Top 10 Alcohol Delivery Apps That You Can’t Miss Trying in 2023


Top 10 Alcohol Delivery Apps in 2023

Top 10 Alcohol Delivery Apps That You Can’t Miss Trying in 2023

Delivery apps are convenient. Anything can easily be delivered with just a few taps from any of the smart devices. There is an app to order different things from fresh food to groceries to clothes. Just like we order groceries to get them delivered at home, we can order booze too. We discover it problematic if we need to go to the store every time we want a drink. But the most valuable thing is that there are the best alcohol delivery apps that enable you to get everything delivered right to your doorstep.

These apps are amazing and handy! They save energy and time; all you have to do is download the best app for alcohol delivery and order the booze, and now sit back, wait, and relax for your bottles of spirits. 

To assist you out, we have assembled a few of the best alcohol delivery apps you can consider using on your smart device. Whether you seek vodka, wines, beers, whiskey, and more, the delivery apps are a better option to choose. Let’s look over the alcohol delivery market right here to understand why the booze delivery solution is the perfect one to invest in. 

Top 10 Alcohol Delivery Apps

Liquor Delivery Market Overview: Have a Quick Look Over it!

E-commerce is a growing channel for alcoholic drink sales; however, the pandemic has accelerated its importance globally. The indisputable value evolution will be rendered in more than 10 counties. With brand owners and retailers investing heavily in the channel, the U.S. is on track to overtake China. It has returned it as the ultimate market for online alcohol sales.

Liquor Delivery Market Overview

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The global alcoholic beverages market was measured to reach around $1,439 billion in 2017. The market is forecasted to increase and reach nearly $1,684 billion by 2025, registering a 2.0% of a CAGR growth between 2018 and 2025. Most cultures have traditionally opted for different types of alcoholic beverages. The local alcoholic beverages account for the majority share; a small number have transformed into commodities that produce commercial to a great extent.

global alcoholic beverages market

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Looking at the growing alcohol delivery market, many business owners are choosing to develop the best alcohol delivery app that helps them automate business operations and efficiently satisfy all the growing requirements. If you own a beer, wine, or alcohol delivery business, then you can even choose to invest in ready-to-use booze delivery software that helps you automate your business operations.

Best Alcohol Delivery Applications: Check the Complete List Here to Find the Perfect One in 2023

Liquor delivery services are one of the best ways to keep your collection well-stocked without the requirement for a trip to a physical store. Today, more and more alcohol or booze delivery applications are available in the market. Are you in search of the best app for alcohol delivery to quench your thirst? Here is a list of the top and best alcoholic delivery apps around the world. This handful of reliable booze delivery services makes the ordering and delivery process easier and faster.

1. Drizly

Drizly Alcohol Delivery App

Drizzly is a well-known app that helps you select from a variety of drinks such as wine, liquor, and beer. Best app for alcohol delivery experienced a 62% revenue in 2017, compared to wine experienced an increase in online sales for beer and liquor with 21.2%.

Drizly has partnered with almost 2,600 retailers across North America to deliver wine, beer, and spirits right to consumers’ doors. The image right below shows average order sizes on Drizly, sales, and customer purchasing behavior on the Drizly platform.

average order sizes on Drizly

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The sales growth baseline hovered above 400% in May. During the 5/17 week, sales were measured around 391% over baseline or what we would have predicted to look at during the time. It is an outstanding app to get liquor at markup prices. The application delivers its service in provincial areas and operates in a majority of cities in Boston, New York, and more.


  • Wide options available
  • Reasonable prices
  • Same-day deliveries


  • Same-day or delivery in one hour is now possible for the same day
  • The shipping cost differs depending on the vendor


  • Prices for booze your purchase
  • Additional $1.99 service fee
  • A $5 delivery fee is applied to every box

2. Minibar Delivery

Minibar Delivery Alcohol Delivery App

It’s perfect for a last-minute party and also for those who want to drink before going out as they deliver in less than an hour. The site is discovered in cities such as Palm Beach, Chicago, Miami, and more.  

Minibar Delivery offers a different gift set during holidays. Based in New York, Minibar provides its service in 50 American cities and shipping in more than 40 states. It connects customers with local stores and vineyards and helps them order the booze to get it delivered to their doors.


  • Partners with local liquor stores
  • It delivers your booze in less than 30 minutes
  • Providers valuable suggestions


  • Offers service in limited places
  • Minimum order requirement


  • You ought to pay what you order
  • Delivery fees vary depending on store partners

3. Saucey

Saucey Alcohol Delivery App

You can choose to party at any time you like with the help of the best app for alcohol delivery like Saucey. This booze delivery app allows you to get your liquor delivered with a few clicks of a button. You get the opportunity to choose from seasonal drinks, fan favorites, local picks, and more from the convenience of your home in just 30 minutes. With huge options like liquors such as Tequila, Vodka, wine, whiskey, and beers, it will help you find your taste with ease.


