BigBasket Clone Script Solution for your Grocery Delivery Business


BigBasket Clone Script Solution for your Grocery Delivery Business

Online Supermarket is developing quality and growing rapidly day by day in this technology era. Also, in this COVID-19 situation online grocery shopping is the best solution.

The development of innovation has made life simple by enabling them to sell grocery items including food supplies, vegetables, drinks, and more grocery items in this internet medium.

As per the report, in 2025 at least 20% of the market will be covered with online shopping and online grocery stores.

However, in this COVID-19 situation, online shopping is increasing day by day and grocery shopping is the highest rank for all the shopping.

For that, we offer the best BigBasket clone script solution for your grocery business.

About BigBasket Grocery Delivery App

One of the most popular online grocery shopping apps, BigBasket was founded in the year 2011.

BigBasket is Owned by Supermarket Groceries Suppliers Private Limited. They offer the services in more than 25 cities across India.

The application was available for both Android and iOS applications for all the users. From that BigBasket is one of the best and favourite grocery shopping and ordering destinations for the Indian masses.

What Things Need To Be Considered Before Starting An Online Grocery App Like Bigbasket?

Identify the target Market Place
Evaluate and Decide the Area of Operation
Bring your Business in the Eyes of Law
Set up and Prompt Delivery System
Robust Planning Module
Pick Popular Website

Feature Include in Our BigBasket Grocery Delivery App:

For User App

Social Login
Users can log in through their social accounts like Facebook, or Google, or via Email into the app.

Add to Cart
A user can add a grocery item to to cart option. They have the option to add or remove the grocery items.

Track Order
After the store accepts the order request, the user can track their order status within the app.

A user can view all the completed and rejected grocery order history with all the details.

Review & Rating
After Completing the order request users can give reviews and ratings to the driver and store based on their experiences.

For Driver App

A driver can register into an app by providing their basic information such as name, email, contact details, and profile picture.

Manage Document
A driver can manage the required document information such as Driving License, ID Proof, and vehicle insurance.

Manage Request
After logging in, the driver gets a real-time order request from the grocery store. They have the option to accept or reject it.

Earning Report
A driver can view the earning report with all completed, canceled, running, and pending order requests with all details.

For Store App

Store Setting
A store vendor can manage their store details like store name, address, minimum order amount, timing, etc.

Manage Request
A store vendor can manage grocery requests by accepting or rejecting options based on their availability.

A store vendor can view all the feedback given by the users with all

A store vendor can view all complete and pending grocery order history with all details.

How Much Does It Cost For Grocery App Development Like BigBasket?

Functionalities and features two are the main parts of any application. The more you add these two the cost may increase or the less you add the cost may decrease.

Also, the design is the main part of any application. If your application looks good and easy to operate then all like the application.

At White Label Fox, we offer the best grocery delivery solution like BigBasket for your grocery business.

Our grocery delivery application solution is ready to use and we customized our grocery app as per your requirements. For more information, you can drop us a message!

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