List of the Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps in India List of the Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps in India


List of the Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

Modern technology has become ubiquitous in each sector so how can sports be left behind in this race? From enjoying matches and other international events on OTT platforms to building your virtual team and earning exciting prizes, modern technology has been leaving a drastic impact on the sports domain.

Indeed, there are N number of apps and platforms that allow users to stay connected with their favourite play but fantasy cricket apps have grabbed an eyeball among young millennials. If we talk about the Indian Fantasy Cricket market, a decade ago, there were a couple of apps and websites but now we have a huge choice.

As per the report from Statista, more than 180 million people across the nation play fantasy sports and this number is increasing rapidly. Due to the constant advertising and getting promoted by real cricketers, Dream 11 has been making headlines when it comes to fantasy cricket sports but there are many other names to be discussed.

Want to know more about other names? Who is ahead in the race? Who offers advanced features to the users? Hold, on, in this detailed blog we will discuss the top ten fantasy cricket apps that are popular in India and grabbed huge market share. So let’s get started.

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Fantasy Cricket Market Size in India

The market for virtual cricket sport is touching the sky and if we talk particularly about India, it is booming and doesn’t show a downcurve. Indian people are obsessed with cricket despite Hockey being the national game. 

In India’s burgeoning fantasy sports market, fans of cricket may build virtual teams, select real players from certain teams, and play batting based on players’ statistical performance in live matches.

Participants’ success in these games depends on their in-depth knowledge of cricket and its players. Based on their team’s performance as a whole, players can earn fantastic prizes or other perks. Due to widespread Internet connectivity and sensible smartphone use, the market has seen a visible rise in popularity.

The Indian Fantasy Sports Market was anticipated at $25.44 billion in 2022 and is set to reach $28.98 billion in 2023, increasing at a CAGR of roughly 14.9% between 2023 and 2030. 


Source: Forbes India

This growth is evident because of the popularity of cricket players in India. Moreover, the pandemic has fueled this growth because people were finding ways to kill time, and live sports events were stopped due to the virus’s spread. Moreover, with increasing interest in digital infrastructure and investment in the sports industry, fantasy cricket apps connect people to their favourite sports digitally. 

Cricket is the most popular game in India’s fantasy sports market, with an immense craze resonating with millions of folks. The enthusiasm for the sport converts into virtual fun, where people passionately build their fantasy teams, engage in strategic gameplay, and contribute to the excitement of matches. 

Enough of hearing! Want to know what the top 10 fantasy cricket apps in India are? Want to make the most out of them? Let’s take a quick tour. 

Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Apps in India 

Are you planning to develop a fantasy cricket app? Before you proceed with the development process, look at the best fantasy cricket apps that could help you analyze the market and other related things. So, let’s discover the popular fantasy cricket apps that have made headlines in the Indian sports market. 

Dream 11

Dream 11

Dream 11 has been dominating the fantasy cricket gaming industry since its launch. Using emerging technology, users can quickly build teams and compete in different sports games such as cricket, football, basketball, and more. Cricket lovers can participate and prove their expertise in these games with other team members on Dream 11, which offers an immersive gaming experience. 

This is the most liked game across India as it offers a minimalistic user experience with other advanced features. 

Notable Features of Dream 11 

  1. Allows to choose captain and co-captain 
  2. It boasts more than 50 million users
  3. Most liked gaming apps, so international tournaments also take part
  4. Content based on different prize pools and amount 

My 11 Circle 

my 11 circle

My 11 Circle is another most sought-after fantasy cricket game that came to the limelight during the T20 League; it is owned and operated by Games24X7, a top gaming provider in Asia. Users can build virtual teams and compete with other team members. The app mostly pays attention to cricket tournaments. 

Users can compete against other team members in different leagues and events for the chance to win cash prizes based on their performance. 

Notable Features of My 11 Circle 

  1. Allow users to withdraw their funds anytime 
  2. Offers great referral programs
  3. Large prize pool
  4. Provides a wide range of games but primarily focuses on cricket 

MyTeam 11


MyTeam 11 is one of India’s top fantasy cricket platforms, known for its appealing user interface and exciting gameplay. It offers an extensive range of cricket content, including T20 and ODI matches. Moreover, the platform provides live score updates, player statistics, related info, and much more. MyTeam 11 ensures a catchy user experience for cricket lovers and allows them to win exciting cash prizes. 

Notable Features of MyTeam 11

  1. Wide range of cricket contests, including IPL, T20, and other ODI matches
  2. Live score updates and player’s updated information
  3. User-friendly interface for easy navigation and virtual team building 

Howzat Fantasy Cricket Time 


Although this platform isn’t as well-known, it nevertheless sticks out for being accessible and interesting. With the help of the Howzat fantasy cricket app, users can rapidly create virtual teams and engage in fascinating content while enjoying a smooth gameplay experience. The app caters to both casual and serious cricket fans with the newest features—notifications, real-time updates, and many leagues.

