How to Develop Medicine Delivery app For Startup Business?

medicine delivery app

How to Develop a Medicine Delivery app For Startup Business?

Technology has completely changed people’s way of the shop. There are so many applications and sites are available in the market; from that people shop online through their smartphone.

We order food with just a tap of a button using over mobile, we book a taxi with the use of our smartphone anywhere and anytime.

Nowadays, all the industries are being online and make the user’s life easier. But one industry needs an online delivery and the ordering system is pharmacy industries.

With so much innovation in delivery, it is possible to effect delivery medicine to all remote places.

Why We need a Medicine Delivery App?

Nowadays, the health of the people is more spoil due to the fast life, change in the environment, and many more acumens.

So, when the people seek they go to the hospital to consult a doctor even for illness, cough, cold, and other serious complications.

They get the prescription from the doctor and if the patient needs the medicine urgently it is difficult at that time to find a pharmacy.

Even if there is a pharmacy nearby it is no guarantee that all the medicine is available. From that people need an online medicine delivery app.

Revenues of Online Medicine Delivery App According to Statista:

For the first time in 2014, the revenue had exceeded 1 million U.S. dollars. North America is one of the largest areas of these revenues.

The Chinese pharmaceutical sector has also shown one of the highest growth rates over the previous rates.

The pharmaceutical companies commonly come from the United States and Europe. This country market is one of the most important markets across the globe.

With Canada and Mexico, the U.S. represents the largest continental pharma market worldwide. For that, the U.S. holds 45% of the global pharmaceutical market.

According to statista, in 2014, the global online pharmacy (e-pharmacy) market was estimated to be worth some 29 billion U.S. dollars. It is predicted that the market will grow to reach around 128 billion dollars in 2023.

ChartSo, the pharmacy cranny holds a huge opportunity for pharmacy startup and entrepreneurs.

Why online Medicine Delivery App Popular?

1)Time preserving

The online medicine app allows the user to order medicine online anywhere and anytime. From that, the user can save a lot of time and place their medicine order in some tap of a button.


With the use of an online medicine delivery app, the user can place the order to sitting at home. The app also offers various discounts and offers, from that user can save money on the order.


The app contains complete information and details about each medicine. It helps the user to know about benefits, side-effects about the medicine that provides into the app.

Features to Develop Online Medicine Ordering App:

For the User App:

Login/Signup: The user can log in or signup via social media sites like Facebook, Google or via Email.

Search Medicines: A user can easily search a medicine using the search option given to the app.

Add to cart: A user can add the medicine to cart and can make a purchase when they required.

Upload Prescription: Users can upload the medicine prescription and can order medicine in a very convenient way.

Track order: A user can view the live location of the delivery person on the map and get an idea about the delivery time.

Payment Option: The app offers multiple payment options such as cash, card, and in-app wallet for pay to service amount.

Review & Rating: After getting the order, the user can submit the feedback to the store and delivery person based on the service.

For Driver App:

Login/Signup: Similar to the user app, a driver can log in or signup via social media sites like Facebook, Google or via Email.

Manage document: The delivery person can upload and manage the document which is required to getting the new-order request.

In-App Map Navigation: A delivery person uses google navigation maps within the app to find the shortest route to delivery.

Easy Call: A delivery person can call to user/store whine the app if any query regarding the order.

View Feedback: A delivery person views the feedback given by the user when the delivery is completed.

For Store App:

Login/Signup: Similar to the user app, a store can log in or signup via social media sites like Facebook, Google or via Email.

Manage Information: The store can manage their information like contact details, email id, store address, and much more information.

Product Details: All the details related to the product such as chemical composition, benefits, side-effect, etc. managed by the store.

Manage to price: The stores manage the pricing of all the display product. They can increase or decrease product pricing as per the market norms.

Manage Order: All the orders are managed by the store. If the store has not free at that time they can cancel the order request.

How much Does it Cost to Develop Medicine Delivery App?

For building an online medicine app, you need to require lots of research and thought to process.

It’s not just about to develop an app but it’s also about maintaining the app to ensure it’s delivering a great experience to the end-users.

The cost of online medicine app development depends on various factors such as customer requirement, several development hours, and development platforms.

Wrapping Up:

The market for mHealth growing rapidly over the last few years, and there is nothing that stops this. If you interested to develop your medicine delivery app White Label Fox will help you to develop your app as per your customized requirement.

We develop both Android and iOs app for your startup business. If you have any queries regarding our services contact us for more information.

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