Top 10 Taxi Booking Apps In The UK



Top 10 Taxi Booking Apps in the UK

The market for online taxi bookings is one of the fastest-growing in the world, with growth of $327.54 billion predicted by 2027 due to factors like increasing urbanization, technology advancements, and the popularity of on-demand mobility. Hailing a transport like a taxi is becoming increasingly common thanks to companies like Uber, Lyft, and Ola. The UK, like the majority of other nations in the globe today, is witnessing an increase in demand for efficient commuter services in its cities.

Despite this, the UK’s taxi booking industry is expanding, driven by several well-known applications. Through these platforms, users can travel, have fun, or move from one place to another safely, comfortably, and efficiently.

Statista states that the UK’s ride-hailing segment’s revenue is estimated at £4.97 billion in 2024, depicting the sector’s high economic contribution. This growth is powered by the rise of smartphone usage, the ease of cashless payments, and the desire for services on demand. 

Here, we will discuss the most effective taxi ordering applications for changing transportation in the UK. Whether it’s Uber or a local favourite like Addison Lee, all these apps will have various features to ensure your travel experience is seamless. Well, let’s get started and find out which taxi booking application is creating the ripples in the waters of the United Kingdom’s transport industry so that you do not have to worry about how you will reach point B from point A.

UK Online Taxi Booking Market Size and Forecast 

The global taxi market remains dynamic, with numerous changes ignited by innovation and consumer behavior changes. Online taxi booking companies have challenged the transportation business and have introduced affordable rates and user-friendly applications. 

The rise in cities and the gig labor market has increased the demand for on-demand transportation, leading to the widespread use of ride-hailing services worldwide.


Source: Allied Market Research

It was projected that the revenue in the ‘Ride-hailing’ segment of the shared mobility market in the United Kingdom would rise by one billion U. S. dollars between 2024 and 2028. 

Finally, the growth rate is projected to rise to 5 after eight straight years of growth, reaching a new peak in 2028 at 99 billion U.S. dollars.

  • According to the research, the four largest taxi companies in the UK aggregate less than 5 percent of industry revenue due to the high representation of self-employed agents, which increased due to the surge in demand and new opportunities for drivers to provide their services through the smartphone app platforms, such as Gett.
  • The UK taxi market is expected to generate $7,168 million in revenue by the end of 2020.
  • The taxi sector is anticipated to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.2% from 2020 to 2025.
  • The taxi sector predicts that by the end of 2025, revenue will need to reach US$12,214 million.

Build a User-centric Taxi Booking Application and Become the Next Market-leader Tomorrow !

Taxi Booking cta mockup

The rise of the need for startups in the United Kingdom with a taxi app solution also means the need for the right taxi booking app solution in the UK. You have to know your competitors before developing a taxi booking app for small businesses in the UK. This guide helps you learn about the taxi market and go through your best taxi booking apps ruling the UK market.

Top 10 Online Ride Hailing & Taxi Booking Apps in the UK

We have just discussed how the taxi booking apps in the UK are doing great, and many apps in the market provide excellent and advanced service. Now, let us get into the top 10 apps making transport and mobility across the UK efficient and effective. Such apps are designed to cover different instances, from economic means of transport to more comfort-oriented traveling.

1. Uber


Founded in 2009, Uber is an on-demand taxi booking app and service that is now operating in the United Kingdom. Uber facilitated the connection of individuals and introduced its services to book a cab in thousands of cities and over 70 nations worldwide.

Moreover, Uber’s business model has also gained immense popularity in the Gig economy. Uber also started its operations in the UK in 2012, starting in London and expanding to other important cities like Manchester, Birmingham, and Glasgow. They are a popular option for many visitors and UK residents, providing a wide range of services via their handy app.

