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Rapido clone is a multi-featured bike taxi booking application that can be developed with the help of Rapido clone script that allows your users to book bike taxis online with ease. Rapido app clone script is a white-labeled and readymade bike taxi booking application that comes with exclusive features and delivers a seamless experience to all the stakeholders involved.

With the help of our readymade readymade Rapido clone script, you can build and set up a complete bike taxi booking app like the original Rapido. If you want to enter this lucrative market, get in touch with us. We will analyze your requirements and deliver your robust and scalable solution that will eventually accelerate your business growth.

Rapido clone app script is a bug-free and 100% customizable software solution that allows businesses to add/remove features based on business needs. We, White Lable Fox, offer a comprehensive Rapido clone that consists of an admin panel and app solutions for both Android and iOS stores. So what are you waiting for? Take your business to the next level with a scalable Rapido clone app script that has all the high and modern features of Rapido.

Discover the Powerful Features of the Rapido Clone App

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Rapido clone Effortless Login
Effortless Login

Instant access with click-through sign-up forms guarantees a seamless onboarding process for users.

Rapido clone In-App Chat
In-App Chat

Talk to the driver through the app if there are updates, special instructions, or questions. This will ensure ease and cooperation.

Rapido clone Fare Management
Transparent Fare Estimation

Fare estimates that are accurate up front, based on distance, traffic, and category of service chosen, ensure no hidden cost.

Rapido clone Real-Time Tracking
Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking with integration GPS enables users to view driver location and the estimated arrival time on the map.

Rapido clone Driver Details
Driver Details

Review driver profiles in detail, which include their rating, feedback, and car type, from where you can decide your safe and pleasant journey.

Rapido clone Real-Time Tracking
Reviews and Ratings

Allow customers to leave honest feedback and rate their ride experience, which enables them to build a community-driven platform and work towards a way to improve service.

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Rapido clone Driver Registration
Driver Registration

The streamlined registration process for drivers by which it is possible to do it quickly and gain access to the platform.

Rapido clone Earnings Overview
Earnings Overview

Real-time tracking of earnings encompasses trip fares and incentives for drivers that contribute towards building motivation.

Rapido clone Comprehensive Dashboard
Interactive Dashboard

You can access a comprehensive dashboard to view the key metrics, trip history, customer ratings, and performance indicators and make informed decisions.

Rapido clone Trip Management
Trip Management

Quickly view trip requests, see upcoming rides on a calendar, and plan routes for efficient travel.

Rapido clone Trip Cancellation Options
Trip Cancellation Options

Flexible cancellation options for drivers with acceptable reasons, allowing them to optimize their schedules.

Rapido clone Navigation Assistance
Navigation Assistance

Integrated navigation systems with real-time traffic updates and the most optimal routes would enable drivers to arrive at their destinations promptly.

From Download to Destination: Let’s Explore
the Workflow of Rapido Clone

Upon downloading the app from the app store, customers begin the experience with the ease of use and efficiency you expect from service, where your comfort is constantly prioritized.

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1. First, sign in to the site by providing the required information: name, email, and phone number.

2. After registration, users will have the option to log in to their accounts using their credentials or social media accounts, thereby creating a personal profile that contains payment details, interests, and ride history.

3. With an already provisional app, users can quickly grab a taxi by indicating the destination and picking the option that suits their preferences and budget the most.

4. The app makes the booking process simple through its user-friendly interface, which helps to confirm the ride and quickly provides the user with details such as the driver assigned, anticipated arrival, and time and fare estimation.

5. Real-time tracking options allow users to trace the exact location of the delivery driver on a virtual map, thus offering transparency and comfort throughout the process.

6. Furthermore, the in-app communication tools eliminate any gaps in communication and help the drivers and the users to remain in the system, hence smooth coordination and updates.

When the ride is over, customers can pay via an integrated payment or cash through online payment. In addition, customers are allowed to leave feedback and a review, which helps future riders.

Oversee Each Business Operation with the Admin Panel

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Rapido clone Comprehensive Dashboard
Comprehensive Dashboard

One dashboard with a central location contains real-time insights into the local situations, income, social activities & operation efficiency.

Rapido clone User Management
User Management

Full control over user accounts, including registrations, verification, permissions, and engagements, helping to maintain security and a strong user base.

Rapido clone Content Management
Content Management

Manage the app well, adding the latest promotions, announcements, and notifications so users have no problems.

Rapido clone Trip Management
Trip Management

Monitor and manage trip requests, driver allocation, cancellations, and refunds regularly to offer maximum service efficacy and reliability.

Rapido clone Fare Management
Fare Management

Fare planning flexibility, including one-way fares, date-based discounting, surcharges, or discounts, helps optimize revenue.

Rapido clone Support System
Support System

Integrated tools to support user queries, driver problems, and feedback, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and issues rectified more easily.

