How to Develop your own car rental app for Startup Business?

Car Rental AppHow to Develop your car rental app for Startup Business?

After the taxi booking and carpooling app, self-driving car service has gained a lot of prominence in recent years.

Whether it’s a holiday or business trips, almost every person chooses to travel independently by car renting.

From the car rental app user don’t need to contact a travel agency to hire a car.

With the use of the application, hiring a car is a straightforward process. Open the app, put your requirements, pay some money, and walk out with the keys to a car.

According to Statista, car rentals segment amounts to US$26,873m in 2019 and expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 3.4%, resulting in a market volume of US$30,686m by 2023.

car rental appNow, combine this data with the ongoing mobile market. This gives the idea that your business is benefits from both treads if you build a car rental app.

How to Expand Your Car Rental Business?

The extension of your car rental business depends on the location, quality of your fleet, and marketing strategies.

Location is the most essential factor in your car rental business. Establish your car rental business in those areas which are busy with business travelers and others who need a temporary transportation service.

Features of car rental application:

A user can quickly login or sing up using a mobile number, email id, or social sites like Google or Facebook. For secure login, OTP feature has been used to make secure login.

Start time/End Time
A user can select a start/end date and time based on their requirement.

Find cars
After selecting the start/end time, user will get a list of vehicles and find a vehicle as per their choice.

Choose Car
From the list of car, the user will select a vehicle to book and get details of the vehicle such as price km/h and more.

Fare calculation
A user can get the fare estimate before the booking car; they can get the fare calculation based on service type selection and distance between pickup & drop location.

Payment Option
A user has multiple options to select a car book payment like cash and cards.

Alerts & Notification
When booking confirm user get a notification via SMS or email.

Cancel Booking
In this, a user can cancel a car booking within a given period.

Car Pickup point
A user provides a specific location or landmark for a service provider to collect the car.

Check car Availability
For car, availability user can check the car location wise.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Car Rental App?

The cost of the car rental application depends on the features and services that you want to implement in your mobile app.

After the various parameters, we came to the final result that the app would cost around $20,000 if develop in India.

If you want to build an app for both platforms, iOS and Android along with some advanced features, and technologies, then it will cost around $35,000-$40,000.

White Label Fox is a leading mobile app and web development company. We offer customized application as per customer requirement. Our developers can build a peer to peer car rental app.

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Final Words:

If you are interested in developing a car rental app, White Label Fox will help you to develop an app as per customer requirement. We offer both an Android and iOS app for the platform.

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