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Kickstart your carpooling business with the BlaBlaCar clone script, which comes with infinite customization possibilities and allows you to transform your carpooling business.

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Start Your Carpooling Business with the BlaBlaCar Clone

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Carpooling apps like BlaBlaCar aim to bring more comfort into commuters’ lives by enabling them to book a cab anytime with their smartphones. BlaBlaCar clone is a carpooling app solution for traditional ride-sharing business owners that allows customers to book cabs while on the go.

With our proactive approach towards ride-sharing app development, we offer a cost-effective BlaBlaCar clone script with modern features and modules, an eye-appealing design, and a user-friendly app flow. With White Label Fox’s advanced and scalable BlaBlaCar clone app, you can deliver a fantastic car-sharing experience to customers and automate your business operations with backend control.

The online ride-sharing market is booming, which fascinates entrepreneurs to invest in the BlaBlaCar clone app as it mobilizes business operations while curbing losses. You must opt for our Carpooling script and quickly grow your business.

How Does a Carpooling App Like BlaBlaCar Work?

Our BlaBlaCar clone app offers the best solution to entrepreneurs who are willing to enter the growing carpool market. So, let’s have a look at how it works
blablacar Register or Login 

1. Login/ Sign up

Start with the easy navigation of our BlaBlaCar clone application.

blablacar Navigation System

2. Enter Location

Let customers enter their pickup and drop-off location for a list of available car services.

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3. Search and Filter

Users can filter your search options to ensure you get the perfect ride.

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4. Check Driver’s Profile

Check the provided drivers’ profiles with detailed information and choose the one.

blablacar Payment Integration

5. Confirm and Make Payment

Confirm the ride, from the multiple payment options given, and make the payment

blablacar Get a Ride

6. Enjoy the Ride

Arrive at the location and meet the driver. Take a rest, sit comfortably, and enjoy the ride.

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carpooling business?

Get a lucrative BlaBlaCar clone script and take care of all your business operations

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Powerful Features of Our BlaBlaCar Clone Script

blablacar Register or Login 

Register / Login

Let passengers manually sign up, log in, or use social media accounts to access quick services available in the app.

blablacar Get a Ride

Get a Ride

Filter, choose, and confirm the ride by entering all the necessary details, such as location, date, time, and number of passengers.


Quick Match

Based on the search and filter applied, the platform will match the right passenger with the right driver.

blablacar revenue manager

Estimated Cost

The estimated cost and time will be shown before the trip starts once the user enters the valid date, time, and location.

blablacar Live Tracking

Navigation System

This feature enables drivers and passengers to follow each other to make the ride experience smooth and efficient.

blablacar Reviews & Ratings

Reviews & Ratings

It helps the passenger get an opinion of the driver. It allows the passenger and the rider to rate each other.

blablacar Payment Integration

Payment Integration

Our BlaBlaCar clone platform is compatible with any payment gateway. We often use PayPal’s payment gateway and Stripe’s.

blablacar SOS Button

SOS Button

The SOS button is available for use by passengers in an emergency. An emergency SOS message is sent to the phone’s saved contacts.

blablacar Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages

Multiple languages and currency options are available in the script; this allows entrepreneurs to expand their businesses without any boundaries.

blablacar Coupon codes

Coupon codes

They let users tell the driver where they’re going, which makes things easier.

blablacar Online & Offline Features

Online & Offline Features

Based on availability, the driver can set them up online and offline. To get new ride requests, they need to be online.

blablacar manage users drivers

Invite Friends

Travelers can invite friends to use this app by sending their invitation code.

blablacar Navigation System

Live Tracking

The platform tracks the driver’s location. Moreover, the admin can track all the driver’s current locations on the map.

blablacar Reviews & Ratings

Rating & Feedback

Passengers can rate drivers and submit feedback based on their overall ride experience.

blablacar In app Messaging

In-app Messaging

Drivers and passengers are free to talk with each other if they face any issue related to location or something.

BlaBlaCar Clone Script – Admin Features

blablacar admin_panel
blablacar businessreports

Interactive Dashboard

The platform comes with a powerful dashboard and management structure where the admin can look after each operation.

blablacar manage users drivers

Manage Users & Drivers

The admin can see and manage drivers and passengers and their details and remove any of them at any time.

blablacar revenue manager

Revenue Manager

Let admin oversee each revenue detail and quickly monitor daily activity, including commission and other information.

blablacar document verification

Document Verification

Drivers are entitled to submit all the documents, and the admin has the right to check and verify all the docs.

blablacar homepage customization

Homepage Customization

Enable admin to modify banners and edit content on the homepage quickly to stay competitive in the market.

blablacar revenue manager


Developed with the latest analytic tools, the admin has the right to check all the reports and sales reports quickly.

blablacar mass notifications

Mass Notifications

Enable admin to send mass notifications to users and drivers related to business, offers, and anything else.

blablacar Payment Integration

Payment Settings

Change commission, monetisation strategy, tax percentage, or other charges within the admin panel.

blablacar businessreports

Business Reports

Generate all the reports in real-time to make data driven decisions for the better future of the business.

Explore how can we build a custom BlaBlaCar clone app with quick
validation within your budget

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Make the most of modern features and modules integrated into BlaBlaCar clone script and launch your carpooling business quickly. From the admin panel to native Android and iOS apps, our solution is fully customisable and enables you to build a unique brand identity in the fiercely competitive market.


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What Makes Our BlaBlaCar Clone Unique From Others?


One thing everybody loves about our app is that it can be customized to your business type. Customizing features and designs to establish the company’s identity is also straightforward.

To create the system, we developed native applications for iOS and Android to provide seamless and high-performing interaction with the program on any device.

Create the app under your name by using our White Labeled Solution. There is full ownership and autonomy over the ride-sharing service you will develop.

As a scalable platform, it could effectively accommodate growth in users and rides without any slowdowns.

The team is highly professional and always ready to assist clients in tasks. It also offers full-service support from installation to service and everything in between.

Some features to add to our app are real-time tracking, in-app communication, and secure means of payment to guarantee more users’ safety.

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Check out the Step-By-Step Workflow Of BlaBlaCar Clone App

Get a quick overview of the BlaBlaCar clone app script and look at the comprehensive set of features and modules that come with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The BlaBlaCar clone app replicates the original BlaBlaCar, enabling travellers and riders to find and book rides with additional passengers.

Our app is designed to add or remove different modules as per their requirement easily. It can be customized in design, features, and the image it portrays to fit your business type.

Indeed, through development frameworks, our showcased app is scalable; thus, it can accommodate users and rides as you expand your business operation.

The clone app we will design and develop is a BlaBlaCar clone, built with native features of both iOS and Android.

Absolutely! You’re free to brand the app as your own through our white label solution, which further establishes you as the sole owner and operator of the service.

It is also worth mentioning that multiple payment options are available in the app: both credit/debit cards and digital wallets minimize risks and inconvenience during the payment process.

Some of the app’s available features include real-time tracking, advance information on the driver, and ratings from other users to promote safe and secure ridesharing service.

We provide support to our clients, offering them help with the installation and management of the software and any other assistance they may require when using the app.

Yes, it has a built-in messaging feature that lets users contact drivers for updates on something or any other detail.

Users can use the advanced filter options such as departure time, type, and other preferences to find the best ride per their requirements.

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