How To Develop your Own Deliveroo Food Delivery App Solution?

Develop Your Own Deliveroo Food Delivery App Solution

How To Develop Your Own Deliveroo Food Delivery App Solution?

Recently, people have not had much time to complete their work. In this current era, the demand for online delivery is more popular than any other business.

Nowadays, all matter is online and the online food delivery system is one of the high on-demand services in the modern market.

With the use of an on-demand food delivery system, people can order their favorite food, anytime and anywhere. There is many food delivery application available in the market that fulfills the user requirement.

What is a Deliveroo App?

Deliveroo is a British online food delivery company. They take online orders from the mobile application or the web; after accepting the order, they process it and dispatch the order to users via the nearest delivery person.

Deliveroo company founded in 2013 by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski. It is the fastest-growing food-delivering startup company in the UK. Deliveroo has now become a unicorn.

Develop Your Own Deliveroo Food Delivery App Solution

It operates in more than 200 cities in the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong.

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, Deliveroo starts booze (alcohol) delivery in the UK.

The Deliveroo revenue increased by 600% in 2016 to £129 million ($173 million), and by 116% in 2017 to a total of £277 million ($350 million).

The report found that Deliveroo helped and added £372 million in value to the UK economy in the 12 months (2017-2018), a figure which Capital Economics projects to rise to £1.5 billion in the year to June 2019.

Key Features to Develop Deliveroo Food Delivery App:

Search Option:
A search option is an essential component for any food delivery application. This feature will make the order process much more comfortable for the user.

Order Placement:
This process should be quick and straightforward. A user can find their favorite food and easily place their order using this feature.

Order History:
Any user can check their previous order details with date & time.

Track Order:
Users can track the progress of the order from cooking to delivery in real time. Also, a user can see a delivery person on the map when they deliver a request from the restaurant to the user’s door.

Multiple Payment Options:
The most important feature is to secure numerous payment options. A user gets a flexible payment option like COD, credit card, wallet, or Payment Gateway.

People have the option to send feedback to the store & delivery person. It will help you to find a weak point in your services.

How Much Does Cost To Develop an app like Deliveroo?

Another question for every startup owner: “How much cost is required to develop deliveroo food delivery app?” The cost of making a food delivery app may depend on several factors.

If you want your app to provide a wide range of features, the price of building it will increase.

However, to give an approximate value, a simple food delivery app may cost around $12,000 – $20,000, and more advanced features solutions may go beyond $40,000.

Want to Start your Own Food Delivery App like Deliveroo?

If you want to build a Deliveroo food delivery app solution for your startup business; White Label Fox will help you to provide customized app solutions as per your requirement. We offer complete food delivery scripts with Android And iOS applications with admin, store, and user web panels.

Also, our food ordering clone script offers advanced features like toppings, saving up to 5 delivery addresses, advanced search, and more. Our food delivery clone script is ready to use, you can view the live demo for more information.

Own Deliveroo Food Delivery AppCheck Food Delivery App Demo

Final Word:

White Label Fox understands their client requirement and provides the best solution for their startup business. We provide customized app and web food delivery app solutions as per customer requirements.

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