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Why limit yourself when you have boundless territory to raise your business empire? The InDriver Clone is a multi-purpose platform to serve your customers with taxi booking and courier delivery businesses on a single platform


The Future of Cab Booking Is at Your Fingertips With a Bid and Ride Right Away!

The InDriver Clone is a rapidly growing platform that lets you extend your business capabilities in ride-hailing and courier delivery services. One profound factor is that it empowers the customers to bid a fare with the driver and get a ride at a reasonable rate. It also helps to create a coherent environment within your service. The app also allows your customers to send their couriers or packages from one place to another by means of advanced functionality and wholesome features.

White Label Fox offers a fully customizable InDriver Clone Script to sustain your multi-purpose service with absolute business growth. We offer a ready-to-launch InDriver Clone white-label solution built with best-in-class technologies and providing a personalized experience to your customers. Grab the eminent benefits of the company and the opportunity right now!


Check Out the Fundamental Workflow of this Super App
Set Location & Choose Vehicle

The customer can set the pick-up and drop-off locations from their device and choose the vehicle as per their requirements.

Book Ride with Own Fare

After that, customers can book a ride, with the option to Passengers can enter the amount they are willing to pay for the trip.

Negotiate Fare on Driver Request

The pricing set by the customer will reflect on the respective driver’s phone, and they can also negotiate the price of the trip.

Accept & Reject Driver Request

The customer can accept the ride request if satisfied with the price or can also reject the driver request who bid for the trip pricing.

Live Tracking

The customer is able to check the status of the ride or see the live location of the driver, so he can estimate the arrival.

Pay Ride Fare

After the ride is completed, the customer is supposed to pay the respective charges to the driver.


Book Ride with Own Fare

The option enables the rider to book the ride and set the price they are comfortable with for the trip.

Accept/Reject Offer

A rider has the option to accept or decline the price offer from the driver, which eliminates miscommunications between them.

Check Driver’s Details

The rider can go through the driver’s basic information, like name and profile, and can also chat with or make a call to the driver.

Flexible Payment Option

It allows riders to choose from various payment methods for their rides, providing convenience and flexibility.

Price Negotiations

The rider can share the price with the driver; likewise, the driver can accept or bid a suitable price for the trip.

Real-time tracking

A rider can have notifications and real-time updates after the ride is accepted, like an estimated driver arrival time, begin or end of the ride, or cancel it.

Become A Driver

Once logged in as a rider, you can also apply to become a driver by adding the required information to join as a driver.

In-app Chat/Call

A rider can chat with or call the driver directly for any updates or further clarifications regarding to the trip.

Manage Vehicle

If the driver has changed the vehicle, they can update the vehicle information from the app.

Check Ride details

After the ride is accepted, a driver can go through the details of the rider, such as name and pick-up location, or can chat and call the rider.

In-App Wallet

A driver has a wallet in the app along with advanced features that let them transfer wallet amounts to family or friends who use the same app.

Map Navigation

The driver can enhance the ability to navigate efficiently, reduce travel time, and ensure a smoother experience for both driver and rider.

Bid with Your Own Fare

A driver also has the option to share his price for the trip or accept the ride request if he is comfortable with the price.

Set Availability

A driver has the option to set the availability status to online or offline at any time. A driver is unable to get any ride requests in offline mode.

Estimate Earning

A driver can check daily and monthly earnings, including total trips; likewise, a driver can also go through the current wallet balance and other details.

Customer Feedback

Riders can provide feedback and ratings of their experience with the driver. It also helps maintain quality standards and improve customer satisfaction with trips.

Dashboard Statistics

It shows valuable insights and analytics, empowering administrators to monitor the platform’s performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimize the ride-hailing service.

Manage Rides

It lets the admin maintain control over the ride ecosystem, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for both drivers and passengers while maintaining the integrity and safety of the platform.

