How To Launch Your Own On-Demand Doctor App For Startup Business?

doctor app developmentHow To Launch Your Own On-Demand Doctor App For Startup Business?

The on-demand market is creating the top of technology infrastructure, which makes the online and offline world together.

There is lots of on-demand application available in the current market, which makes user life comfortable in this digital era.

Recently, every people health is a more important aspect to living a long, useful, and happy life. Due to the change in environment, active lifestyle, eating junk food, and so many reasons people health is disturbing.

Nowadays, no one has much time to go to the hospital for their regular checkup. For those busy people, health application plays an important role.

With the use of on-demand health application, people quickly book an appointment and have to change the way to meet doctor regarding any health issues.

Features of On-Demand Doctor Application:

1) Registration/Login
To use on-demand doctor app, first users need to login/sign for accessing the application. At the time of registration, a user can provide basic details like name, contact details, email, address, and other information.

2) Search option
Using the search feature, the user can see an interactive calendar and check the availability of a doctor and book their appointment.

3) View Doctor Profile
With the help of this feature, a user can view doctor profile details like the exact location of a doctor, doctor rating, professional certificate, doctor specification, doctor clinic or workplace image, and so on.

4) Doctor Live Location Track
A user can track the live location of the doctor using google map in the app.

5) In-app Video call
By providing a video call feature, you can save a lot of time of both patients and doctors, which will attract more users to your on-demand doctor app.

6) Emergency Services
Sudden, injuries like broken bones require emergency care. At the emergency time, this type of on-demand app helpful to find out the list of available emergency rooms in a nearby area with information about waiting time.

7) Download/Upload Reports
A user can download and upload their laboratory checkup, medicine, and more type reports within the app. So, a doctor can easily find the problem and give the solution for that heath.

8) Appointment Reminders
With the use of on-demand doctor app, this feature gives the appointment reminders to the user before one or two days. So, no one user chance to miss their appointment.

9) Payment Option
The most important feature is to secure multiple payment options. In this digital environment, mobile payment being integrated into all mobile app. The patient makes payment using credit, PayPal, and any other card within this app.

10) Review and Rating
The patient gives a review and rating to the doctor treatment. So, it helps the doctor to improve their treatment method.

How Much Does it Cost To Develop On-Demand Doctor App?

There is so many factor effect of developing on-demand doctor app. If you want to your on-demand doctor app to provide a wide range of features, the price of building will increase.

However, to give an approximate value, a simple on-demand doctor app development cost from, Indian developers may cost up to $10-$80 per hour, and US developers may cost up to $50-$250 per hour.

The exact cost is found while which type of the UI/UX design, front-end/back-end development, testing, and bug fixing component included.

In this real-time on-demand clone app development companies can develop your app in  30-40% cost as per customer requirement.

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Final Word:

If your focus is to startup and builds your on-demand doctor app, contact us. White Label Fox will help you to create your on-demand doctor app as per your on-demand requirements. We provide on-demand doctor app for both Android and iOS platform with admin web panel.

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