Build On-Demand Uber Massage App For Startup Business

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Build an On-Demand Uber Massage App For Startup Business

Recently, the concept of on-demand app development gaining unbelievable attention in the whole industry, since the uber become successful.

We can say that the on-demand delivery services such as grocery delivery, food delivery, medicine delivery have great market segments.

Now, talking about the on-demand uber massage is also a profitable venture, because of the rise of the on-demand massage services.

Today, this is the most popular trend because in the fast and busy life people want massage when they extremely tired and wish to relax. People hate or don’t in the mood to go to a spa or massage parlor.

With the Uber Massage app, people can book massage services with few taps of a button and get the services done at the doorstep.

The Growing Market of On-Demand Uber Massage Industry

According to Statista, the spa industry in the United States generated 16.3 billion U.S. dollars in revenue.

The reasons for the massage is for seeking spa treatments ranged from medical reasons and pain relief to relaxation and stress relief, or even just to indulge and pamper.

The massage market did not include only tourist and relaxation client; but also including physical therapist-patient.

Now, let’s see the feature and development cost of the Uber Massage App

Features Include in Uber for Massage App Development

For the User App:

A user can log in through their social account such as Facebook, Google or via Email.

Schedule Service
After selecting the service, users can schedule services based on their needs.

Payment Option
A user has a flexible payment option such as cash, card or wallet to pay for the services.

Manage Profile
A user can manage their profile information such as name, password, address, and profile picture.

Easy Call
If a user has any query regarding the services, they can call a provider within the app.

Review & Rating
After complete the services, the user can give reviews and ratings to a provider based on their provided service.

A user can view service history with all details. Also, they can re-request the service with a single tap.

For Provider App:

Manage Services
A provider can manage their services, they have the option to accept/reject a new service request.

Manage Profile
A provider can manage their profile information such as name, address, service radius, and profile picture.

Earning Report
A provider can see their earning report with all complete, cancel, running, and pending service requests.

Manage bank Details
A provider can manage their bank account details such as debit/credit information to withdraw cash.

A provider has the option to view their feedback given by the user with all the details.

How Much Cost to Develop Uber Massage App?

The Uber massage app development cost is dependent on various factors such as features, technology platforms and most important thinks in which location you want to develop your app.

If you want to develop both Android and iOS for the spa app, the development cost is increasing. Also, if you want some customized features in your app the development cost is raised.

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