  • Operating in major cities across the United Kingdom, you get a cab wherever you are.
  • UberX provides the lowest prices, UberXL can accommodate more passengers, and UberEXEC offers high-class travel.
  • Real-time vehicle location, driver feedback, and customer service around the clock give extra reassurance.
  • Ability to make convenient and secure payments through the app using a credit/debit card or PayPal.
  • Uber Green is a vehicle type that provides hybrid and electric vehicles for environmentally conscious passengers.

2. Bolt


Taxify, now known as Bolt, is the other taxi-booking application making great attempts in the UK market. Launched in 2013 in Estonia, Bolt continues to grow its presence and now serves customers in more than 45 countries. Service started in London in 2019 and has become popular among customers because of low prices and high productivity. Bolt’s priority is low prices and a high service level, so it can be a formidable competitor in the UK taxi booking market.

  • It can be relatively cheaper than other such services, making it good value for money.
  • Interactive and helpful application for easy and seamless reservation.
  • From regular trips to extra-big ones that can accommodate more passengers.
  • Emergency button in the app, verified drivers, and real-time trip progress.
  • Bolt Green deals with electric and hybrid cars.

3. Gett


Under the GetTaxi name, Gett is a well-established app that has been offering taxi services in the UK since 2011. Another way that Gett varies from some of its rivals is that it uses authorized black taxi drivers in London to deliver the service.

Gett currently provides its services in more than 100 major cities around the world and is strongly represented in the UK, with a particular focus on London, Manchester, and Edinburgh. Its concentration on corporate clients and high-end services differentiates it from other participants in the ride-hailing industry.

  • Get your professional experience with licensed black cab drivers.
  • Commercial solutions such as expense monitoring and trip tracking.
  • No surge pricing ever – transparent prices all the time.
  • A large number of black taxis also provide swift and reliable service.
  • Support for environmentally sustainable travel and carbon neutrality.

4. Addison Lee

taxi-blog-Addison Lee

In the UK cab and private hire industry, Addison Lee is a well-known brand name with roots dating back to 1975. Based in London, Addison Lee has a reputation for providing dependable and high-quality services to both corporations and the general public. As of 2019, Addison Lee operates 4,800 vehicles, ensuring good availability for riders throughout Greater London and nearby locations.

  • It is a renowned company with expertise, professional drivers, and high customer service standards.
  • Comprehensive travel management solutions for companies with account executives and extensive reporting.
  • Book your journey in advance via the app, website, or phone.
  • Rentals include cars and higher-end choices such as executive and luxury models.
  • Well-maintained cars with additional comfort options like Wi-Fi and charging stations.

5. FreeNow

taxi-blog-Free now

Mytaxi, now known as FreeNow, is a mobile application that offers taxi services in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. Established in 2009, FreeNow currently serves over 100 cities in nine countries. 

In the UK, FreeNow operates in major cities like London, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. It provides transportation between points by matching customers with licensed taxis and PHVs, integrating old-fashioned taxiing with new technology.

  • Offers connections between users and licensed taxis and PHVs in various cities across the UK.
  • User-friendly design for booking and managing rides.
  • Payments are made through an app with credit/debit cards or Apple Pay.
  • Safety measures like driver rating in the app, sharing trips, and real-time location guarantee a safe trip.
  • Commitment towards providing environment-friendly solutions such as electric and hybrid vehicles. 

6. Taxiapp UK

taxi-blog-taxi app UK

Taxiapp UK is one of the distinct companies operating in the United Kingdom taxi booking industry that licensed black cab drivers entirely. Taxiapp UK is a platform created to offer a local alternative to multinational ride-hailing services and to provide professional services to customers while contributing to the development of the domestic taxi market. Prioritizing the comfort and convenience of travelers in the United Kingdom’s capital city, Taxiapp UK offers a simple way to order black cabs with the help of experienced professionals.

  • Driven by the drivers themselves to provide justice and appropriate pay to the drivers.
  • All drivers are licensed black cab drivers with good knowledge of London roads.
  • They will not implement dynamic pricing and charge customers inconsistent and higher rates based on demand.
  • Intuitive design for fast and easy ordering of cabs.
  • Represents and supports the licensed ‘black cab’ trade in London.

