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Launch your own on-demand taxi booking application with our Uber clone script solution. Get our fully customized Uber clone app script for your startup business.
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Fox-Taxi – Uber Clone App

If you want to startup your taxi booking business like Uber? A complete ready-to-use white label taxi booking solution is the best solution for you! White Label Fox develop a fully customized Uber clone app script including user app, driver app with web panels of super admin, dispatcher admin, and billing admin. We provide a best uber clone script with all necessary features that must be required to successful business startup.

We offer unique and advanced features absolutely free like multi-language and multi-currency, it’s very useful to lunch the taxi app script in your region. Our uber clone app script is completely white labeled so you get the app with your own brand name, logo, currency, and language. Get our Fox-Taxi – Uber clone script with source code at a lower price than other competitors.


Our On-Demand taxi booking app script offers
user-friendly web panels and applications

We offer a highly customizable and cost-effective uber clone script for taxi solutions that are integrated with advanced features. We deliver solution along with other deliverables such as:

  • Rider Android app

  • Rider iOS app

  • Driver Android app

  • Driver iOS app

  • Super Admin Panel

  • Dispatcher Web Panel

  • Account Web Admin

  • Static Landing Website (Single Page)


Uber Clone App – User App Features

Our on-demand Uber Clone App comes with myriad of modern features
that sets your taxi business apart from the competition
Social Login
Social Login

A user can signup and log in through social media site like Facebook, Google, etc.

Book for Someone Else
Select Vehicle

User has an option of selecting a ride vehicle type like Sedan, SUV, luxury etc based on their requirement.

Track Users
Track Driver Location

After the driver accepts the ride request, the rider can track a driver’s live location.

Payment Option
Flexible Payment

A user has flexible payment methods such as cash, credits and wallet to pay for a ride request.

View Driver Rating
Reviews & Ratings

User can give a review and rating at the end time of trip based on their ride experience.

Scheduled Ride
Schedule Ride

A user can book a new ride request now or schedule for a future trip. A user can book ride up to 4 days before.

Uber Clone App – Driver App Features

Leverage on-demand Uber Clone App’s emerging driver app
features to make the overall riding experience seamless
Manage Trip Request
Get Trip Request

Once Upon the driver’s successful registration, a driver will get a ride request placed by a user from the nearest location.

Ride Statics
Ride Statics

Let drivers get a detailed insight into the total number of rides, completed rides, total earnings, and much more with ease.

Uber Clone Features Call to Driver
Call to User

In case of any difficulties, a driver can call to the user without leaving the app and resolve all the doubts.

Map Navigation
Map Navigation

A driver can use Google Maps navigation within the application and find the best possible route to reach the destination.

Set Availibility

A driver can set their profile status online/offline; they get a new ride request while profile status online.

Manage Profile
Manage Profile

Edit, view, or update profile information like email, contact, and payment details within the driver application without any hassle.

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Uber Clone User & Driver App Live Demo

Check our Uber Taxi Clone step by step Work-flow
with the User and Driver App

Uber Clone App – Super Admin Web Features

Checkout admin web features of our Uber clone taxi
booking app to make informed business decisions
super admin web features
Uber Clone App Script Dashboard

Dashboard represents the total site statics, ride statics, revenue details in the graphical form. Admin can view the recent rides list with the ride status.

Today’s Ride
Today’s Ride

Admin can view today’s ride request with user name, driver name, pickup & destination address, ride fare, ride time, and ride status.

Mass Notification
Mass Notification

Admin sends the mass notification to all users, drivers or both. When admin wants to send a message to all users or drivers they use the push notification.


Admin can check the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly ride statements including the total number of rides, revenue, completed and canceled rides details.

Online Providers
Online Providers

Admin can see currently online drivers list with details of name, email, contact details, city, profile status, ride statements, history of their rides.

Manual Booking
Manual Booking

Admin has the option to book a manual ride booking for any users. Admin book the ride with details of user contact number, ride location, date & time, and assign the nearest driver.

View Driver Rating
Ratings & Reviews

Admin can view the rating & review of the individual ride with the ride details – ride id, user-driver name, rating, comments, and date & time.

