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Expand your taxi booking and courier delivery business with our innovative and robust inDriver clone app, offering unlimited customization and seamless functionality.

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Empower Your Taxi and Courier Business with
inDriver Clone App Development

Explore how our comprehensive solution streamlines your taxi
and courier delivery business while fueling success
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At White Label Fox, we are dedicated to transforming the taxi and courier delivery service with our powerful and scalable inDriver clone app solution. Our platform is developed to empower entrepreneurs to launch and upscale their conventional taxi business seamlessly. With a set of emerging features and robust modules, our taxi bidding app like inDriver supports every facet of taxi operations, from booking to tracking and payments.

Moreover, inDriver clone script encourages customers to bid and choose the best taxi provider by providing a transparent and competitive platform where drivers can offer their services at affordable rates. With our user-friendly bidding system, customers can compare multiple offers and choose the best option that fits their budget and preferences.

Moreover, our inDriver like app solution extends beyond taxi services, offering support for courier delivery operations, offering a one-stop solution for all your customer’s transportation needs. With our appealing interface and dedicated support, we are committed to helping businesses thrive in today’s saturated market. Choose White Label Fox and experience the difference in profitability for your taxi and courier delivery business.

How Does inDriver Clone App Work ?

Explore a seamless workflow of a taxi bidding app like inDriver,
allowing users to find the perfect ride for their needs.
Set Location & Choose Vehicle

1. Set Location & Vehicle

Let customers set the pick-up and drop-off locations within the application and choose the vehicles as per their needs.

Negotiation Option

2. Book Ride with Own Fare

Users enter their desired fare price when requesting a ride, offering flexibility and control over their transportation expenses.

Own Fare

3. Negotiation Option

Based on the bided price, drivers review incoming ride requests along with details; driver can negotiate the fare price.

Driver Acceptance

4. Accept / Reject Request

In cases where the initial bid may not meet the driver’s expectations, customers and drivers have the option to accept/reject the fare price before finalizing the ride.

Live Tracking

5. Live Tracking

Let customers able to check the current status of the ride or see the live location of the driver to facilitate estimated arrival timings.

Make Payment

6. Make Payment

Once the ride is over, the customer is asked to make a payment using the options given in the app. And leave a review to help future riders.


Experience the captivating UI design tailored for all stakeholders


Witness how effortlessly booking a ride that ensures convenience and reliability unlike any other
Passenger Book Ride with Own Fare

Book Ride with Own Fare

The customers take control of their transportation budget since they can book a ride that suits their fares best, with the addition of flexibility and affordability.

Passenger Price Negotiations

Price Negotiations

Enable customers to negotiate fair and good prices with drivers before confirming the ride to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the prices.

Passenger Accept-Reject Offer

Accept/Reject Offer

Customers have adequate options to either approve or reject ride offers that consider criteria of fare price, driver ratings, vehicle description, etc

Passenger Real-Time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

They will be able to access and know about the whereabouts of their ride together with the estimated time of arrival of that ride right from the app.

Passenger Check Driver's Details

Check Driver’s Details

Allow users to review driver profiles with information like customer ratings, vehicle features, and license information that guarantees credibility.

Passenger Become a Driver

Become a Driver

Allow clients to be a part of the platform as drivers as long as they can register and participate directly in providing services and earning additional income.

Passenger Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options

Users are allowed to choose the most secure and appropriate payment option, eg: credit cards, digital wallets or quick cash for easy use without difficulty.

Passenger In-App Chat

In-App Chat/Call

Promote the communication between customers and drivers, which will now be among driver’s options, just within the app.

Passenger call to driver

Call to Driver

Let passengers call the driver within the app if he/she needs any assistance related to the ride.


Discover the array of features for drivers and experience firsthand the seamless process of connecting with passengers
Driver Manage Vehicle

Manage Vehicle

Let drivers update the vehicle information whenever they change within the app.

Driver Check Ride details

Check Ride details

Once the ride gets accepted, a driver can go through all the details such as name, location and communicate with the rider.

