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Pharmacy App Development Solution

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Digitization has changed the way of buying prescriptive medicines. Medical and health care are the highest growing industry in the current scenario. Nowadays, people buying medicine through an online medicine delivery app because it’s an easy way to buy medicine rather than visit the medicine store. Online medicine delivery services are the best solution for those people who aren’t able to go to a medical store to buy medicine. Also, the on-demand medicine delivery app helps people who are living in other cities or states to save their time and cost. At White Label Fox, we offer ready-to-use pharmacy app solutions for your pharmacy business. We offer a medicine delivery app with a user app, driver app, store app, and super web panel as per your customized requirement. Our online medicine delivery app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Fox-Medicine User App Features

Check Our Medicine Delivery User App
Preview & Features
Medicine User Mockup
upload prescription
Upload Prescription

Users can upload the medicine prescription and can order medicine in a very convenient way.

track order
Track Order

A user can view the live location of the delivery person on the map and get an idea about the delivery time.

easy call
Easy Call

If a user has any query regarding the order, they have the option to call to store/driver within the app.

Easy Search

The search option allows the user to easily search the medicine based on their requirement.

payment option
Payment Option

A user has a flexible payment option such as cash, credit or in-app wallet to pay for the amount of the services.

Add to Cart
Add to Cart

A user can add items to add to the cart option. After he/she can add or remove the item based on their availability.

Fox-Medicine Driver App Features

Check Our Medicine Delivery Driver
App Preview & Features
social login
Social Login

A driver can log in or signup through their social account like Facebook, Google or via Email.

upload document
Upload Document

After login, the driver can upload a document such as vehicle insurance, driving license, and ID Proof.

manage profile
Manage Profile

A driver can manage their profile information such as name, email, address, and profile picture.

manage bank details
Manage Bank Details

A driver can add or manage bank details to get the order earning from the admin.

map navigation
Map Navigation

A driver can use Google map navigation to find the shortest rough to reach the user location in minimal time.

earning report
Earning Report

A driver can view earning report with all complete, cancel, running, and pending order request.

Online Medicine Delivery Driver UI

Fox-Medicine Store App Features

Check Online Medicine Delivery Store
App Preview & Features
Medicine Store Image
manage profile
Manage Profile

A store owner can manage their profile information such as name, address, profile picture, delivery radius, etc.

store setting
Store Setting

A store owner can manage tax, extra cancellation charges, delivery radius, store opening and closing time with setting options.

order history
Order History

A store owner can view order history with all complete, cancel, running, and pending order requests.

view feedback
View Feedback

A store owner can view their review & rating given by the user with all details like order ID, date & time, etc.

manage product
Manage Product

A store owner has an option to on/off the product based on their availability. They don’t have the option to add products.

delivery services radius
Delivery Service Radius

A store owner can set an X range of delivery radius to offer medicine delivery services.

Medicine Delivery – Super Admin Web Features

Check our super admin web panel features
of online medicine ordering system
Fox-Mecine admin mockup

With the powerful dashboard, admin can see all the order request, manage product, driver/store statistics, etc.

manage document
Manage Document

Admin can add or edit the required document for the store/driver like vehicle insurance, ID proof, store license, driving license, etc.

payment setting
Payment Setting

An admin can set tax, store commission, driver commission, system commission and payment types such as cash, credit, or wallet.

promo code
Manage Promo Code

Admin can add and modified promo code with details such as promo code name, type, percentage/amount, and expired date.

vehicle management
Vehicle Management

An admin can add, edit, or delete a vehicle for the driver. Also, they can on/off the vehicle from the system.

user manage
Manage User

Admin can see or check the user profile information. Also, they have the option to remove or block the user account.

store manage
Manage Store

Admin can see or check the store profile information. They have the option to remove or block the store account.

review & rating
Review & Rating

Admin can see store and driver review & rating with all order ID, date & time and user details which provided.

Unique Features of Medicine Delivery App

medicine Category
Categories Product List

Users can choose medicines from the menu listed in different categories. This option enhances the user experience as they no longer need to scroll up and down the entire menu manually; they can view various medicines categories per their requirements.

Expansive Search
Advanced Search

A user has an option to search for the medicine they want. The app allows showing auto search results of medical products based on their searching and select medicines product item as per requirements; after they can look up recent search medicines product names.

medicine Search
Online Medicine Delivery FIlter

A user has an option to filter and sort the medicine product list as per their requirements. They filter medicine product items with a price range. Also, sort products list by high to low & low to high pricing and alphabetically like A to Z & Z to A.

Check Our Medicine Delivery App Demo

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Convert Fox-Medicine Delivery App to Other Delivery Service App

If you are looking for other similar on-demand delivery solutions like food, flower, grocery, etc.
We customize the pharmacy app to other delivery app solutions for your business startup.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to launch a medicine delivery app? Get addressed some common questions and enter the medicine delivery app development now!

To order medicines, simply download the app, create an account, and browse or search for your prescribed medications. Add them to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Yes, it’s secure. We prioritise the privacy and security of your information. Your prescription details are handled with utmost confidentiality.

A custom medicine delivery app streamlines your business operations, enhances customer service, and provides a convenient way for your customers to order and receive medications.

Our B2B medicine delivery app development includes features like order management, real-time tracking, inventory control, user management, and seamless integration with existing systems.

 The development timeline varies based on your specific requirements. We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and provide a realistic timeline for the project.

Yes, our app development process includes customization to align with your branding and workflow. This ensures a seamless integration with your existing business identity.

Absolutely. Our app is designed to scale with your business. Whether you operate a single pharmacy or a chain, the app can adapt to the growing demands of your operations.

We prioritise the security of data. The app incorporates industry-standard encryption protocols to safeguard patient and business information, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Yes, we provide seamless integration with various pharmacy management systems. This ensures a smooth transition and avoids disruptions to your current operations.

We offer comprehensive support and training to your team during the app development process and afterwards. This includes onboarding sessions and ongoing assistance to ensure a successful implementation.

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