Manage Payment Settings

It empowers the admin to effectively configure, monitor, and manage the financial aspects of the platform, ensuring smooth and secure payment experiences for both drivers and passengers.

Manage Rider/Drivers

It provides administrators with the necessary tools and functionalities to oversee user accounts, maintain quality standards, and ensure a smooth and reliable experience for both riders and drivers on the platform.

Manage Required Documents

It allows the admin to define and manage the required documents for drivers or service providers using the platform. It also ensures that drivers comply with the necessary documentation and verification processes.

Manage Vehicles

The feature lets the admin manage the vehicles used by drivers on the platform. It enables the admin to ensure that the vehicles used for transportation meet certain criteria, stick to safety standards, and comply with the platform’s policies.

Verify Earnings Reports

Admins verify earning reports to maintain financial transparency, accuracy, and fairness within the platform. This ensures drivers are fairly compensated and promotes reliable and trustworthy financial transactions within the app.

Business Settings

The Admin can configure and customize various settings related to the overall operation and management of the platform. It provides flexibility and control over key aspects of the app to align with specific business requirements.

Business Settings

The Admin can configure and customize various settings related to the overall operation and management of the platform. It provides flexibility and control over key aspects of the app to align with specific business requirements.


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Our Vigorous InDriver Clone is Stretched to Different Platforms

Our InDriver clone script provides support to create a fully customizable, greater performance, and highly scalable e-commerce Android app.


Our InDriver clone script helps you build a high-performance, fully customizable, high-scalability e-commerce iOS app.


IOur Indriver clone app script powers an e-commerce marketplace web platform and is loaded with essential features.

Streamline Your Multi-Service Business And Unlock Your Business’s Actual Potential With A Versatile Platform

Convert your other services business with InDriver Clone App



Empower Your Business with the Ultimate InDriver Clone Experience!
Single App For Driver & Customer

Our InDriver Clone Script connects drivers and customers with one app. You can manage rides, request trips, and track effortlessly. Say goodbye to separate apps and experience convenience with our unified platform.

Book A Ride & Courier

Our InDriver Clone Script offers more than just ride-hailing. It’s time to experience reliable courier services and quick and value-added transportation service with a few taps. Our InDriver Clone has got you covered.

Negotiate Prices with Drivers

INegotiate fares freely with our InDriver Clone Script. NO MORE FIXED PRICES! Enjoy fair and transparent pricing for rides by empowering customers to set their own fares without any hassle.

In-App Payments

It could be a little irritating to exchange cash, now you can say goodbye to cash exchanges with our InDriver Clone Script. You deserve to have a secure in-app payment for rides, courier services, and more with just a few taps.

100% Customizable

Customize your InDriver Clone Script to create a unique taxi booking and courier delivery platform and get an experience that matches your brand and preferences. Stand out in the competitive market with sterling features.

Real-Time Live Tracking

ITrack rides and deliveries in real-time with our InDriver Clone Script’s Outstanding Live Tracking feature. Enjoy full visibility and stay updated with a smoother experience from start to finish.


Powering the Future of Transportation with a Vigorous Technology Stack!
Used technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Unveiling the Knowledge You May Wonder For!

The InDriver Clone app is a well-known taxi booking and courier delivery platform that emphasizes the flexibility to set the fare of transportation as well as quick courier delivery services.

Of course, we offer one year of free tech support for any issues regarding your app after the purchase.

Yes, our InDriver clone supports different payment options, such as cash, credit or debit cards, wallets, etc.

You just need to contact us via chat, email, or phone, and you will be given a live demo of the apps and the web admin panel.

Our Indriver clone app is built in English by default, but we can provide other language support as per your requirements.

The cost to develop an app depends on several aspects, like the complexity of the project, the features and functionalities, the utilized technologies, etc.

Yes. After the purchase, you will have complete ownership of the source code.

Our InDriver clone is ready to use and tested. To shape it as per your needs, it may take time. Generally, it takes around 7-8 business days.

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