Driver In-app Wallet

In-app Wallet

Enable drivers to transfer wallet amounts to family or friends who are using the same app without any glitches.

Driver cancel trip

Cancel Trip

If any details are missing and driver is unbale to fulfill the ride request, he/she can cancel the tip within the app.

Driver Bid with Your Fare

Bid with Your Fare

A driver also has the option to share their price for the trip or accept the ride request if he finds it attractive.

Driver Set Availability

Set Availability

Enable driver to set the availability status to online or offline at their convenience. If he turns off the toggle, he won’t get a new request.

Driver Estimate Earning

Estimate Earning

Let drivers check daily and monthly income, including the number of trips, the amount received as TIP, and much more, with ease.

Driver Rate and Review

Rate and Review

Passengers can submit feedback and ratings of their experience with the driver to improve overall service and business standards.

Driver Map Navigation

Map Navigation

Make the most out of the in-built navigation system, reduce travel time, and deliver a smoother experience to both parties.

Launch an online taxi bidding app like inDriver and expand your business today with us

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Streamline tasks, and optimize processes effortlessly, ensuring
smooth operations and empowering growth at every turn
inDriver admin panel
Admin User Management

User Management

Let admin manage user accounts, including login credentials, activation and much more, ensuring a smooth user onboarding experience.

Admin Driver Management

Driver Management

Allow admin to monitor driver’s profiles, verify their credentials and oversee their availability to maintain the reliability of the platform.

Admin Fare Management

Fare Management

Give admin the facilities to define and model exact fare rates, pricing strategies or even discounts and promotions to get optimum revenue.

Admin Ride Management

Ride Management

Empower the admin to see whether a ride has been requested, and to assign a driver to the ride so that the trips go on easily.

Admin Geolocation Integration

Geolocation Integration

Provide admin with location information tools that can be used to track driver and user locations, and make trips safe.

Admin Payment Management

Payment Management

Permit an admin to oversee money transfers, administer payment gateways, and repair inconsistencies or disputes.

Admin Feedback and Rating Management

Feedback and Rating

Take charge and provide admin oversight so that he/she can manage all user feedback as well as driver ratings to maintain the platform’s reputation.

Admin Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Let admin track the main parameters, trace trends, as well as make data-driven decisions for improving platform operation.

Admin Customization and Settings

Customization and Settings

Allow admin the right to personalize platform settings, keeping the platform flexible and adapted to the quickly changing market.

Launch Your inDriver Like App within Days (Not Weeks)

Your inDriver app clone can be up and running in days rather than weeks thanks to our fast and easy-to-use ready-made solution. While custom projects in development may take people up to weeks or maybe more, with our pre-built platform you can cut down the time-to-market drastically, causing you to be fully in operational condition at the fastest possible time.

Choosing our turnkey solution, unlike it waves you through a long development process thus enabling you to quickly create a fully workable ridesharing app and connect it to the market where people with money demand a ride.

The pre-developed inDriver clone of our company is equipped with everything necessary to power up the working transport industry today, designed for modern needs. Thus, the hassle of code writing, debugging, and testing does not come into the picture, thereby you can concentrate on the primary goal that the business entails.

What Distinct Our inDriver Clone Apart from Others ?

Empower Your Business with the Ultimate InDriver Clone Experience!
Single App For Driver & Customer

Single App For Driver & Customer

Our InDriver Clone Script connects drivers and customers with one app. You can manage rides, request trips, and track effortlessly. Say goodbye to separate apps and experience convenience with our unified platform.

Book A Ride & Courier

Book A Ride & Courier

Our InDriver Clone Script offers more than just ride-hailing. It’s time to experience reliable courier services and quick and value-added transportation service with a few taps. Our InDriver Clone has got you covered.

Negotiate Prices with Drivers

Negotiate Prices with Drivers

INegotiate fares freely with our InDriver Clone Script. NO MORE FIXED PRICES! Enjoy fair and transparent pricing for rides by empowering customers to set their own fares without any hassle.

In-App Payments

In-App Payments

It could be a little irritating to exchange cash, now you can say goodbye to cash exchanges with our InDriver Clone Script. You deserve to have a secure in-app payment for rides, courier services, and more with just a few taps.

