Build a Roadside Assistance App like Uber for Tow Truck

Roadside Assistance App like Uber for Tow Truck

Build a Roadside Assistance App like Uber for Tow Truck

Nowadays, there is an app for everything. From the beauty services to online grocery shopping everything being online. So, the roadside assistance and tow truck are high demand startups.

Think of that when you going somewhere and your car has some problems in the middle of the highway. You call the towing truck agency and no one has to pick up your call; what to do?

Why don’t we have an app for booking a tow truck or roadside assistance? It’s similar to book a taxi or ordering food using the app. The on-demand tow truck is a great opportunity concept for entrepreneurs.

Uber develops a tow-truck application HONK who has help people who are stuck in the middle of a highway or any other location where assistance is hard to render.

How the Roadside Assistance App Works?

Users can log in through a phone number, email address, and social account to book the tow truck services.

They can select the services for the tow truck based on the list.

The customer shares their location information with the tow truck providers.

Roadside Assistance App like Uber for Tow Truck

A customer shares their vehicle information such as car model, color, plate number, registration number, etc.

After that, a select service provider arrived at the location and fulfilled the service request. And, gave feedback based on their provide experience.

Feature Include in Roadside Assistance App:

For User App

Social Login
A user has the option to register/sign up through their social account like Facebook, Google or via Email.

View Provider List
After login, the user can view a list of the tow truck services provider with details like name, review & rating, etc.

Book Services
After select service providers, users can select location and book services based on their requirements.

Payment Option
To pay for the services, the user as a flexible payment option such as cash, credit, and in-app wallet.

Review & Rating
After completing the service request, the user gave review and rating to a provider based on their experiences.

Track Location
Users can track the live location of the service provider and find the arrival time.

For Tow Truck Provider App:

Manage Document
A service provider adds/modify required documents like ID proof, driving license, vehicle insurance.

Add Services
A service provider adds services and package which they want to offers.

Manage Service Request
A service provider views the upcoming services requests and manages service requests by accepting/reject options.

Map Navigation
To find the exact location or shortest path, service providers use Google map navigation within the app.

Earning History
A service provider view completed, cancel, pending and running services request with all details.

Manage Profile
A service provider manages their profile information such as name, address, services radius, and profile picture.

How Much Cost to Develop Roadside Assistance App?

The cost to develop a roadside assistance app depends on mainly two factors, in which technology, and location you want to choose to develop uber like tow truck application.

If you want to develop both Android and iOS applications for a tow truck the cost may increase. Also, if you want to add some customized features in your app the cost increases.

At WhiteLabelFox, we offer the best roadside assistance clone script for your tow truck business. We provide both Android and iOS applications as per your customized requirements. For more information, you can directly contact us.

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