7. Via


Via is a new innovative ridesharing application that has been making its presence in the UK and providing a more intelligent solution for people to travel within the cities. Via was started in 2012 in New York City and has continued to grow worldwide, including in London and other major cities in the United Kingdom. 

  • Via operates differently from other companies that offer carpooling services. The firm prioritizes using a dynamic routing system and ensuring shared rides.
  • Increases people’s willingness to share a ride to the same destination at a lower cost and with lower emissions.
  • This includes the application of high-tech formulas to produce the best routes and facilitate faster and smoother trips.
  • Compared to traditional taxis, ridesharing is a far more economical mode of transportation.
  • Minimizes traffic congestion and pollutants in the environment by reducing the usage of automobiles on the roads.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly application with functions for ordering, following, and controlling cars.

8. City Taxis

taxi-blog-City Taxis

A well-known taxi booking app in the UK with a long history and a large clientele, particularly in Sheffield, is called City Taxis. With more than 2000 vehicles in its fleet, Citi Taxis was founded in 1987 and has grown to become one of the biggest independent taxi firms in the nation. The business takes pride in providing reliable and safe land transportation services to locals and tourists.

  • Situate knowledge of Sheffield and surrounding areas to facilitate quick and accurate navigation.
  • Provides vehicles such as everyday saloons, four-wheel drives, and wheelchair-accessible taxis.
  • Functions continuously, ensuring reliable service availability at all times of the day and night.
  • Customers can order services via a mobile application, site, or phone, possibly ordering services now and later.
  • Consistent focus on backing local events and projects and better community involvement.

9. Avis


Globally recognized for its automobile rentals, Avis has expanded into the UK market to offer chauffeured vehicles and taxi booking services. Founded in 1946, Avis Car Rental Company has grown into a premium services and goods provider, including a large selection of cars for its clients. 

The Avis brand in the UK offers luxury taxi services, focusing on customers who want comfort, accessibility, and service.

  • Used globally due to its strict criteria and quality services.
  • Provides a variety of luxurious cars in good working condition for comfortable travel.
  • Professional and amiable chauffeurs are responsible for comfortable and secure transport.
  • Online and app reservations and bookings can be made via the website or by phone, with the possibility of pre-scheduling rides.
  • Dedicated service for corporate clients with extra attention to business travelers and airport transfer services.

10. Wheely


Wheely is a high-end Uber service that offers a selection of high-end transportation services for sophisticated travelers in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2010, Wheely is currently one of the most preferred options for customers seeking comfort, style, and reliability. Its premium models and professional drivers guarantee the quality of service for Wheely’s clients.

  • Offers a selection of the best cars and operates only comfortable sedan and crossover cars.
  • Exceptional service includes luggage assistance and door-to-door service by trained, experienced chauffeurs.
  • Helping customers choose their car type, preferred driver, and car features.
  • The app interface also allows easy booking, tracking, and payment, making the user experience more convenient.
  • It has a membership program that offers additional benefits for customers, which makes the experiences of loyal customers richer.

Wrapping Things Up

Finally, it is possible to state that the UK’s taxi booking market remains one of the most prospective ones due to factors such as the ongoing trend of urbanization, the development of innovations, and changes in custo mer behavior. Regardless of their specific needs or tastes, passengers have access to all the required transportation instruments, from the traditional black taxi to the upscale Uber and Lyft models.

The on-demand taxi app is the way of the future for the UK taxi booking industry, so any company interested in getting into this market should hire an experienced on-demand taxi app development company. These experts can provide tailored solutions based on cutting-edge technology, industry data, and current trends to create user-friendly applications that cater to riders’ and travelers’ demands.

Innovation and the increased interest in on-demand ride-booking services can help budding entrepreneurs capture the opportunities the UK market currently offers.


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