Restaurant Table Booking App : Features & Development Cost

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Restaurant Table Booking App: Features & Development Cost

Online food ordering app has changed the people lifestyle to buy food online. But what if you want to eat at a restaurant?

But, the restaurant table booking is a time-consuming process and it’s not easy to get a table online.

From the above problem, online restaurant & table booking platforms create hot tread into the current market.

The online table booking platform has perfectly met the changing and growing demand of the people across the globe. So, let’s know about how is the table booking app works?

How Restaurant Table Booking App Works?

It’s a dining table which brings the people together in fast and busy life. It’s time for the first date or anniversary, lunch with friends or dinner with family, employee interview or office lunch.

It’s the responsibility for the restaurant to manage and serve the best services on all occasions and they have done a superb job!

So, to serve the best services to the customer all the restaurants organized the limit of a number of the open table, as well as reduce the waiting time for the customer, restaurant builds a reliable reservation system.

From the restaurant table booking system, customers can easily book or reserve the table for their convenient time anywhere and at any time.

Features that’s included in your Table Booking App

For the User App:

Log in/Sign up
Users can log in to the app by providing their basic information such as name, email, address and contact details.

Search Restaurant
Users can browse and search for the nearby restaurant by the location or they can search by the cuisine.

Select Table
After selecting the restaurant, the user can select the table which is available to confirm the booking.

Add to favorite
A user can add a restaurant and food item to the favorite list. After they can order whenever they want.

View Reservation
After booking confirmation, the user can view a reservation with the table number, food details, and restaurant details.

For Restaurant App:

Sing up/Registration
A restaurant can register through by providing the basic details or login via social media sites like Facebook, Google or Via Email.

Manage Details
A restaurant owner can manage their profile information such as name, email, contact details and restaurant details.

Manage Table
A restaurant owner can add or delete a table based on their availability.

Manage Food Categories
A restaurant owner can manage their food item and food categories. They can add or remove food items based on availability.

Get Notification
After the user confirms the table booking and food item, the restaurant gets a notification with all the details.

Cost to Develop Restaurant Booking Mobile App

The development cost of the restaurant table booking app depends on various factors such as features, technology, and development platform.

If you want both an Android and iOS app, then the development cost increases. A reasonable app with limited features may cost up to $8,000 to $15,000 for a single platform.

But, if you want to add some advance features in your restaurant table booking app then the cost may increase.

Get the Restaurant Table Booking App

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