Terrific Features of Top Ride Sharing Apps

Features of Top Ride Sharing Apps

Terrific Features of Top Ride Sharing Apps

In the fast life, no one has more times; everyone wants to reach their destination in short times. They almost want to go with a taxi instead of using public transports like bus and trains.

The people also want to commute in less price. The ride-sharing app is the best option for the user. In the current markets, ride-sharing apps are more popular than single taxi bookings.

What are Ride-Sharing Apps?

Ride sharing is a sharing of car journeys, so more than one person travel in the same car. Ride-Sharing app development is a solution to ride passenger ahead together.

The ride-sharing app is a final solution for who wants to earn more commissions with a comfortable trip. Ridesharing App services, also known as carpooling and lift sharing service.

According to Statista, 53% of people in the US who have used ridesharing apps.

Why Rapidly Increase the Demand of Ride-Sharing App?

  • It provides better commuting convenience comparable to the simple ride
  • It Reduces the traveling cost for users
  • A user can make new friends
  • A driver gets more commissions with more passengers
  • It reduces traffic congestion on the road
  • It reduces CO2 production in the environment and improved air quality

Here we list out the terrific features of top ride-sharing apps:

Ride Sharing App Features for User:

Social Login: Users signup and login through social media site like Facebook, Google, etc.

Search Ride: A user can search all available shared rides according to their ride pickup and drop location.

Co-Traveler Profiles: A user can see the necessary details of co-traveler of their shared ride and make their journey more comfortable.

Set Home/Job Location: A user can set their home and job location address for quick ride booking.

Estimated Time & Fare Details: A user knows the estimated time between pickup and destination location of a ride and rides fare before booking the trip.

Payment Options: A user has multiple payment options for a shared ride. A user can pay the ride charges via cash, cards, and Wallet.

Track Location: After the booking a ride, a user can check where is the current location of the driver.

Schedule Ride: A User can fix future ride schedule using a later ride option, or they can ride instantly also.

Cancel Booking: A user has an option to cancel a booking ride with a particular reason.

Reviews & Ratings: User can give a review and rating to a driver at the end time of a trip based on their ride experience.

Promo Codes: A User can use a coupon and promo code to get a discount on the ride.

Ride Sharing App Features for Driver:

Social Login: A driver can also log in through social media site like Facebook, Google, etc.

Offer Ride: A driver can add a new ride and share it to get a new request from other riders if he/she wants to share their car with others.

Instant Notification: A driver gets an essential alert via push requests, feedback, notifications, SMS, and email.

Call Features: Drivers can call riders with a single tap within an app. The features are helpful when driver not available at the pickup location or other emergency time.

Map Navigation: The app has inbuilt navigation features for drivers. Drivers use the Google Maps navigation for pickups and find the best routes for the ride.

Manage Ride Request: A driver can accept and rejects the new arrival taxi ride request.

Ride Information: After a new ride accepted by a driver, they can see the full details of the trip with the details of pickup and drop location of users.

Collect Payment: A Driver has to collect payment in various ways like cash, cards, and Wallet.

Ride Sharing Features for Admin Panel:

Powerful Dashboard: Admin quickly gets critical stats of rides, drivers, and users. They quickly understand the whole ride-sharing project through the graphical form.

Manage Users & Driver: Admin can see & manage both users & drivers details with name, email, contact details, city, and the number of rides details.

Manage Car Models: Admin can add and edit car models through admin panels. They can reject and remove any car models.

Manage Email Templates: Admin can add and edit email templates for user and drivers.

Manage Payment Settings: Admin can set payment options like tax percentage, surcharges, site commission, payment options like cash, wallet, and cards.

Push Notification: Admin can send the push notification to all users and drivers or dispatch based on specific conditional users & drivers.

Track Location: Admin can track the live location of the driver and user using the GPS. They can check the pickup and destination address of the trip.

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