Make Learning Easy with On-Demand Udemy Clone App

Make Learning Easy with the On-Demand Udemy Clone App

We all know that learning has no age. In this digital era, education is the major factor to suitable in any working environment.

Gone are the days when people went to schools and college to study the lessons. Before, innovation in technology people spent half of their daytime in school and returned home to do their home work. Such a hectic life they have crossed, Isn’t it?

Now, it’s time for mobile & internet. This factor has helped to gain a wonderful learning system called E-Learning.

The online education system is the best learning experience for learners with the flexible method. Udemy plays a vital role in this field and has become progressive in the business of E-learning.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online marketplace that provides the easiest learning way for learners at any time and anywhere.

Udemy is not only for education, but also upholds courses for all verticals such as marketing to musical tutorials, cooking to Photoshop tutorials, and programming to sales.

Udemy is leading an online learning platform development in May 2010. Udemy platform has more than 50 million students, 60 thousand instructors, and 300 million courses. It covers more than 200+ countries in the world.

Udemy lets the students catch their tutors online and learn their subjects via audio, video, and other forms.

To use the Udemy application, users and tutors have their separate login. Through the login, a tutor can upload the learning materials and the learner can download them.

After the course is completed, the learner can receive their course completed certificate in the form of JPG or PDF.

The Udemy clone for online education businesses has to offer all the features as well as an advanced feature for the standout.

Why Udemy Clone is Best?

Udemy changes the way for a learner to learn the thing wherever and whenever they want. It makes the education world closer and advances outcomes in several institutes.

Let us discuss, the fact of the E-learning business.

1. In 2021, In the US the self-paced online learning market is expected to be worth $15.86 billion

2. In 2025, the e-learning market worldwide will be worth $325 billion.

3. The retention rates of E-learning enhance up to 25% to 60% in the Education business.

4. With the help of “comprehensive training programs,” a survey of 2,500 companies found that the E-Learning business has 24% higher profit margins and 218% higher revenue per employee.

How to Build Udemy Clone App?

Every successful startup starts with an idea. Udemy started to provide every learner around the globe with quick access to education. This led Eren Bali, the founder of Udemy, to develop a successful online learning platform.

Feature Include in Udemy Clone App:

Variety of Course Offering
Provide a variety of courses on the page with easy categories. You can categorize using main courses and subcategories.

No mandatory enrolling
Let the user visit the complete list of courses without any hassle or enrolling method.

Free or low-cost course fee
Provide the courses for users either at no cost or very low cost. The best feature of Udemy is that it offers multiple free cost courses.

Live to stream
Users can view live video and lecture streaming with Zoom and GoogleMeet.

Profile management
User has the option to manage their profile information, certificates, courses, uploads, and other details.

Search and filters
A learner has an option to easily sort and find their choice of courses with the search and filter option.

Course list
Allo instructors to offer a separate window to manage their courses and modules.

Customer support
Allo user the 24*7 customer services to resolve their issue they are dancing.

How much does it cost to build an app like Udemy?

White Label Fox assures you to offer a successful and affordable Udemy clone script solution for your education business.

While calculating the cost is dependent on various factors such as features, functionalities, and in which technology platform you want to develop your application.

If you are interested to develop your own on-demand e-learning application like Udemy; we are here to help you. For more information, you can contact us at [email protected].

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