  • Delivery within 30 minutes
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Delivery at anyplace


  • Offers services at limited states such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York
  • The delivery cost might vary from one vendor to another one


  • You need to pay around $4.99 delivery fee for every order

4. GoPuff

GoPuff Alcohol Delivery App

GoPuff is a meal and beverages delivery application that helps you get everything delivered right to your preferred location within 30 minutes. The easy-to-use platform also helps you get your favorite liquor delivered; the best part is that it provides late-night deliveries as well.


  • Individuals can get everything delivered late at night
  • Minimum delivery fees
  • Provides delivery in around 1,000 cities


  • Offers services in a few state


  • Delivery fees of around $1.95 every time

5. Boxed

Boxed Alcohol Delivery App

It is the best alcohol delivery app that delivers a wide range of products, including fresh groceries, snacks, and much more. Boxed is one of the best options to get a bunch of goods for different parties or occasions. You can expect delivery in 2 or fewer days; its delivery services are available in New York, California, and Massachusetts.


  • Bulk items cost less than smaller packages
  • Provides home delivery without a membership
  • Boxed-up provides free shipping
  • Boxed Express offers same-day delivery for grocery


  • Standard orders can take around 4 business days to arrive
  • Boxed Up is $49 per year
  • Boxed Express is available in select cities
  • The delivery time slots are limited
  • Shipping fees for orders under $75


  • The cost is around $49 per year
  • Provides free shipping on orders around $19.98

6. Craft Beer Club

Craft Beer Club Alcohol Delivery App

The best alcohol delivery solution that delivers craft beers to your doors. Craft Beer Club delivers the most delinquent beers to the door each month. Craft Beer Club has flexibility in the style and amount of beer shipped and how often you receive it.

  • Good variety of domestic microbrews;
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee;
  • Flexible membership.


  • No control over what you receive;
  • Does not provide gift notification by traditional mail;
  • Gift shipments aren’t sent out immediately.


  • Affordable at just $45 a month
  • Free shipping within the continental U.S.

7. Total Wine

Total Wine Alcohol Delivery App

Total wine is the best place to find liquor, beer, and more. The perfect app for alcohol delivery provides a same-day delivery facility in more than 24 states. There is a wide or huge range of options available on the app, ensuring to provide a personal experience to each and every user.

  • Provide a superior shopping experience
  • Huge range of wine and beer to choose from


  • Offers delivery service in limited areas


  • Low price on an identical in-stock item

8. Firstleaf

Firstleaf Alcohol Delivery App

It provides domestic and international beer and alcohol delivery services to customers. You can select instant delivery or schedule it at your convenience. The company has partnered with wine producers and helped you save around 60% off retail prices. The alcohol delivery platform provides service in more than 47 states, including Washington D.C.


  • Award-winning Wines
  • Personalized Selections


  • The platform doesn’t allow you to provide detailed feedback


  • Firstleaf charges $79.98 and $9.95 shipping as well as appropriate sales taxes.
  • Elevate to a 12-bottle membership after the willing shipment for $159.95 with free shipping

9. Wine Park

Wine Park Alcohol Delivery App

The eCommerce website is great. Wine Park is the best option if you are looking to identify wines; it brings around 200 wines, local and imported, to the doorstep with a click of a button. The liquor site is amazingly arranged by features, styles, types, producers, regions, and countries.


  • Wine Park provides in-depth tasting notes for each order
  • The notes such as tannin profiles and acidity as included
  • Referring the site to a friend gives you $40 off your next box of wines


  • No option to choose the shipper
  • Cancellation is only allowed within 1 hour after ordering
  • Takes fewer days for booze delivery during holidays as well as festivals


  • Depending on the wines and other liquor you choose

10. Caskers

Caskers Alcohol Delivery App

The easy-to-use and feature-rich app for alcohol delivery helps people to search for craft sprites. Additionally, you don’t have to expend the membership fees; you can simply select and get your liquor delivered to your home.

  • Great service and choice
  • Fast and easy to use


  • Lack of interaction


  • Prices might vary depending on what customers select and the same for the delivery.

Ending Note

On-demand liquor is a rewarding and promising business sector that continues to flourish even after the pandemic spread. Hence it’s the best and most effective time to invest in the alcohol delivery app solution. Whether it’s New Year’s Eve, Christmas party, or another occasion, an on-demand liquor delivery app makes it easier for you to get your favorite drink delivered to your doorstep.

If you have a wine, beer, or liquor business and are looking to automate the same, then White Label Fox is here to help you right away. Get in touch with a dedicated and experienced team to get development costs and have further details right away at [email protected].

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