Top 9 Online Grocery Delivery Service Providers In South Africa

Top Grocery Service Providers

Top 9 Online Grocery Delivery Service Providers In South Africa

Keeping the grocery list in your mind when you go to the grocery store doesn’t fail to drain your physical and mental strength, but can you always keep it in your brain to bring the grocery shopping list along with you to buy all the required items? In fact, do you remember how much rice, milk, or oil was left in your home? How frustrating those things are, aren’t they? These things used to happen in every home in the past. However, thanks to rapidly evolving technology and its brilliant implementation in real life, it has already revolutionized the way we shop. We live in an era where everything is at your fingertips! This tech-world has greatly obliged, completely eliminated physical efforts, and saved time. No matter what you wish, food delivery, taxi booking, grocery delivery, handyman service, medicine delivery, or anything else.

All it takes is a few taps on your smartphone or other device to order your needs. Because of its Greater convenience and seamless accessibility, the online grocery delivery service has been immensely popular in the past couple of years. In on-demand services, the grocery delivery business has grabbed the attention of entrepreneurs for their startups.

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As per Business Statista’s reports, the online grocery delivery market is expected to reach a whopping $627.30 billion by 2023 globally. And The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to a significant surge in the online grocery market. But if you are from South Africa and want to explore more about the on-demand grocery delivery business, then this blog is for you. Which elaborates on the best grocery delivery service providers in South Africa.

Online grocery delivery service market size

For business owners looking for a cost-effective and reliable grocery delivery service in South Africa, which is predicted to have massive market volume growth by 2027, there is a range of options available. Multiple providers offer their services, each with their own distinct advantages. It is crucial to conduct decent research before making a final decision to ensure the best fit for your needs. For that, let’s begin with the list of the top 10 on-demand grocery delivery providers to understand their exceptional customer service in delivering groceries.


pick n pay

Pick n Pay is considered to be the second-largest chain in South Africa and was established in 1967. Vassco Distributors showcases its business services across various Southern African regions, including Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe. The company has also set its sights on expanding its business services to Malawi. In 2010, Raymond Ackerman acquired Pick n Pay from Jack Goldin in Cape Town. By 2018, Pick n Pay had established its presence in over 1,600 locations across seven South African countries.



Snapnsave is an on-demand grocery delivery platform for online grocery ordering services. The key highlight of this app is that it also provides cashback when customers shop. After purchasing the item, capture a photo of it and upload it to the platform. The corresponding cash amount will be credited to your SnapnSave e-wallet. You have the option to transfer that cash directly to your South African bank account.



The online delivery service offers outstanding service in South Africa; it is a Cape Town-based platform. The platform was founded by Lynton Peters to offer a streamlined and improved service experience. OneCart offers a wide range of stores to choose from, making it convenient for customers to have their desired items delivered directly to their homes. Customers can easily shop for their desired items such as groceries,  pharmacy, liquor, and wellness items from their preferred supermarkets within the online platform.



Zulzi is one of the best and top grocery service providers in South Africa. It was founded by Vutlharhi Valoyi in 2013 and was first introduced to the market in 2016. Zulzi initially established itself as an e-commerce business catering specifically to students. However, in response to a significant increase in demand and growing interest from a broader audience, Zulzi expanded its services to serve almost everyone.

Following its remarkable success in South Africa, the grocery delivery provider has geared up to extend its business services beyond Johannesburg. Zulzi has set its sights on launching its operations in Cape Town, Pretoria, Durban, and several other locations as part of its expansion plans. It allows customers to order groceries online and get them delivered to their doorstep within 15 minutes, which distinguishes it in the market. It enables the customers to order groceries like vegetables, meat, alcohol, etc. between the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. This company is actively seeking to expand its range of services and enhance its offerings in the near future. The company handles over 2,000 orders every day and is excited about providing even more services in the future.



Postmates is a well-known grocery delivery service provider that was founded in 2011 by Bastian Lehmann, Sam Street, and Sean Plaice. It is located in San Francisco, California. Back in 2014, Postmates launched its app interface, enabling businesses to provide exceptional delivery services for various products. With millions of completed deliveries and a network of over 6,000 drivers, the company has established itself as a reliable provider.

Postmates specializes in delivering high-quality, restaurant-prepared meals, meeting customers’ demands for fantastic dining experiences brought directly to their doorstep. It also lets the customer order food, groceries, and drinks, You receive the items at your doorstep, by simply entering your address and selecting the items. Postmates is offering the service in more than 2,940 U.S. cities and generating billions of dollars in revenue.



GoPuff is a very popular grocery delivery platform that was founded by Yakir Gola and Rafael Ilishayev in 2013. The platform was originally established as a hookah delivery service; later, the venue expanded its offerings to include the delivery of various goods and food items commonly found in local stores. Starting its delivery service in Philadelphia, Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, Phoenix, and numerous other cities, the company aimed to cater to a wider range of customer needs. It is successfully operating in more than 200 locations. The headquarters are located in Philadelphia.

Customers can easily order food, groceries, snacks, electronics, essentials, beverages, and much more through GoPuff. Moreover, GoPuff ensures speedy delivery right to customers’ doorsteps within just 30 minutes. GoPuff charges around $2.95 per delivery to your doorstep. To date, the platform has successfully fulfilled the needs of millions of customers, earning their loyalty and admiration.



Yebo Fresh is a grocery delivery service serving nearly all the day-to-day needs of the people in Cape Town. Jessica Boonstra established this online business. It was originally founded in a garage in Hout Bay, but the company has expanded its operations to occupy a sizable warehouse. Customers now have the ease of purchasing thousands of grocery items from the on-demand platform, as per their specific needs and preferences. A tech-driven company has raised the service in different countries during the pandemic situation. It has expanded its service and is now considered one of the top delivery service providers in South Africa. Customers can also order items like food, groceries, drinks, and many more within the app.


Akhigbe supermarket.webp

Akhigbe African Supermarket was establish in 2011 by Kingsley Akhigbe and Rita. The combination of their knowledge and skills enabled the couple to establish a distinctive presence for their business. The couple initiated their business by launching it with the aim of offering customers a convenient one-stop shop for African groceries, Nigerian meals, and beauty supplies that are safe, affordable, and of high quality.



Vassco Distributors, headquartered in Pretoria, Gauteng, is a leading wholesale company that dominates the market in grocery and beverage delivery. The platform extends its delivery services for groceries to meet the demands of restaurants, catering services, and hotels. Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vassco Distributors expanded its business to include households, offering wholesale pricing to cater to the needs of individual customers.



Today, you can find a number of grocery service providers across the country. This evolving on-demand service is not assumed to follow a similar business model or strategy. It will vary according to the region. Entrepreneurs need to keep in mind that there are 54 countries in Africa. So, it would be quite frustrating to put up a new business venture. So, if you plan to kick off your grocery delivery service, you need to come up with a compelling and reliable business strategy in order to ensure the fruitful survival of your business in the fierce marketplace. Let’s get connected to discuss more:[email protected]

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