How to Create Valet Parking App?

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How to Create a Valet Parking App?

Now, a mobile application is everywhere. From the taxi booking to grocery shopping all the things being online. But what about the parking?

The number of cars in the urban areas is increasing; but the number of parking spaces, parking lots and garages remains unchanged.

We all have the conversation at the same point either we say or hear that, sorry, I can’t come to that place because it’s difficult to find the parking space there.

Today, finding a parking spot at your nearest restaurant or any places which are full of people, is a very difficult and time-consuming process. That’s the reason why it increases the popularity of the valet parking app.

What is Valet Parking App?

Valet parking app is the best solution for the people to easily find the parking slot near the hotels, hospitals, airports and any urban areas.

Using the valet parking app you do not have to go through the typical parking process and find the parking slot online within the app or schedule the parking based on their requirement.

So, the parking apps made things easier for the users to slot their vehicles at a convenient time. And, valet app all the users to pay for the services within the app.

Features include in Valet parking app:

For the User App:

Log in/Sign up
A user can log in or sign up through by providing their basic details like name, email, contact details, profile picture, address and other information.

Find Parking Location
With the GPS tracker, the user can find the current location and calculate the arrival time to reach the parking location.

Schedule parking booking
If a user has the plan to visit the place, then they have secure their parking using the schedule parking option in advance.

Payment Option
To pay for the valet parking, the user has a flexible payment option such as cash, credit, and in-app wallet.

Parking History
The user can keep track of their parking history and they have view the parking details like date & time and payment for the parking.

Review & Rating
After complete the services, the user can rate the parking app based on their experience and suggest the app.

Parking Owner Panel:

A parking owner can log in or sign up through by providing their basic information such as name, address, contact details, email, etc.

Manage Parking Slot
Parking owner can add or remove the parking slot based on their requirement. Also, they have to manage the parking slot.

Check Booking
A parking owner can see the parking booking with all details such as user name, parking slot, arrival & leave time, etc.

Review & Rating
A parking owner can view their review and rating with all users details which offer it. Based on the feedback they can improve their services.

How the Valet Parking App Works?

The Valet parking app work with six steps:

Here, the user searches for the available parking slot by entering the details of the vehicle location using GPS or by manually typing the same name.

The app gives lots of parking option to choose from it. Users can compare the prices and distance to find the best option.

After finding the parking slot, the user can book easily the parking with a few taps within the app.

To book for parking, a user has a flexible payment option like cash and credit within the app.

The user can park the vehicle at the allocated slot.

Review & Rating
After complete, the services user can give review and rating to the app. It will help the admin to improve services.

How Much Cost to development Valet Parking App?

The app development cost is dependent on various factors such as features, development platforms, and the most important things in which location you want to develop your valet parking app.

So, if you have decided to develop your valet parking app and want to discuss your idea, then it would be better to consult the best and trusted app development company. White Label Fox is a leading web and app development company in India.

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