Dog Walking App Like Uber – Let pet lovers find the pal for their dogs, become carefree with our dog walking service app, and live a serene lifestyle with their companion.


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It has been very difficult for people to spare time for their families or even themselves in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Those exhausting working hours limit to look after their furry friend, which your pet doesn’t deserve. You can be a reason to provide an amazing dog walking and care experience with our service-efficient app that caters to all user needs. The dog owners can relax on the sofa with an assured dog walker providing a platform.

White Label Fox is delivering the ultimate Uber for dog walking app that enables you to provide professional and experienced gentle nature dog walkers for their pets’ daily walkarounds. Our streamlined work process ensures to deliver the same user experience to every user. Our dog walking service solution is incorporated with real-time tracking for monitoring throughout business operations. We focus on developing a perfect dog-walking solution to satisfy your every possible business need and generate fruitful revenue.


Discover the Great App’s Functionality Behind
Your Dog’s Simplified Adventure
Dog Walking App Easy Login
Easy Login/Signup

Customers need to provide basic details to sign up or can log in using Social Media Platforms like Google or Facebook.

Place Order
Place Order

Having gone through the profile and pricing, the customer must place service as per their convenience.

Find Providers
Find Providers

Customers can find the nearby dog walker by checking the details like profile details with name, far from their location, pricing, reviews, etc.

Service Offer
Service Offer

Once the service is accepted, the dog walker arrives at the preferred location and brings the pet out for the walk.

Add Manage Pet
Add/Manage Pet

It enables users add or manage their pets’s details like profiles and also keep track of essential information about them.


After the completion of the service, the customers can pay through various payment modes like cash, debit/credit cards, or in-app wallet.


Find Nearby Walkers

Customers can easily discover qualified or professional dog walkers in their area with details like profiles, pricing and ratings.

Real-Time Tracking

Customers can stay connected and updated by receiving live updates on their dog’s walk progress.

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Walk History and Reports

Access a complete record of their dog’s past walks and receive detailed activity reports.

Check Provider’s Availability

Customers need to select a dog walker and quickly check their availability for their preferred date and time for the service.

Manage Pet

Customers can upload the details of their pet, like name, weight, number of dogs for walking etc.


Customers can give feedback to the dog walker as per their service experience.

Manage Profile

Providers can create an account, complete their profile, and provide details like their experience, availability, service areas, and pricing.

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Manage Booking

Providers can view and manage their scheduled appointments, including details like, walk duration, and any specific instructions etc.

Service History

Providers can access their service history, including past appointments and earnings, to improve or retain the way of service execution.

Availability Management

Providers can set their availability for dog walking services based on their schedule. They can specify the days and times they are available.

Real-Time Notifications

Providers receive instant notifications about new booking requests, appointment updates, cancellations, or other relevant information.

Manage Earning

Providers can track their earnings and manage payment details. They can view their payout history, track pending payments etc.


The admin can check key metrics and statistics related to the platform’s performance and monitor registered providers, active clients, completed walks, revenue etc.

Manage Review & Rating

The admin can monitor and moderate reviews and ratings left by users for service providers and can address any issues to ensure a fair and accurate feedback system.

Commission Management

Admins can monitor and manage the financial aspects of the platform, can also track provider earnings, manage payment processes, handle refunds etc.


The admin can send real-time notifications for announcements, updates, or important messages to providers and clients.

Manage Booking

Admins can monitor & manage the booking process. Also view all upcoming & completed appointments, track available providers, assign providers to specific walks etc.


The admin can check detailed analytics and reporting features to generate reports. It includes financial reports, user activity reports, and performance metrics.



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Witness An Exceptional Multi-Delivery Workflow With
Sterling Features From Dog Walking Clone


White Label Fox leverages state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, extensive customization options, and seamless integration with third-party services to empower your advanced dog-walking app solutions.
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Pricing & Packages

Explore our cost-effective pricing packages for our ready-to-deploy white-label on-demand dog walking app script.
We offer competitive pricing that beats our competitors, ensuring the perfect solution for your requirements.

Why We Better?

Built For Dog Walking Service,
By Dog Walking App Specialists!

> Start your dog walking service quickly with our pre-built Uber-style app, designed to be ready for launch within days.

> Our comprehensive on-demand dog walking app package comprises native Android and iOS apps and web panels, all provided with complete source code.

> You can customize on-demand dog-walking app with your unique brand name and logo. We launch your app in the Play Store and App Store under your company’s name.

> We handle the setup of your app and web platforms, providing you with one year of complimentary technical support.

> Our Uber for dog walking app is moulded to your region, supporting local languages and currencies, ensuring a seamless launch of your on-demand business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some common doubts
you have related to the Dog Walking Business

Dog walking business is making headlines in Western countries as more and more people today prefer to have pets at their homes. All you need to follow the below steps to enter the online dog walking business:

  • Develop a robust business plan, work on what kind of services you will offer
  • Allocate the budget and think about resources to get things done quickly and efficiently
  • Apply for permission and licenses or insurance
  • Go online and invest in dog-walking websites and apps
  • Spread the words about your business and focus on customer feedback

Rover is a popular dog-walking app, and to develop a platform like Rover, multiple factors such as the development team’s location, features, project complexity, etc. decide the development cost.

Dog walking app gives you better exposure in the market. It lets you get more customers and keep them glued to your business. Moreover, a dog walking app is an engaging way to connect dog walkers with those who are searching for walkers for their pets.

These days, more and more people prefer to have pets at their homes but they lack time to take care of them. Hence, the market is growing and by developing your app properly, you can generate decent revenue as much as you can.

Yes, it is challenging to develop customized solutions for your dog-walking business. However, White Label Fox has a readymade dog walking service app, designed with the finest technology and research. Our solution is highly reliable, and secure that eventually helps you stay ahead in the business.

Along with walking, these apps offer diverse services such as pet sitting, dog boarding, pet monitoring, and other relevant services.

There are different ways to generate revenue from the dog-walking app, such as:

  • In-app advertisements
  • Transaction fees
  • Membership fees
  • Paid promotion
  • Levy listing fees from dog walkers

The secret sauce behind the popularity of dog-walking apps is their user-friendliness. The pet owner enters all the details into the app and starts searching for reliable dog walkers. Once they find a reliable dog walker, he/she reaches the desired location and takes care of the pet for a specific time. The dog walker makes the payment and the admin takes a certain share of the commission and the rest of the amount is paid to the walker for services they rendered.

Yes, our solution offers a GPS facility to track pet and walker activity in real-time.

Most pets need a walk once in a day. But it mostly depends on the breed of your dog. 30 minutes is enough for smaller breeds but if your dog is above that, 40 minutes per day is required.

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