On-Demand Beauty Service App Development

beauty serviceOn-Demand Beauty Service App Development

From the last few years, the on-demand service app solution has flooded with startup companies.

Now it’s time for the beauty industry. The beauty industry has booming right now and most of the entrepreneurs have started their beauty tech startup and make money.

What is a beauty service app?

Today, beauty is the basic needs of everyone. Everyone wants to look beautiful, attractive, and stylish to stand out from the crowd.

For this, everyone wants to look beautiful, but people have no time to go to salons from that on-demand beauty care app demand is increasing.

But the user has no time to go to a salon, from that using the beauty care app people can quickly ascertain salon and no need to find salon outside.

In this current scenario, businesses can be a tie-up with Salone owners or professional stylists, and they can serve users with beauty service offers at the user’s location.

Features to Develop on-demand Beauty Service App

For the User App:

To use a beauty service app user can log in or sign up through social media sites like Facebook, Google, or via Email.

Salone or beauty Professional Profile
The app allows a user to view the salon or beauty professional profile with all information such as name, address, contact number, etc.

Manage Profile
A user can view and manage their profile details such as name, address, email, profile image, and contact details.

Service List
After the login, the user can view the services list provide by the beautician and can choose a service as per their requirement.

Payment Option
The app allows the user to flexible payment options like cash, card, and in-app wallet.

Rating & Review
After completed the services, the user gives the review and rating based on their provided service.

View Booking History
A user can view the booking history with all details like booking date, booking id, and professional details.

beauty user

View Beauty Service app Demo

Beauty Professional App
Same as the user, to use beauty professional app, they can log in or sign up through their social media sites like Facebook, Google or via Email.

View Customer Request
A salon owner or beauty professional views the completed, pending, and cancel customer request.

Accept or Reject Customer Request
Based on the user request and availability of the beauty professional, the owner can accept or reject customer requests by providing valid cancellation reasons.

Manage Services
Beauty professionals or salon owners can manage beauty services.

beauty provider

View Beauty Service app Demo

How much Cost to Develop Beauty Service app?

The cost of beauty service app is dependent on various factor such as which type of platform, features and most of the things that in which location where the app is being developed.

If you develop your beauty service app in both Android and iOS app the cost of development is increased. And also if you add customized features as per your requirement it increases the development cost.

Wrapping up:

If you are interested to develop your beauty service app for your business, White Label Fox will help you. We are a leading web and app development company located in India. We develop a clone script as per the client requirement. If you are launch ready to use the beauty service app then contact us.

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