How to Launch Your Ride Sharing App like Viavan? – White Label Fox

Viavan AppHow to Launch Your Ride-Sharing App like Viavan? – White Label Fox

In a fast and busy life, no one has more time. Everyone wants to reach their destination in short times.

People use public transports services like bus, subway, trains, and metro to go to school, shopping, work, or any place that they want to reach. But it’s a too time-consuming process to wait for public transportation services.

People reach a destination in a convenient time they book a cab. But when you go for travel and take a taxi, you pay for four seats. With the use of ridesharing app, you share your ride with other people, and you travel at low cost.

A ride-sharing app is the best solution for user to travel at low cost. Today ride-sharing app is more prevalent within the taxi booking app. The people also try to visit at a low price. Viavan is an on-demand low-cost ride-sharing application.

What is Ride Sharing app?

Ride sharing is a sharing of journeys, so more than one person travel in the same car. Ride-Sharing app development is a solution to ride passenger ahead together.

The ride-sharing app is a final solution for who wants to earn more commissions with a comfortable trip. Ridesharing App services are also known as carpooling and lift sharing service.

According to Statista, 53% of people in the US who have used ridesharing apps.

About Viavan Ride Sharing

ViaVan is the new smart, affordable & easy way to get ride-sharing service around London and Amsterdam. A user can request a ride from his/her smartphone and share with other riders who want to go in the same way.

ViaVan is an on-demand low-cost ride-sharing app, shared ride service that picks up multiple passengers heading in the same direction, keeping rides affordable and little more than the cost of public transit.

It recognizes the value of sharing with our neighbours and believes that everyone benefits when we work together to make our city the best place. When we ride together, it’s beneficial for our city, country, our planet and one another.

Why Increase Demand of low-cost Ride-Sharing App?

  • It Reduces the travelling cost for users.
  • A user can make new friends.
  • A driver gets more commissions with more passengers.
  • It reduces traffic congestion on the road.
  • It provides better travelling convenience comparable to the simple ride.

Viavan Ride-Sharing App Features for User:

Log in/Sign Up: At the first user has signup into Viavan application. A user has provided their name, email, password, and phone number.

Ride Credit: User can see their remaining & paid payment history details.

Billing: Viavan offers a flexible payment mode like cash, card, Paypal, and Google pay to pay their ride bills.

History: User has seen their past booking history using the features.

Promo Codes: The user can use Promo code for an extra discount on their total trip amount.


Viavan ride-sharing application provides a service like a city bus. If you want to develop the app like viavan yourself, it takes more time to complete the app. We provide the best solution to develop an app like viavan. Our highly skilled and experienced developer offers you best ride-sharing app development.

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