Buy Food Delivery App Script With Subscription Payment|SAS

food delivery appBuy Food Delivery App Script With Subscription Payment|SAS

Want to have a portion of delicious food but don’t want to go to a restaurant? Or just too busy to go out? Today is not any problem.

There are so many application available in the current market who deliver all kind of food when you want.

According to Statista, in the last five years, food delivery services demand is double in the US.

How online Food Delivery System Work?

The working of online food delivery system is the same as an e-commerce website.

Whenever your customer is busy with the work, they merely open food delivery app, find the best restaurant and place their favorite food order.

As soon as, the order is placed, and the restaurant can notify and start order processing and deliver food.

The main advantage of online food delivery system is that order details and the delivery details are more accurate compared to the phone ordering system.

What is the Subscription Payment Method?

Subscription Payment method is an agreement to purchase a certain amount of securities.

In this type of method, you have to pay yearly/monthly to buy any services.

This method follows simple give and takes the process in which give access to the customer to the product or services for which the required amount is charged.

Buy Food Delivery clone script with monthly installment:

Some so many people want to start there own food delivery business.

Do you want to start up your food delivery app? And you have a low budget to start your food delivery app? Don’t wary we have a solution to your problem.

White Label Fox provide on-demand food delivery script for your startup business. We have a passionate and great technical team who develop the best food delivery clone script as per customer requirement.

You can buy our clone script on monthly installments with 40% down payment and the remaining 60% payments in 8 equally monthly installments.


Benefits of Online Food Delivery System:

1)Make the Order Process easier
In online food delivery system, customer can quickly process the order. Customer selecting the items from the menu. The law is accepted by the restaurant and processed the order very quickly and deliver the order to the customer door.

2)Order is right all the time
In the online food delivery system correctly provides information about the customer order and delivery details to the restaurant. So, the order is delivered to the customers are right all the time.

3)Reduce human error
An online delivery system reduces the mistakes as everything can be checked before ordering, and they are received right requested details, which makes them easy to process.

4)Monitors Your Expense in real time
This is the most significant benefit of an online delivery system; it gives the correct information about your cash flow in the restaurant. So, you can easily track which type of food are frequently order.

5)Available 24/7
Online food ordering system works 24 X 7 and allows customers to place online orders at any time and any place.

Features of the online Food Delivery System:

For Customer App:
-Food Category
-Multiple Order
-Track Location
-Restaurant Filter
-Scheduled Order
-Add to Cart
-Payment Option
-Order History
-Review & Feedback

For Driver App:
-Account Verification
-Multiple Order
-Daily Earning
-Track Navigation
-Order Approval
-Payment Option

For Admin Panel:
-Manage Categories
-Track Order
-Manage Menu

Final Words:

With the low budget, you can start your own on-demand business. White Label Fox provide 100% customized food delivery clone script according to your business requirement. Check our live demo.

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