How Important Grocery Delivery Business During the Covide-19 situation?


How Important Grocery Delivery Business During the Covide-19 situation?

Online grocery shopping is the best solution in this Covide-19 situation. Today, all the thinks being online due to innovation in technology.

According to the eMarketer, in the 2018 grocery app usage will grow by 50% and 18 million Americans will food order via the online mobile applications.

Using the grocery delivery app, grocery store vendor can expand their business. It is quite easy for the users to shop the grocery.

Grocery App & its type

Grocery delivery app can save time and money of the customers. The grocery delivery application is categories into:

Supermarket-specific grocery app
Grocery store delivery app
Grocery price comparison app
Grocery list app
Grocery store rebate app

How Does the Grocery Delivery App Works?

The on-demand grocery delivery app can work in the following ways:

  • User logs in to the app.
  • User can see a list of nearby stores (or one store based on the type of app).
  • On clicking the store, the user can access a list of all the items up for sale.
  • They can select the quantity and the products and add them to the cart.
  • They can then proceed to check out the products.
  • The user can add the address on which they want the products delivered.
  • They may also choose a timeslot that suits them best for delivery.
  • The payment for the products can be made online using their net banking.

Features Include in Grocery Delivery App:

Social Login
A user can log in or sign up into app using their social account like Facebook, Google or via Email.

Payment Option
To pay for the grocery shopping user has a flexible payment option such as cash, credit and in-app wallet.

Map Navigation
To find the shortest path of the user location, the driver can use Google map navigation within the app.

Manage store
A store vendor can manage their store information such as store name, store address, minimum order amount, estimated delivery time, etc.

Earning report
A driver can view earning report with all completed, cancel, running, and padding order with all details.

Review & Rating
After completed the grocery order, the user can give review and rating to driver and grocery store based on their experiences.

Are Looking for Grocery Shopping App Development for your Grocery Store?

Are you looking to develop your on-demand grocery delivery app for your grocery store business? At White Label Fox, we offer the best grocery ordering app solution using the Instacart clone script.

We offer both Android and iOS application with the super web panel for user app, driver app and store app. Our grocery delivery app is ready to use and we customized our application as per your requirements.

For more information, you can check our grocery delivery app live demo.

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