100% Customizable-min

100% Customizable

Customize your InDriver Clone Script to create a unique taxi booking and courier delivery platform and get an experience that matches your brand and preferences. Stand out in the competitive market with sterling features.

Real-Time Live Tracking

Real-Time Live Tracking

ITrack rides and deliveries in real-time with our InDriver Clone Script’s Outstanding Live Tracking feature. Enjoy full visibility and stay updated with a smoother experience from start to finish.

How Does inDriver App Clone Work ?

Explore the exclusive features along with the inner workings of the inDriver app
indriver Clone youtube thumbnail

Experience the frictionless functionality of our inDriver clone through our comprehensive video demonstration. Explore how our innovative platform operates all apps and panels, showcasing its stunning interface and robust features. Discover the uniqueness of our platform as the inDriver clone app is developed just like the original inDriver bidding application. From appealing interfaces to efficient bidding processes, our inDriver like application helps you upscale your existing transportation business.

Run Your Business with These Modules

Empowering Your Ride Booking Business: Manage, Schedule, and Thrive

Android App

Access our user-friendly Android app to manage your ride-booking business on the go.


iOS App

From scheduling rides to tracking trips our iOS app empowers you to efficiently run your online taxi business with ease.


Web Admin

Take control of your business operations with our comprehensive web admin panel.

How Does Bidding Work in Online Taxi Booking App?

Bidding introduces a dynamic and interactive process where customers and drivers negotiate fares in real-time, offering flexibility and fair pricing for both parties. Through this innovative algorithm, the online taxi booking experience becomes not only more efficient but also more equitable, catering to the diverse needs of passengers and drivers alike.

how does bidding work in online taxi booking app

Customers initiate the bidding process by entering their desired fare for the ride, based on factors like distance, time, and demand.

The app then matches this bid with available drivers in the vicinity.

Drivers have the option to either accept or counter the offer.

If both parties agree on the fare, the booking proceeds.

In case of disagreement or no response within a specified time frame, the bid is either automatically declined or expired.

This dynamic bidding model ensures fair pricing for customers while allowing drivers to optimize their earnings by accepting fares that align with their preferences and schedules.

Why Choose Our inDriver Clone Script ?

Lead the market with our unique inDriver clone
script fully equipped with modern features

Our inDriver clone solution allows businesses to quickly scale according to the growth needs of the business and to easily adapt to changing market needs.

Make the most out of data security features such as data encryption, secure payment gateways and authentication protocols which safeguard important information.

Personalize your marketplace to your desires with our adaptable modules which will enable your users to have an exclusive and upscale experience on your platform.

Our customer-oriented modules are path-breaking as they recognize the fact that user experience is defined by how intuitive the interface is.

Giving full access to the source code, businesses have the power to create and manage their transportation business to their requirements and specifications.

With the help of an agile approach, we follow emerging techniques and practices to deliver the project within the decided time frame.

Explore How We Develop inDriver Clone Platform

Transform your idea into reality with our four-stage inDriver clone development
approach that streamlines the process and ensures success
1. Gathering Requirements

Share your inDriver clone development requirement with us; our team will analyze your requirements and come up with the best solution. We make sure that the end product turns out the way the client envisions it and that it does its job well to serve the relevant audience.

2. Collect Third-party Accounts

Once the deal is final, we need to gather third-party account details like their domain name, server account, PlayStore and App Store account details and any of the other APIs related to payment or SMS gateway they want to incorporate.

3. Design & Development

Our professional design team and development specialists will put their hard work and dedication into developing the feature-rich inDriver clone app. We design an interface that is aesthetically appealing and highly intuitive yet possesses robust functionality and good performance across all devices.

4. Test and Launch

After being tested by our qualified QA team, when an application is fully-fledged and ready to launch, we send the entire solution to you for review, if you need any kind of modifications you can share them with us. After getting approval from you, we publish them in respected stores.

How Does inDriver Clone Benefit Your Customers ?

