How to develop Lalamove Delivery app for Startup Business?

lalamove delivery app

How to develop Lalamove Delivery app for Startup Business?

On-demand apps have disturbed all the industry one by one. Uber started on-demand taxi booking and ride-sharing startup now available in all the countries.

From the food delivery service to health care service and grocery delivery home service, almost all the industries have entered into the on-demand market.

There are money on-demand solutions available in the market which can make people’s life easier. But what about if you stuck in heavy traffic and send a document to the office; and what if you delivery a large amount of food and you don’t have any vehicle?

Don’t worry; Lalamove is the best solution for the above problem.

What is Lalamove Delivery App?

Lalamove is originally known as an EasyVan. It was found by Chow Shing-yuk, in December 2013.

Lalamove motto is “Whatever you want, wherever you are, whenever you call, we’ll deliver it for you”.

The quite representative of what the company does. You order delivery through any online platform and it’s done; it gets delivered.

Lalamove, Hong-Kong based logistics solution, now it’s available in 130+ cities with over two million drivers.

Fact and Founder of Lalamove Delivery App:

Also Known: EasyVan

Fonder name: Chow Shing-yuk

Founded year: December 2013

Headquarter: Hong Kong

Available Cities: 130+

Drivers: Two Million

How Lalamove Delivery App Works?

To use the Lalamove delivery app you can log in or sign up through providing basic information like name, address, contact no. or you can log in via social sites like Facebook, Google.

Once the login is successfully you can place or delivery order and the partner will deliver your order in a given duration time. Using the app you can also order the motorbike for personal use.

The best thing about the app is that the app is very easy to operate and fast. Select the pick-up and drop location, match the price, order, and call to the driver to confirm the pick-up location.

You can track your delivery order within the app. After the order is completed you can give review and rating based on the service.

How Much Cost to Develop App Like Lalamove?

The cost to develop the Lalamove delivery app depends on various factors such as features, development platform and the most important thing is that in which location you want to develop your app.

The app with the basic feature cost is approximate $10,000 to $20,000 in India. If you want that your application work in both the Android and iOS apps that the cost may warry.

Wrapping up:

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