Revolutionizing Bike-Hailing with Our Unique Rapido Clone

rapido clone Advanced Analytics and Insights
Advanced Analytics and Insights

Get detailed insight into user behavior, ride patterns, income reports, and so on with our advanced analytical tools to make data-driven decisions.

rapido clone Dedicated Customer Support
Dedicated Customer Support

Benefit from a quick-response customer support team that will quickly resolve your queries and technical issues.

rapido clone White Label Solution
White Label Solution

Maintain an edge in the competitive landscape using a white-label solution with your name and logo, increasing brand visibility among customers and competitors.

rapido clone Eye-Catching UI Design
Eye-Catching UI Design

Our Rapido clone has a stunning interface that promotes engagement, usability, and user retention ratio.

rapido clone Effortless App Launch
Effortless App Launch

Start by launching the app on major app stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Ensure that the app provides maximum visibility to the end user and a wide user base on the first day of launch.

rapido clone Customizable Platform
Customizable Platform

Cater to every aspect of your application by incorporating your business goals in branding and features to stay ahead of your competitors.

Get White Labeled and Fully Customizable Rapido
Clone Script to Launch Bike Sharing Platform

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Incorporate Extra Features in Your Rapido Clone App for Free

rapido clone Payment Integration
Payment Integration

Our Rapido clone comes with multiple currency options, whether you use a credit/debit card or the local currency of your country or region.

rapido clone Multilingual Support
Multilingual Support

Let the business owners operate transactions without any language barrier, it will help them deliver top-notch user experience.

rapido clone In-App Chat Functionality
In-App Chat Functionality

Enable passengers and drivers to directly interact within the app for instant updates, guidance, and assistance.

rapido clone Scheduled Booking
Scheduled Booking

Enable customers to book rides early and ensure timely pickup for selected journeys to places of interest, appointments, or events.

rapido clone Voice Calls between Biker and User
Voice Calling

Implement a chat function inside the app where riders and drivers can be in voice calls to help improve communication.

rapido clone - Real-Time GPS Tracking
Real-Time GPS Tracking

Integrate live GPS tracking for clients to follow the progress of their ride’s journey, promoting clarity and assuring their security and comfort.


Establish Your Dream Business Now!
We would be happy to extend our hand to help you build
on-demand apps like the Bolt, Lyft, Careem, and Uber clone apps.
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An On-Demand Taxi Booking Application
To Increase Your Business Revenue.

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OLA Clone Online Taxi Booking Service Broadens Your Business.

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Lyft Clone Online Taxi Booking Broadens Your Ride-Hailing Business & Increases Your Business Revenue.

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A Taxi Booking Service To Cover The Maximum
On-Demand Business Market With Extraordinary.

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Uber Clone Is An On-Demand Taxi Booking
Software To Expand Your Customer Base.

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Tech-stack We Use to Develop Exceptional Solutions


Google Maps

Google Maps





















Android Studio

android studio


html 5


css 3


Launch your bike-sharing platform like Rapido that caters to fulfill the diverse needs of users

Serve your customers with top-notch bike booking service with extraordinary features, and come with a Rapido clone solution.

Take your conventional bike-sharing business online with a feature-rich website and apps for both platforms, Play Store and App Store.

The white-label Rapido clone script is scalable and robust enough to meet the future needs of bike-sharing businesses.

Our experienced team of developers is always ready to conquer challenges that accelerate business ROI.

Customize your Rapido like app as per your business model and requirements, choose the best features, and get started with it.

We demonstrate our skill by supporting clients at every Rapido clone app development stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about launching a Bike taxi business? Here are the answers

To start an online bike taxi business, beneath steps need to be followed.

  1. Conduct market research
  2. Competitive analysis
  3. Apply for various licenses and permits
  4. Reliable and well-maintained bikes
  5. Development of user-friendly website and apps
  6. Customer support

Yes, we will review your existing system and upgrade it accordingly.

The time of the bike taxi app development like Rapido depends on multiple factors such as:

  • If you want a standout and customized solution, it increases the app development time.
  • Application’s design and time
  • Size of the project/application
  • Integration of modern features

Based on the above factors, time can be calculated.

Heading towards digitization, communication has no barrier and our team of professionals will be available on Skype, email, and call during working hours to resolve your doubts.

If you are new to the on-demand business and lack money and adequate resources, get started with the white-label bike taxi app development solution. If money is not the barrier and you want to add extraordinary features and functions, opt for the custom solution.

Yes, our Rapido clone app comes with powerful social media features, leveraging those features entrepreneurs can connect with their customers, boost customer engagement and build the brand image they imagined.

No, there is no limit regarding the number of riders and users. But there is a feature to set the particular number of riders in the admin panel.

The Rapido clone platform consists of several modules such as a user app, driver app, admin panel, and dispatcher panel, all of these modules keep connected all the stakeholders involved and simplify the entire business operations.

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