Involving Customers in Price Control and Let Them Drive as Per Their Requirements
How does inDriver clone benefit your business

In the case of the other taxi-booking apps, during the whole time of surcharging, there is an increase in the fees associated with the peak hours and the periods of increased pursuit. However, with the inDriver clone, customers enjoy a unique benefit: ultimately, they have the pricing power, drive the rates, and Choose their price for a ride.

This unique functionality is aimed at restoring the customer’s control. Drivers and passengers now agree on a price that is within the users’ budget and the ride price is no longer subjected to uncontrolled surcharges. The inDriver clone allows this kind of model to handle the whole process, which lets the platform be more transparent, fair, and cost-friendly. As a result, the user experience and satisfaction are significantly improved.

Furthermore, customers can opt for charges that they can afford and the bid-and-choose system of the InDriver clone lets them choose from different fares so that they can choose those that satisfy their requirements adequately.

This induces trust and teamwork among consumers and drivers leading to the establishment of a predictive transport system which is both customer-focused and more satisfying.

Convert your other services business with InDriver Clone App

Have a similar business idea in mind? Take a look at below solutions

How Does the indrive clone App Work ?

Have a look at our seamless and straight workflow of all the
services and get access to everything at your fingertips

Taxi Booking Flow

First, log into your inDriver like app via the booking platform using your credentials to access it.

Now, passengers need to choose the vehicle, enter the location, and enter the bid amount.

Based on that, a list of available drivers will be shown in the app.

If the rates match, ride confirmation details are sent to users, allowing them to track each driver's action.

Once the ride is over, the customer needs to make a payment and rate the service based on the overall riding experience.

Taxi booking flow
Courier delivery flow

Courier Delivery Flow

Provide the necessary information such as pickup and delivery locations, package dimensions, and any special instructions.

Customers are allowed to enter the fair price, based on distance and package size.

Once satisfied with the fare quote, proceed to request courier service with just a click of a button.

Keep track of your package in real-time as our efficient couriers navigate the route to its destination.

Rest assured that your package will be delivered promptly and securely to its intended recipient.


Listen to Our Valuable Clients and See How Our Commitment
to Excellence Translates into Real Results

I am very happy and satisfied with work we have done our project & glad about the outcome as well, highly recommend team's effort and dedication.


I opted for the "delivery anything" product and I wish to build relationships with the team, I am highly impressed with the team’s capabilities.


Mr. Aman expressed his excitement and satisfaction with the project, highlighting the exceptional work accomplished by the team.


We integrate innovation to build an inDriver clone that has flexibility and scalability for your business in its tailor-made solution. Integrating a variety of advanced features and solutions across multiple platforms can be a huge responsibility within any company. Hence, we use data-driven approaches, tools and frameworks to ensure that our systems are secure, stable, and efficient.


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Android Studio

android studio


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Frequently Asked Questions

Unveiling the Question You May Wonder Regarding InDriver Clone

With the expertise of over 6+ years in the on-demand app development industry, we have gained adequate knowledge of the InDriver clone app development. Our team also knows the latest technological trends and keeps themselves updated. So you can expect how robust and high-quality solutions we deliver to our valuable customers.

Sure! Share your requirements and leave the development part to us. From planning to designing to development and launch to Play Store and App Store, everything will be taken care of by us so that you can focus on other core tasks of your business.

Yes. Along with the user, our InDriver clone can be used for corporate staff. Moreover, we offer a separate module for corporates so that you can easily manage bookings, payments and much more without any hassle.

Yes. our clone caters to transportation businesses across the globe so that we can integrate the language as per your business standards.

White Label Fox is a renowned on-demand app development company, serving multiple sectors including the transportation business, food delivery, grocery delivery, on-demand service business and much more.

Yes, we do. App deployment and submission of the app to the respected store is an important part of our InDriver clone development solution. Hence, you will get complete support from us until your solution reaches the end-users.

We have developed and helped many transportation businesses. If you want to see a demo of our products, contact us and we will get back to you.

Fill up the contact form, we will discuss your requirements in detail and come up with the best solutions. Send us your business idea at [email protected] and we will be there for you.

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