How to Develop Uber Flowers Delivery App?

flower delivery appHow to Develop a Uber Flowers Delivery App?

Day by day the mobile apps are making everything more convenient and simplified. Everything you want it just a get in a single tap of a button, and delivered to you whenever you want.

The same case of the application in the case of flower delivery mobile apps as well. All you need to select your bouquet then add some gifts and send them to you whenever you want.

Some so many entrepreneurs want to develop their flower delivery mobile app for a startup business. The flower delivery industry has a huge market in this current era.

Let’s look more about the flower delivery market.

Uber’s on-demand app success and rise of being the highest privately funded company of Silicon Valley has opened genres for “Uber for X.”

Uber for X on-demand startup-like, uber for laundry, uber for medicine delivery, and now it turns for uber for the flower delivery.

The uber flower delivery, it has already become a billion dollars industry. From that, flower delivery startups are also blooming.

As per the report from CB Insights, there are several on-demand flower delivery startup, which has already set a market. And taken to the next level.

Features Must be included in Uber Flowers Delivery App

For User App:

To use the uber flowers delivery app, users can log in or sign up through social media sites like Facebook, Google or via Email.

View Flowers Listing
After the login, the user can view the all flowers list with all details such as flower price, name, etc.

Place order
Using this feature, the user can place their flower order. Also, they set a delivery time when they want.

Payment Option
The user gets a flexible payment option like cash, card, and in-app wallet to place their order payment.

Order History
A user can view the order history with the details of order id, flower details, date, and total amount.

Live Tracking
After the place order, the user can track the live location of the order with the delivery person details.

Delivery Person

Same as the user, the delivery person can register by providing their basic details such as name, email, contact number, and address.

Manage Profile
The delivery person can manage their profile information details like contact number, bank details, and profile image.

Manage Order
When the delivery person gets a new order request they have an option to accept or reject the order request.

View Feedback
The delivery persons can view their reviews and rating given by the users.

The delivery person can view their completed, canceled, running, and pending order requests with all details.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Uber Flowers Delivery App?

The cost of the developing uber flower delivery app depends on various factors like which type of platform, features and most important thing that which location where the app is being developed.

The app with the basic features it cost around $5,000 if the app is developed in India. If you want application in both the Android and iOS platform, it cost approximately $10,000 to $15,000.

Wrapping up:

Uber flower delivery app as a huge market in the future. So, if you are curious to develop your flower delivery app for your startup business; White Label Fox will help you. We are a leading web and app development company in India. We develop both Android and iOS apps as per your requirement. For more information Contact us.

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