Kick Start a Profitable Business With A Gojek Clone App – Business and Revenue Model

Gojek Business Model

Kick Start a Profitable Business With A Gojek Clone App – Business and Revenue Model

One of the leading on-demand platforms is Gojek. A one-stop multi-service platform supports around 20 services, which connect around 170 million users across the region with around 2 million driver-partners and around 500,000 GoFood merchants. The platform is an effective platform that offers everything starting from booking taxi services, car-pooling, and bicycle-sharing to on-demand food delivery services and much more.

Do you want to know how Gojek works? What factors resulted in propelled growth for the on-demand platform? Gojek business and revenue model and much more to gain insight into and have a deep understanding to build a billion-dollar company. The journey of Gojek is crazy; the startup has experienced tremendous growth over the past years.

Gojek works smoothly, and this is a reason why it’s at the top level of success. Anyone thinking of starting up a super app similar to Gojek must-have look at its success timeline, how it operates, and its business and revenue model.

What is Gojek? Check History Right Here!

The name Gojek was derived from the term “Ojek,” or motorbike taxis found throughout Indonesia. Founded in 2010 with around 20 motorbike drivers, Gojek racked up around 30 million downloads in less than two years. Later Gojek partnered with Singapore’s biggest bank DBS.

Gojek was co-founded by Michaelangelo Moran and Nadiem Makarim. Gojek was launched to solve riders’ issues by providing a platform where drivers, as well as riders, can connect efficiently. It was deducted from those drivers to increase their income. Gojek is an Indonesian on-demand multi-service platform. The digital payment technology group is based in Jakarta; PT Aplikasi Karya Anak Bangsa does business as Gojek.

Gojek Business Model

Gojek was launched in Indonesia as a call center to connect customers with ride-hailing services as well as courier delivery. The on-demand multi-service platform had four services in 2015, including:

  • GoRide;
  • GoSend;
  • GoShop;
  • GoFood.

Gojek is valued at US$10 billion and has transformed into a super app, providing 20 services. The super app operates in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines. It’s the first Indonesian unicorn company and the country’s first “decacorn.” It’s the only company in Southeast Asia that includes Fortune’s 50 Companies. As of 2020, it has around 170 million users throughout Southeast Asia and around 29 million monthly active users in Indonesia.

monthly active usersImage: (Source)

In May 2021, Gojek and Tokopedia announced their merger and built a new holding company called GoTo. Gojek has also won financial backing from different investors, including Google, PayPal, Facebook, Blibli, Astra International, Mitsubishi, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund KKR, Northstar Group, Sequoia, Warburg Pincus, Temasek Holdings, Parallon, Chinese Internet giant Tencent, Capital Group, JD.com, among others

As of 2018, the app provides 18 services, with two new services in the online content business, making for 20 on-demand services under one roof. Being an Indonesian startup mimicked Gojek’s benefits in navigating the supervisory environment and understanding the local market. It enables them to bundle features into the app to suit the local customers and drivers better.

Gojek recruited 100 graduates in the engineering field from India in 2017. The multi-service platform in 2020 launched GoStore, which helps local small and medium-sized enterprises set up online stores with ease. Have a look at the below image to have deep insight into the success story of Gojek.

Gojek Business ModelLooking to the success of Gojek if you are looking to take your business online. Then developing a Gojek clone app is the best option, but before proceeding further, look at how an app like Gojek works, business, and revenue model right here.

How Does Gojek Work -Explore Business Model Right Here!

Gojek is an on-demand multi-service platform and has a few segments that cater to the requirements of customers, drivers, and merchants. To understand how the super app works let’s understand the different segments right away.

For Customers
This segment includes the people who use different services that Gojek offers. The on-demand multi-service app provides a straightforward and reliable experience to the users. The customer segment involves:

  • People looking for quick access to multiple solutions;
  • Those who want reliable service at a reasonable price;
  • People looking for a variety of choices;
  • Personalities who need to enjoy fast and safe delivery.

For the customer segment, the value propositions from Gojek include:

  • The one-stop-shop for multiple requirements;
  • A different selection of reliable service providers and retailers;
  • Safe transactions.

Gojek For Consumers
An app like Gojek provides excellent service to users; check the app flow right here:

  • Search for Services
  •  Book the Service
  •  Pay for the Service
  • Get the Delivery

Gojek For Merchants
Gojek offers different services in collaboration with thousands of merchants who join ventures to extend their sales and business. A multi-service platform like Gojek provides the merchants the exposure and access to an enhanced customer base as well as merchants help the platform venture into different areas. Check how merchants can use Gojek right here:

  • Receive Order
  • Get the order ready
  • Delivery to the Driver

The process is similar to the services provided using a Gojek like app. Transactions are done with the help of GoPay, while GoBiz helps businesses manage a business with ease.

Gojek For Drivers
Delivery partners and drivers can partner with Gojek with a simple process; there are a few steps that drivers need to consider to use an app similar to Gojek.

  • Download the App
  • Registration
  • Verification
  • Make a Profile
  • Start providing service

The drivers and service providers need to follow the process to start working and earning with Gojek.

How to Super App Gojek Makes Money -Revenue Model

The super app, Gojek has created different income streams for the business; the income source that brings the most revenue is distributed as below; check them all to know how you can make money with the Gojek clone app.

Commission from Merchants
Gojek charges commissions from merchants who use the platform to sell their services. It’s one of the effective methods to make money; the platform makes it easier for merchants to expand their business and make more revenue in a short time. Merchants have to pay some part of the profit on every order from an on-demand multi-service platform.

Commission from Drivers
Delivery partners and drivers need to pay commission on every order they deliver. It’s the secondary model that helps you make money through the Gojek clone app. This proves to be a fruitful business model for drivers. The drivers are motivate to work and complete orders since they earn and receive rewards and bonuses for outstanding performances.

Service Charge from Customers
Customers must pay a service charge to use an app like Gojek to bring the host service to the doorsteps. The service charge is integrate into the bill, which is directly paid through GoPay. The charge is minimal, and customers are not burdened financially, helping brands develop their reach among customers.

It’s all you need to know about how Gojek works and makes money before you choose to develop a Gojek clone app. You need to understand the revenue model of the on-demand multi-service platform to know how it helps you earn enough profit. You must make sure that the business model is feasible with your budget to start a business. For more details and cost estimates for a Gojek clone, don’t hesitate to contact our team at [email protected].

Build Your Business Presence Online with Gojek Clone App Development

Gojek is a one-stop app that acts as a bridge between various services and customers. The platform is not limit to transportation services but offers many services, including courier, maid, massage, and others, with a single tap on a smart device. Hence, developing a Gojek clone app provides quick access to versatile services initially launched in the nearby area.

Once you have decided to develop a super app like Gojek, you can create a rough plan, approach an on-demand app development company, and utilize different options. If you are looking to make an app similar to Gojek, then have a quick look at the working and features right away with our gojek app demo.

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