Get Online Taxi Booking Service And Food Delivery in One App

food deliveryGet Online Taxi Booking Service And Food Delivery in One App

There are much food delivering and taxi booking app available in the current market. But there is no app which offers taxi booking and food delivery system in one app.

If you want to start food delivery and taxi booking in one app? White Label Fox offer more than one services in one app.

Why Increase the demand for Taxi Booking and Food Delivery App?

Recently, anything people want is available at the touch of a button, whatever it’s a food or a taxi.

Previously there was a quite difficult for taxi businesses and food delivery business as they have so many things to manage.

Now with the help of this amazing taxi and food delivery application, management has become efficient.

Benefits of Taxi Booking App:

The taxi booking app is divided into three sections: Owner, Driver and Rider.

Benefits to Driver:
-Due to the online payment option driver don’t need to carry a huge amount of cash.
-With the help of this app, the driver will get the exact location of the rider.
-A driver can check their working hours using the driver app.
-Reduce waiting time for the rider.

Benefits to Rider:
-A rider can book a taxi anytime and anywhere using the app.
-With the payment, option rider can pay offline or online.
-A rider can rate the driver as per their ride experience.
-A rider can get update the driver location and find the arrival time.
-Booking a taxi 24/7.

Benefits to Owner:
-Taxi booking app will help your business growth.
-Real-time track driver and rider location.
-Manage all Driver Reports
-Reduce driver overtime.
-Reports on transactions and other analytic for better overview and control

Benefits of Online Food Delivery App:

Benefits to Restaurant Owner:
-Marketing at low cost
-Monitor your expense in real time
-Know about customer
-Keeping the cost transparent
-Taking the ordering process is easier

Benefits to Customer:
-Order at any time, and anywhere
-Review and rating to the services
-Available 24/7
-Use a promo code to get discount
-Tracking the order process

Benefits to Driver:
-Easily to get job
-Available 24/7
-Real-time tracking so customer get an order on time

How Much It Cost to Develop Taxi Booking and Food Delivery in One App?

There are so many companies in the current market who will offer taxi booking and food delivery app. It will provide a fully customize the app as per your requirement.

The application development cost is depended on which type of services and features you want to include in your application.

If you are looking to hire a developer, to develop taxi booking and food delivery in one app, we can offer your rich experience Android and iPhone app developer. White Label Fox focus on quality and cost-effective solution, for more information contact us.

Final Word:

If you looking to startup and build your own taxi booking and food delivery in one app, contact us. White Label Fox will help you to develop your own taxi booking and food delivery app as per your requirement. If you have any query regarding application development, any time contact us.

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