Howzat is one of the most reliable sites for customers to play fantasy cricket since it offers quick and safe transactions.

Notable Features of Howzat Fantasy Cricket Time 

  1. An incredible gaming experience with an easy-to-use interface
  2. Player performance, real-time updates, and a variety of leagues
  3. Rapid withdrawals with no lower bound



Fan2Play, with its distinctive player-versus-player content-focused business model, has undoubtedly transformed the fantasy cricket experience. In contrast to other traditional fantasy cricket apps, this one fosters competition by letting users bet on friends or other players directly.

The platform is great for passing the time because it allows users to select two players to compete against each other in contests. The Fan2Play app transforms fantasy cricket games into an incredible experience with its fast results and real-time scoring.

Notable Features of Fan2Play 

  1. Direct competition amongst teammates fosters a lively atmosphere
  2. Brief game sessions and quick content
  3. Quick outcomes and instantaneous scoring



It is another popular fantasy cricket app known for its lucrative rewards. The platform offers a wide range of high-stakes tournaments, free games, and contests, catering to players of all levels. BalleBaazi’s unique “Baazi Rewards” program enables users to earn loyalty points with each game, which can be withdrawn for cash prizes. 

Notable Features of BalleBaazi

  1. It is a part of Bazi games, which means different users can take part 
  2. Apart from cricket, the platform offers other popular games such as Kabaddi, Football, Basketball, etc. 
  3. The platform also offers Poker and Rummy games 
  4. The app is easy to operate so delivers a lag-free experience 

Vision 11

Vision 11

Fantasy cricket is more than just a time-pass activity these days; it is an immersive gaming experience that can change your cricket-watching experience. Vision 11 is a leading fantasy cricket platform that offers cricket enthusiasts the chance to participate more deeply in the game they love, building dream teams and competing for exciting rewards. 

Whether you are new to the gaming sector or an experienced team player, Vision 11 offers the perfect arena to showcase your skills and expertise while delivering a hassle-free experience. 

Notable Features of Vision 11

  1. Live match details 
  2. Loyalty programs
  3. Player information
  4. Private contests
  5. Real-time analytics
  6. Allow users to play with family and friends 



The BigCash app allows users to create their dream teams by choosing real cricketers who are currently playing matches globally. The performance of these selected players in actual matches converts into points for the virtual teams. The better the players perform on the live game or ground, the higher the points earned by the fantasy team. 

The app offers an appealing interface that makes it extremely easy to navigate and build your team. Choose players based on their recent performance and track record. The BigCash app also covers matches, including international cricket events and tournaments, ensuring enough opportunities to build winning teams. 

Notable Features of BigCash 

  1. An ample amount of matches
  2. Real cash prizes and rewards
  3. Top-notch interface
  4. Live matches updates 



One can start winning big with the MPL. You can showcase your skills and earn exciting rewards in various sports. Cricket enthusiasts can access all leagues within the app, including cricket, football, basketball, and hockey. The app’s and website’s user experience is straightforward to navigate and can be used well on mobile. Newcomers don’t need to worry as they are equipped with everything they seek without any glitches. 

Notable Features of MPL 

  1. Easy-to-use interface
  2. Users can win up to 400% bonus for fun gameplay
  3. Different games are offered 

Paytm First Games

First Games

Paytm, a leading Indian digital payment company, has also launched a fantasy cricket game named Paytm First Games. The platform offers various gaming options, including cricket, football, and other casual games such as Ludo, Rummy, and puzzle games. 

Moreover, the well-known cricket player Sachin Tendulkar is the brand embosser of this app. And whatever reward you earn translates into Paytm cash. 

Notable Features of Paytm First Games

  1. Multi-game platform 
  2. Seamless integration
  3. Contests
  4. Referral program 
  5. Paytm Wallet facility for seamless transactions
  6. As Sachin Tendulkar is the brand ambassador the app is trustworthy and reliable. 

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Cricket fantasy apps have changed the way fans engage with cricket. The above-mentioned apps offer a unique and engaging experience that improves the thrill of enjoying sports matches. 

Without a list of India’s top ten fantasy cricket apps in 2024, you can enjoy various features and amazing rewards. With this list, several cricket fans have multiple options to choose from to indulge in their passion for the selected game. 

If you are about to enter the market with a robust solution, then conduct market research, analyze the above app’s business models, and share your unique ideas with us so that we can better help you.

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