Doctor Appointment Booking App: Features & Cost

Doctor Appointment Booking App: Features & Cost

IT revolution has left not a single business niche untouched. From small to incredibly massive, the different implementation of information technology has bought to human life has made the best thing to convenient for the use, business, and marketers.

The Healthcare industry to have a massive benefit from the revolution in technology.

One such remarkable is the doctor’s appointment booking app. It’s not a new concept in the town; all who use smartphones well know about the doctor’s appointment booking app.

For the basic information of doctor appointment booking, the app is something related to getting your new vacation booking in any hotel with a few clicks.

The process of booking a doctor’s appointment is simple. Not to blame anyone about it that many of us not no about this new concept.

Even those doctors are looking for new changes with the digital era. So, a doctor appointment booking app is a simple way to utilize your time.

Benefits of Doctor Appointment Booking Application

The doctor’s appointment booking app is to provide lots of benefits to patients and doctors.

The main benefit of a doctor appointment booking app is that patient can easily book an appointment with a doctor without going long process to call and confirm a booking.

Also, the online doctor appointment app can save patient time and money. With online booking, a doctor can optimize and manage all appointment calendar.

Doctor Appointment Booking App Features

Patient App:

Registration/Sign up
A patient can register to an app through their basic information like full name, email, and contact details.

A patient can log in through with sign up credentials like email and contact details.

Doctor List
After login, the patient can view all the loss of a doctor with information like name, professional, fees, and year of experience.

A patient can view all the upcoming and completed appointment list with all details.

Manage Profile
A patient can manage their profile information like name, age, contact details, email, and more.

Doctor Details
A patient can view particular information of doctors like name, fees, and book an appointment.

A patient can get a notification of an appointment, change password, an email with a few clicks.

Doctor App:

A doctor can log in through real credentials by their email and password details.

Appointment List
A doctor can view all the appointment lists with date, time, and patient name.

A doctor can view all upcoming and completed appointments with all details.

Manage Profile
A doctor can manage their profile information like name, email, contact details, etc.

Patient Details
A doctor can view patient details like name, year, contact details, appointment timing, and email.

A doctor has an option to change password & email. Also, they get notification within the app.

Development Cost of Doctor Appointment Booking App

The cost to develop a doctor appointment booking application, they are dependent on features and functionality.

Also, if you want your appointment application for both Android and iOS platforms and any other platform the cost may vary.

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