Uber Clone App – Admin Panel Demo

Check our Uber clone app admin web panel
features of in Video tutorial
uber clon admin mockup
Buckle Up For Innovation! Let’s Create Your Groundbreaking Taxi App
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Be it web panels or Android & iOS applications, our Uber clone solution is designed and developed using emerging tech stacks that help you automate and streamline your business in an efficient way.


Google Maps

Google Maps





















Android Studio

android studio


html 5


css 3

Get Advanced Features ABSOLUTELY FREE!

We offer a below list of all features
Payment Option
Payment Option

Our Uber clone offers a secure payment gateway for users. We offer multiple payment options like cash, credit cards, and wallets. We have also provided an internal Wallet for a driver.

Scheduled Ride
Schedule Ride

A user has an option for a ride now or later time. A user can schedule a trip before 8 days with date and time. A system auto select available drivers at the ride schedule time and sent the request.

Multilingual Script
Multilingual Script

Expand your local transportation business without any language barrier, as our taxi booking software comes with multiple languages and allows users to book taxis as language preferences.

Uber Clone Features Call to Driver
Call Between Driver & User

Let users using the app and the drivers call each other up with just a tap if they’re having any location troubles—our clone script’s got it all breezy for you.

Change App & Logo Color
Change App & Logo Color

Establishing your brand image in the crowded market is as easy as our solution. Let businesses change logos, app colour, themes, and much more.

Taxi Hailings
Taxi Hailings

For those without smartphones or facing internet issues or those wanting to hail a taxi on the spot, our taxi booking software includes a hailing feature.

Why Choose Our Uber Clone Script?

Offering a Comprehensive Uber Clone solution that is scalable and robust

Keeping business expansion in mind, our Uber clone script is scalable grows with your business and helps you fulfill customers’ expectations.

Enjoy the flexibility to customize various features and functionalities according to your business requirements, ensuring personalized solutions align with your goal.

We develop Uber clone apps using emerging technologies and guarantee robust performance, security and user experience.

Get one year of free technical support for your Uber clone platform, ensuring that any issue or bug is quickly addressed.

Our Uber clone solution has extensive branding options, allowing entrepreneurs to customise the app with their logo, name, and branding elements.

Our team can integrate additional features into your Uber clone app to meet the unique requirements of your business, enhancing its functionality and providing added value to your users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your questions in an instant

Uber Clone is a readymade platform that allows entrepreneurs to launch an online taxi booking business. Uber clone is a replica of the original Uber app and comes with all the necessary modules that allow business owners to run the taxi business smoothly.

Developing an Uber clone app asks for full-proof planning. From finding the best business model to consulting an Uber clone app development company to feature integration, below are steps to be followed:

  1. Work on the business model
  2. Hire skilled developers
  3. Share your business requirements
  4. Integrate necessary features
  5. Test and launch

We’ll never stop improving the product and introducing new features and issue fixes.

Every time we release a new version, we will send you the updated source code files if you qualify for free updates.
Reinstallations of websites, mobile apps, and submissions will incur additional fees, even while updates are free.

Indeed, we accept unique features that are introduced after a product is purchased. For further pricing information, please email us at [email protected]

After the launch, you can connect with our technical support team via email or Skype. They will assist you as soon as possible.

White Label Fox consistently ranked first as one of the best Uber clone solution providers, thanks to its appealing interface and fully functional modules.

Uber Clone is a readymade platform that enables business owners to transform their operations with a better solution. Moreover, a readymade Uber clone script allows entrepreneurs to go online at a cost-effective rate while spending less on development and other IT resources.

A ready-made, fully customisable solution, Uber Clone can be used to create any kind of ride-sharing business. We are unable to provide technical support, nevertheless, once the source code files have been altered.

Yes, we are open and honest with our clientele. And we genuinely get your wish to be the owner of your Uber clone product. We thus give you all source code and intellectual property rights.

No. There is no cap on how many riders can sign up for our taxi booking app.

Our Product List

We develop an on-demand white label product script like taxi booking script,
food delivery app, Gojek clone app, and more Uber for X
Fox-Jek Product

Fox-Jek offers 50+ services in a single app like Go-Jek

Fox-Food Product

Fox-Food is an on-demand food delivery app like UberEats


Fox- handyman offer 30+ on-demand provider services

Delivery Anything
Delivery Anything

Delivery Anything offers multi deliveries like glovo app

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