How to Develop Uber Trucks Delivery App For Startup Business?

tow truckHow to Develop Uber Truck Delivery App For Startup Business?

Today, it can’t define that uber is just an ordinary on-demand app to connect passengers and driver.

Uber has now become a part of the sharing economy and transfers a relationship among customer and those who offer these services.

Now, uber not only limited for the taxi industry, but it also entered in the trucking and freight market and called Uber Freight.

The main aim of this application is to connect trucking companies and their drivers with shippers in just a one-click.

The Idea For Uber Truck Delivery Application

The local trucking industries are fragmented because of an empty container. The cost of repositioning the empty bottle is the same as the full container.

And moving empty trucks won’t make any money for any logistics company. For this, longer a truck wait to be filled, to gain higher the cost.

To stop this, the local truck industry needs a solution. It will contact the freight merchant, and connect to the carrier.

But, the merchant charges up to 20%, which is not suitable for any logistics company in the 21st century.

Similar to uber like an app which connects passenger and driver, Uber transportation app fills the gap between shipper and truckers. It will eliminate the need for a merchant.

The freight industry can benefits, which can increase the visibility of the company, and most important minimize the trucks moving with an empty container.

How Uber For Truck Delivery App can Make Money?

Uber for a truck delivery app can establish a direct connection between shipper and carrier.

It offers user-friendly pricing policy for both shipper and truckers. For instance, you may keep your transportation app free for carrier and charge 1-3% of shippers for load value, or from the total cost amount.

And if the shipper and carriers can attract to use uber for track delivery app for the business; you can offer premium services to higher profits.

Benefits of Uber Truck Delivery app For trucking & Freight industry:

Benefits For OwnerBenefits for Trucking Business Owner:

Real-time Tracking: 

A truck owner can easily track their driver and truck location in real time using the admin panel.

Improve efficiency and productivity:
The truck app will improve the richness of the business, as there are no un-utilized trucks.

Expand Your Business:
Uber-like app for your trucking business, it can ensure a better shipment booking experience. Carriers can get more business from their existing customers and expanding their business faster.

Benefits For Provider:

Get a New Request:
A driver will get new load pickup and drop request from a carrier. They can get a new offer with an ability to accept and reject option.

Access information about the job:
Once a provider accepts any load request, he will get information about the situation, including pickup location, time of pickup, shipment destination, load weight, and other information.

Benefits For Shippers:

Easy Booking:
Shippers can easily schedule a shipment booking delivering with required details like load weight, drop, pickup time, and other information needed.

Tacking Shipment:
Shippers can easily track the shipment using uber freight application. With the live tracking features, the customer knows exactly where their package.

Secure Payment Option:
Once the package is delivered at the right place, a shipper can easily and securely pay using the application. They will get a receipt with all the charges services.

Review & Rating:
When the driver completes the delivery, shippers can give a review and rating to the driver and services.

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Final Word:

After knowing the benefits of uber truck delivery, you might be interested in developing you are own uber for freight for your truck business. White Label Fox will offer uber for a truck for your business. Contact us for more details.

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