage payment setting such as system commission, tax, and payment method.

View Review & Rating

Admin can view all the ratings and reviews given to individual driver/store with details of order id, user, driver name, comment and date and time.

Let’s Transform Your Delivery Ideas Into Digital Reality, Partner With Us!
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Our Fox-Delivery Anything web panels, Android & iOS app source code developed using the below robust & scalable technology architecture. The latest technology makes the complete script more powerful for your business.
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Pricing & Packages

We offer a ready-to-use white label on-demand Delivery Anything app script at a lower price than other competitors. Check our
pricing packages which are the best match for your requirements.

Our Product List

We develop an on-demand white label product script like taxi booking script,
food delivery app, Gojek clone app, and more Uber for X
Fox-Jek Product

Fox-Jek offers 50+ services in a single app like Go-Jek

Fox-Food Product

Fox-Food is an on-demand food delivery app like UberEats


Fox-Taxi is an on-demand taxi booking app script like Uber


Fox- handyman offer 30+ on-demand provider services

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your common questions here and get started with the next-gen delivery anything platform

Businesses like restaurants, stores, retailers, cafes, couriers, etc. use online platforms such as websites, and apps to sell their products online. On the other hand, customers can get info, check reviews place an order for a particular item and get them to delivered their doorsteps. This is how the on-demand delivery platform works.

White Label Fox is a well-known on-demand app development company, with more than five years of experience in the particular domain and has helped many clients across the globe to implement online delivery platforms to streamline their operations.

There are three stakeholders in the delivery platform and it would be better if business owners integrate all the essential features to keep all of them connected while delivering a top-notch experience to users.

The process of creating an online delivery app is a simple yet time-consuming one. Here are certain steps to be followed when you are about to develop the online delivery app from scratch:

  1. Validate your idea first
  2. Learn in-depth about the target audience
  3. Choose the right delivery app model for your business
  4. Finalize the tech stack
  5. Work on the features and functionality
  6. Think about the UI/UX design factors
  7. Consult the experienced team to develop a delivery app
  8. Evaluate the cost of developing a platform

Well, no one can assume the perfect time because the timeline is highly dependent on multiple factors such as the level of complexity, features, and tack stack involved.

Yes, the platform supports multiple payment gateways, making it extremely comfortable for your customers to check out swiftly.

Yes sure. Whether you want to embrace an UberEats clone or want to build an app from scratch, you can accomplish your goals with delivery anything platform. Our platform empowers you to develop powerful and feature-rich apps for Android and iOS. Launch your online delivery business within days and simplify tasks.

At White Label Fox, our team of professionals have developed many delivery solutions for courier, food, grocery and many more. Just send us an inquiry and we will share demo links with you.

Yes, we provide one-year free technical support to our customers.

We are known as a top on-demand app development company because we serve clients what they ask for. From consultation to planning to design development and launching, we use the latest technology tools and leave no stone untouched when it comes to empowering your venture.

Why Prefer Us for On-demand Anything Delivery App?

Build a high revenue-generating on-demand delivery business with our solution

Our on-demand anything delivery app offers hassle-free and ready-to-launch solutions, enabling you to hit the market quickly.

Built with scalability in mind, our on-demand anything delivery app can effortlessly adjust growing demands and expand business operations.

Our on-demand delivery anything solution comes with a range of features, allowing entrepreneurs to manage online orders seamlessly.

Crafted using the latest modern technology stack, our solution ensures top-notch performance, providing a seamless user experience for customers and delivery partners.

Our solution comes with extensive customization options, allowing you to personalize the app according to your brand identity, preferences, and unique business requirements, ensuring a distinct and tailored user experience.

With our complete white label solution, you have full ownership and control over your on-demand anything delivery app, enabling you to brand it as your own and establish a strong presence in the market.

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