7 Factors To Be Consider While Startup Your Uber Like App Development

Factors To Be Consider While Uber Like App Development

7 Factors To Be Consider While Startup Your Uber Like App Development

Uber-like taxi apps have been beneficial for the people who want to ignore the irritation of traffic and want to be on time.

Evolution of taxi booking app development is changing the taxi industry. The success of uber is a guideline factor for all the on-demand taxi apps.

The uber taxi app becomes more popular now it is available in over more than 80 countries across the world.

Many people want to replicate the idea of uber and want to launch its own uber like app development.

If you are also one of them to starting your own on-demand uber like app development, you must need to factors must include at the development time.

There are already many players in the market. How to make your unique taxi booking app development. You have a clear understanding of what is need of uber clone and how to popular your app development.

Check out the seven factors you should consider while developing a successful Uber-like app development.

Scope & Competition

Before start to the development of uber clone app, its need to understand the competitors in the market where you want to introduce your services. If you want to launch it in a small town than first identify the scope of the user, how many people use this type of services. If it is in the metro city, identify your competitors first, and analysis what their offering and think about how to do different then and become more popular.

Basic of Uber App

If you are at here; you trying to start up your taxi business. First of all, you have a basic concept of uber clone app, and how its work? Mainly the uber has three different products like passenger app, driver app, and admin dashboard.

Primary Feature of Passenger App:

  • A user can log in via social sites or registration form
  • Select the ride vehicle as per needed
  • Search for the nearest driver
  • Option for a ride now or schedule ride
  • An easy call to a driver from the app
  • Cancel trip with a specific reason
  • Generate invoice details of a ride
  • Apply to coupon & invite friends
  • Multiple payment options for ride

Primary Feature of Driver App:

  • A driver can log in via social sites or manual form
  • Submit their required document for verification
  • Get a new ride request from the user
  • Go to online/offline with a toggle option
  • An easy call to a user from the app
  • Also, allow rejecting any ride
  • View the earning reports of a trip
  • Update the status of a ride during the journey

Real-Time Tracking

While you are developing an app like uber, real-time tracking, and GPS location feature is essential in your app. GPS feature plays a significant role in taxi booking apps. The tracking features help both users and drivers to track each other location from their location. A user can find a driver and driver easily search the pickup location of the user using the GPS. It also identifies the fastest and comfortable route of any particular ride.

Payment Features

In the taxi booking app after the source and destination location user can view the estimation fare about how much time and price of the booking ride. The automatic price calculation is beneficial for users. The app generates the invoice details with the complete information of the trip. The taxi booking app should provide multiple payment options like a credit card, wallet, or cash on delivery.

Unique Feature

When you do competitors analysis, you see that the number of uber clone apps is already available in the market. The big question for you, how to brings your app to the market and reach it to users and why they use your apps instead of your competitors. You have to include your unique feature, which is not available in your competitor’s apps. So, introduce the unique feature in your app and say your users to advantages of it. In the current market, if you want to be your space, you must introduce something new for your users.

Instant Notification

The immediate notification is essential features in the booking apps because of its real-time working app. When any user requests a ride, after the booking ride the nearest driver notifies the someone book the new ride and option for select or reject it. The notification is also helpful when your driver arrives at your pickup location, payment information, and more. The push notification feature also required in the admin panel. The mash notification used when admin want to send the messages to drivers, users, or both they can send the mass notification together to all users.

Stunning UI Design

If you developed an above all the module very well, but your app UI design poor, it’s worthless. The taxi booking app must have a vibrant and user-friendly interface, so user quickly understands the workflow and usage of the app. So You need to make sure that the app has a user-friendly interface. When you develop an uber clone app, it must be simple, interactive, smooth, and bug-free.

We are developing an uber like app development is extremely time-consuming and complicated. White Label Fox provides a fully customized taxi booking script with a user, passenger, and powerful admin dashboard. We will help you to build your on-demand taxi booking app that is most suitable for your business.

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