Uber for Tutor App: Learning Strategies in this Covid-19 Situation


Uber for Tutor App: Learning Strategies in this Covid-19 Situation

Coronavirus has taken a turn into an app the sectors. The education system is not an exception to them.

Scool and universities are closed from the past two month due to this virus. For that million of the students around the world is shifting toward the ed-tech platform.

After many years, EdTech has finally able to draw the attention of the IT company and startup.

According to the report, EdTech is growing at a rate of 17% and will become $252% billion at the end of 2020. Also, much giant company invests in the EdTech system.

Why you should invest in Uber for Tutor App?

Don’t be afraid of the competition because in this situation may want to invest in tutor app.

With uber for tutor app, you can work with the existing customers and then you can get more client thanks to the optimization.

Uber for tutor app, you can earn more money by providing the earning services.

Benefits of Developing an e-learning system or tutor app?

According to the survey, many American teachers EdTech is to motivate the students and helping them to expand earning content.

EdTech is established the better communication between teachers and students.

Using the e-learning system classrooms are available 24/7. So, students have the option to continue the study after the academy timing.

The E-learning system is the solution for the rural development area or who which student have a financial background.

E-learning reduces the need for printed materials such as handouts, worksheets, tests, or even textbooks.

Essential Features in E-learning App or Uber for Tutor App:

A student can register into an app by providing their basic information such as name, email, contact details, and profile picture.

View Provider List
A student can view a list of all provider with details like name, address, rating and more.

A student has multiple payment options such as cash, credit and in-app wallet to pay for services.

Add Service & Package
A provider can add services and packages which they want to offer for the student.

Map Navigation
A provider uses Google map navigation within the app to find the exact location of the student.

Earning Report
A provider can view earning report with all complete, cancel, pending and running request details.

Review & Rating
After completed the services, students can give review and rating based on their experience.

How Much Cost to Develop Uber for Tutor App?

The cost to develop uber for tutor app is dependent on the various factors such as features and facilities.

Also, if you want to add some customized feature in your app then the cost may increase.

At White Label Fox, we offer ready to use uber for tutor clone app script for your education system.

We offer a learning solution for both Android and iOS platforms. We customized the tutor app as per your requirements.

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