On-demand Pizza Delivery App Development- Cost & Features

pizza delivery appOn-demand Pizza Delivery App Development- Cost & Features

Thanks to technology, without leaving our comfort zone, we get what we want. The mobile apps, especially those mobile apps, which based on the on-demand solution.

Today, young entrepreneurs joining with the new technology and build an on-demand solution which makes people’s life easier.

The traditional on-demand business includes food delivery, taxi booking, ride-sharing, laundry services, track, courier services, etc.

But what if you want only pizza delivery within 20-30 minutes? The on-demand pizza delivery is the new business model, and the on-demand pizza delivery app gains more popularity among the people.

From the pizza delivery app, users can easily order their favorite pizza and a delivery person can deliver an order to the user doorstep.

If you are interested to develop your on-demand pizza delivery app and expand your business; know more about pizza delivery app development cost and features.

Features Must be Include in Your Pizza Delivery App

For User app

Sign up/ Login
To use a pizza app, users can log in or sign up through social sites like Facebook, Google or via Email.

Manage Profile
A user can manage their profile information such as name, email, contact details, address and profile picture.

Add to Cart
A user has an option to add their favorite food to add to the cart. So, they can easily place their orders anywhere and at any time.

Payment Option
A user has multiple payment options like cash, credit, in-app wallet to place their order amount.

Track Order
Once the order is accepted by the restaurant, the user can track their order request within the app.

In-app Live Chat
If a user has any query regarding orders they can directly chat with the restaurant for the inquiry.

For Driver App

Login/Sign Up
Same as the user, a driver can log in or sign up through social sites like Facebook, Google or Email.

Order History
A delivery person can view order history with details like order id, order date, collected payment and user details who order it.

Manage Profile
A delivery person can manage their profile details with name, email, bank details, and contact details.

Map Navigation
If a driver can not find the user location, they can use map navigation to find the user’s exact location.

For Restaurant App

Log in/Sign up
Restaurant registers themselves into the app, where they need to put their details with name, email, and contact number.

View Order Details
When the store gets a new order request, they can see the full details of the order including user delivery address, contact number, etc.

Order History
A store can view all completed, running, pending, and canceled order history with all details.

Store Setting
A store owner can change the store details like store name, store time, store radius, order min amount, etc.

How much Cost to Develop Pizza Delivery App?

The cost to develop an on-demand pizza delivery app depends on various factors such as functionality, technology platform and location.

It also depends on which type of features add to your app. If you add the customized feature in your app then the development cost increase. It also depends on which location you want to develop your app.

At White Label Fox we are specialized for on-demand app development and we will deliver the best pizza delivery app.

Our developer experts of on-demand apps help you to expand your business and reach to all users.

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