How to Launch On-Demand Uber Bike Ride For Startup Business?

Bike RideHow to Launch On-Demand Uber Bike Ride For Startup Business?

Today’s, it’s quite difficult for people to arrive there destination on time using public transportation services. So, they book a taxi for traveling.

Taxi booking and ride-sharing app have entirely change the way we use a taxi to move from one place to another. Now, the user can quickly find a cab and track a location in real-time.

Taxi booking is still expensive and maybe the not right medium to travel one place to another in the city due to a challenge like traffic and cost.

Recently, a new type of transport division favorite called bike ride. With the use of bike ride sharing, people can travel at the cheapest cost.

Nowadays, the demand for a bike ride is increasing because of its unique concept of transport.

What is Uber Bike Ride-sharing app?

Bike ride-sharing is the same as the uber taxi ride-sharing app. People can book a bike instead of a book, a cab.

A bike rider reached users provided pickup location and provided a bike vehicle with a helmet for their safety.

According to Statista, May 2018, more than 1,600 bike-sharing programs were in operation worldwide, providing more than 18 million bikes for public use.

Why Increase the Demand For Bike Ride App?

For a person, booking and traveling from one place to another is very much economical. A bike is more convenient than booking a cab/taxi.

A bike is better at navigating traffic jam and reach the destination quicker than a four-wheeler. Bicycles are smaller in size, which makes them a less fuel consuming vehicle.

The cost of a bike is much lesser than booking a taxi/cab. It’s an excellent way for people to save time and money from the trip across the city.

A bike ride is to help people to cover a small distance at a convenient time.

Uber Bike Ride Revenue Model:

Uber is one of those few technology companies in the world that has been valued over $70 Billion.

Uber has already received an equity funding of $22.2 Billion, and it present in 633 cities worldwide.

Bike Ride App Features for User:

Social Login: A user can log in or signup using social media like Google, Facebook, and so on.

Set Home/Job Location: A user can set their home and job location to book a quick ride.

Payment Options: A user has multiple payment options to pay for a bike ride — payment option like cards, wallet, etc.

Track Location: When the user books a bike ride, they can track a driver location.

Cancel Booking: A user has an option to cancel a bike ride and give a cancellation reason.

Reviews & Ratings: A user can give a review and rating to the driver when they complete a ride.

Promo Codes: A user can use a promo code to get a discount from there ride.

Bike Ride App Features for Driver:

Social Login: A user can log in or signup using social media like Google, Facebook, and so on.

Instant Notification: A driver gets instant Notification by SMS or email.

Call Features: Driver can call rider through one-click in-app. This call is not using for emergency purpose.

Map Navigation: The app has inbuilt navigation features for drivers. Drivers use the Google Maps navigation for pickups and find the best routes for the ride.

Manage Ride Request: A driver can accept or rejects the new arrival bike ride request.

Collect Payment: A Driver has to collect payment in various ways like cash, cards, and Wallet.

Required Components to Develop Uber Bike Ride App:

1)App UI/UX Design
Like uber taxi app, you need an app design for user and driver. A user can request for a bike ride, and the driver accepts the user request and picks a user from the location.

2)API & Server
You offer a pertinent order to users from the application. If you are want to expand your bike ride systems in the new area, the API merely scaling your service.

3)Map integration in Application
A bike ride is work on pick-up and drops from one location to another. So, map integration is required.

4)Payment System
Payment system offers a user to pay for their ride amount within the application. Uber bike ride offers credit card option, wallet, PayPal, and other payment structure.

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Bottom Line

Nowadays, the bike ride is more popular because it’s time reducing and cost-effective. If you want to develop an app like a uber bike ride, White Label Fox will help you. We offer 100% customize the script for bike ride application as per customer requirement.

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