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Get started your own Uber clone apps within 72 hours. If you are want to start up your own online uber taxi booking business? You are at the right place; we provide on-demand white label taxi booking software for your startup. Our Uber taxi booking software includes native Android & iOS user & driver apps like uber with fully customized admin dashboard, provider dashboard, dispatcher dashboard, Fleet Dashboard, and account manager dashboard. To build your uber clone app contact us.

Uber Clone App Script Offers

uber clone app offers

Our on-demand white label taxi booking software offers web and app including:

  • User Android App
  • User iOS App
  • Driver Android App
  • Driver iOS App
  • Main Site
  • Admin Web Panel
  • Driver Web Panel
  • User Web Panel

Uber Clone App – User App Features

uber clone app - user

User must signup first time with basic information & login for taxi booking.
Social Login
User can signup and log in through social media site like Facebook, Google, etc.
Vehicle Detail
User can view the full details of a vehicle like a vehicle number, owner details and more.
Select Ride Vehicle
User has an option of selecting a ride vehicle type like luxury, van, etc. based on their requirement.
Schedule Ride
User can fix future ride schedule using later ride option, or they can ride instantly also.
Easy Call
User can call a taxi driver for any query related to taxi ride within the app.
Cancel Ride
User can cancel the ride with the reason of cancelation.
Invoice Detail
User views the full details of ride invoice like total distance, ride time and payment details.
Look For Driver
User can see where the nearest drivers are in real time in mobile apps.
User can use a coupon and promo code to get a discount on the ride.
Reviews & Ratings
User can give a review and rating at the end time of trip based on their ride experience.
Payment Option
User can pay the ride charges via cash, cards, and Wallet.

Uber Clone App – Driver App Features

uber clone - driver app
If any driver wants to start service, they must signup and send a request to admin with basic information.
Social Login
Providers can log in through social media site like Facebook, Google, etc.
Submit Document
After account approved, they must submit valid documents like vehicle documents, driving license and more.
Get Trip Request
They can get a trip request from a user with the full details of the ride location.
Manage Profile
Driver manages their profile with profile picture, change basic information and password.
Driver can set their status online/offline; they can work in comfortable hours.
Reject Ride
Driver also rejects taxi ride if wrong address request is getting by a user or other reasons.
Earning Reports
They can see their daily, weekly, and yearly ride earning reports with date and time.
User Verification
Before a trip started, they verify the user through SMS and email.
Invoice Detail
They can view the full details of ride invoice like total distance, ride time and payment details.
Easy Call
Driver can call to a user for any query related to riding within the app.
Update Status
They can change the trip status like upcoming, running, and closed after trip completed.

Uber Clone User & Driver App Live Demo

Uber Clone App – Admin Dashboard Features

Quick view system highlight in graphical form through dashboard like a total ride, cancel a trip, revenue, and recent rides.
Today’s Ride
Admin can view today's trip request with user id, user name, provider id, provider name, service type, and trip location.
Completed & Scheduled Ride
Admin can see all the completed & upcoming ride with user id, provider id, service type, date & time, and startup & destination location.
Account Manager Details
Admin can see the admin manager details with id, name, contact, email, banking details, and a total number of request.
Mass Notification
Admin can send the mass notification to all users and drivers or send based on specific conditions users & drivers.
Fleet Details
Using the help of dashboard admin check the fleet details with how many vehicles are managed by one person, with total completed & pending request.
Online Providers
Admin can see currently online providers details with name, email, contact details, total pending, approved, and completed request.
Un-Approved Providers
Admin can view unapproved providers details with name, email, contact details, city, vehicle details, documents, and bank details.
Dispatcher Details
Admin can also view dispatcher details with name, email, contact details, banking details, completed and requested request.
User Details
Admin can see users details with name, email, contact details, city, total sent request, completed request, and pending request.
Ratings & Reviews
Admin can see all the users and provider rating & review with id, user name, provider name, comments, date & time details.
Tracking Map
Admin can track the live location of the driver using the GPS. They can check pickup and destination address of the trip.
Payment Settings
Admin set the payment settings like Commission Percentage, Provider Commission Percentage, Currency, Tax percentage, cash and stripe type payments.
Approved Providers
Admin can check approved providers details with name, email, contact details, total pending, approved, and completed request.
Canceled Ride
Admin can view canceled ride list which is canceled by the user, provider, or admin self with the reason of cancellation.
Admin can see the daily, weekly, and yearly statements with details of total revenue, total no of rides and total canceled rides.

Uber Clone App – Admin Panel Demo

Web Demo

Admin Panel

User Name : [email protected]
Password : 123456

Driver Panel

User Name : [email protected]
Password : 123456

User Panel

User Name : [email protected]
Password : 123456

Get Advanced Features ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Payment Option
Our Uber clone offers total secure payment gateway for users. We offer multiple payment options like cash, credit cards, and wallets. We have also provided internal Wallet for a driver.
Schedule Ride
A user has an option for a ride now or later time. A user can schedule a trip before 8 days with date and time. A system auto select available drivers at the ride schedule time and sent the request.
Multi-lingual Script
Taxi booking software used for wide-range of the area. People communicate in the different language in a particular region. Our clone script offers multi-language, so the system is available for any location.
Call Between Driver & User
Our clone script offers communication features for a user and drivers. A user and drivers can call each other with a single tap. The call feature is a handy feature at an emergency time and privacy for users.
Change App & Logo Color
If you are want to change logo and app color based on your requirement? We offer you a customizable color option for app & logo that help to match your branding.
Taxi Hailings
Every people have not a smartphone and don't use the taxi booking software, or sometimes someone wants to book a taxi on the road, the system offers hailings features. A user simply requests for ride and driver marked as hailed and start a trip in the app.

Uber Clone App Screenshots


Frequently Asked Questions

You can see the live demo on our website. If you want to more details contact – [email protected]

Yes, the product script supports multilingual.

Yes, our scripts codes are flexible. You can customize codes according to your requirements.

In our clone script no limit for a number of users & drivers.

The only dedicated server is used for the script. Any Linux based server is work for the software. We suggest server – AWS and DigitalOcean.

Our script is developed in Laravel V5.7, My SQL V4.7.4, and PHP V7.1.11. Our Android app script is supported in above all Jelly Bin Android versions.

Yes, we are offering best web hosting services as per your requirements.

Yes, we offer you with 3-month free technical support. You can contact us at 24*7 hours using email, skype or phone number.

Driver details position for pickup and pre pickup is working based on Google Latitude-Longitude address. Our script is tracking a location through google map’s Live Lat-Long address.

The script requires – Twilio SMS gateway, Payment Gateway (PayPal, authorize.net, and Stripe), Google Map Key, Apple Developer account, Play store Developer account, and pubnub services.

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