How To Make a Mobile Wallet App?

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How To Make a Mobile Wallet App?

All thanks to the development of technology, which makes people’s life easiest. From the shopping payment to grocery delivery everything being online.

With some click of the mobile, they can order food, book a taxi for a ride, and make a cashless payment.

But, the hottest topic days is a mobile wallet app or eWallet app development. Mobile wallet app development always gives you the next level competition.

Today, people use eWallet applications such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Android Pay, PhonePay, Paytm and more.

People love these ideas of digital payment through e-wallet or m-wallet for their day-to-day transactions.

In this way, they can not carry the big amount of cash with them, which is not secure and also not a good idea.

Let’s look for the rise of the mobile wallet application.

Basic Features Include in Mobile Wallet App

For the User App:

Login or Sign up
A user can log in or sign up through their social site like Facebook, or simply login via their basic information.

Add Bank Account
A user can select their bank and add their account details to make transactions. User has saved their bank details.

Check Balance
After making a transaction, the user can simply view or check bank balance. They can also view the incoming and outgoing cash flow.

Invite Friends
A user can send an invitation to their friends to send or receive the money when they want. Also, they get a reward from it.

Transaction History
A user has an option to view the transaction history with all details such as transaction ID, date and more.

Review & Rating
After completed the transactions, the user gave review and rating to the application based on their experience.

For Admin:

With the super web panel, admin can track and monitor all the register user information, view earning report and more.

Manage User
An admin can manage all the user information. they have the option to block the user information.

Creating QR Code
An admin can create the QR code which is used by the user to make an online transaction simply.

Add offers
An admin can add promo code for the user for the special occasion. So, the user gets a reward from the transaction.

Mass Notification
Admin can send the mass notification to the user regarding the sales, new stock, offer and other information.

How Much Cost to Develop Mobile Wallet App?

Several factors affect mobile wallet app development such as features, development platform and in which location you want to develop your application.

If you want both Android and iOS the cost increases. With the basic features, the development cost is around $15,000 to $20,000. But, if you want to add some advance features in your wallet app then the cost is rise.

Final Words:

If you have an idea to build your wallet apps such as Paytm or PayPal; WhiteLabelFox will help you. Our Wallet app clone script is ready and we deliver your application in a few days.

We deliver your wallet app as per your customized requirement for both Android and iOS platforms. If you have any queries regarding the wallet app develop; feel free to contact us and our sells executive will happy to help you!

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